12 January 2018

The fascination for pregnancy, childbirth and love for newborns was already there at a young age and I soon knew that I, when I grew up, wanted to become maternity nurse.
After 25 years working in The Hague and having raised two beautiful children, I now want to come to you as an independent maternity nurse. And it would be extra nice to work in my own neighborhood.

I find it a challenge to look at every family, what they need from me to have a good maternity week and I can adapt well to the wishes that are there.

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9 January 2018

Residents and workers around Plein 1813, nos. 4-5, received a letter from Mr. Marc Prins, City Department Director Center (PDF).

At the end of 2019, the Israeli embassy moves to the villa 4-5 at Plein 1813. The villa will be renovated in the coming period. An environmental permit has been requested for this    (see website)

The embassy’s location requires a number of adjustments to the outdoor space. These adjustments are being used to make Plein 1813 greener. The plans will be worked out in the coming period.

Information meeting
To inform you there is an information evening on January 30 from 19.00-20.30. Location Nassauparc, Nassaulaan 13, 2514 JS The Hague.

More information
If you would like to register for this evening or if you have any questions you can e-mail to:




14 January 2018 pac

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14 January 2018 pac

To kick off the new year, on Thursday 25 January 2018 from 17:30 onwards, the AWOC New Year’s reception will take place at a new location in Café Banka at Bankastraat 91.
We can then issue a toast to the new year and discuss the beautiful new plans for 2018 while enjoying a drink. The meeting does not have a speaker, so all the time to network with each other.

We hope to receive you in large numbers and to raise the glass with you on the new year.

The Archipelago Entrepreneur Club (AWOC)

n.b. Do you keep in mind that consumptions during the drinks are for your own account?


9 januari 2018

The Hague Archipel, a separate neighborhood with an independent and steadfast people

Under the title Nieuwe eenheid en harmonisch geheel’  Gert Esmeijer * has written a booklet about the special character of the Archipel area and that of its inhabitants. In it he describes not only the unique location at a short distance from the city center of The Hague and Scheveningen beach, in the middle of a green environment, but also about the relative peace between the streets and fairly spacious homes with their own identity.

He also shows that the residents of the Archipel watch closely the uniqueness of their dear living environment and successfully take action against any damage to them.
For example, in 1986, the residents’ organization successfully opposed the new building project by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill at the Burgemeester De Monchyplein in the heart of the neighborhood. ‘A serious and insurmountable damage to the character of the neighborhood’.

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13  January 2018 pac

Do you want to clean up your Christmas tree?

Then put it on the pavement on the special collection day or take it to a refuse collection station.

For more information: go to the specific page on the website of the municipality of The Hague.


15 January 2018 pac

Last year we informed you about the activities that are needed in the Frederikstraat to solve the problems with the sidewalk. As indicated, the current trees can not be retained. Residents and entrepreneurs were asked to make a choice between three types of replacement trees and the majority chose the Pyrus calleryana Capital (an ornamental pear).

Unfortunately, the preparatory work took longer than planned, which is why it was decided to lift the work over the 2017 holidays.

This week (8 to 12 January 2018) the trees are cut down. A week later, the paving of the sidewalks around the tree holes is removed, after which they are re-laid. Naturally, the accessibility of the shops and catering industry is ensured during the work. After the repaving, the new trees will be planted as soon as possible.

Derk Hazekamp, ​​Public Space Working Group

(download letter recently delivered in and around the Frederikstraat)



10 January 2018 pac

For the January 2017 Newsletter, I wrote an article about Mr. Bob Feenstra, author of the book The history of the Haagse Archipel- and Willemsparkbuurt.

Then it seemed to me a nice idea (it was a year later) to take our local residents – and readers of the website – on a “walk” through the Archipel and Willemspark neighborhood using the stories and descriptions from the book. from Mr. Feenstra.

Along the Buitenhuizen, the Hofjes, the Tolhuizen, the statues and monuments and much more. Since I needed his permission of course, I visited Mr. Feenstra again and he thought it was a great idea. I was allowed to use his texts and also the photographs from his book for our website.

The first article is about the “courtyards” in our neighborhood.

We can rightly call the Hague a “courtyard city” because no fewer than 115 courtyards have been preserved. We know three different types of hofjes (courtyards). The best known are the de Liefdadigheidshofjes (charity courtyards). In earlier centuries it was the charity of the rich who made it possible to build these courtyards for older, mostly needy people. There was also a bit of their own interest around the corner because they acquired natural prestige and, in this way, they could also live on their name (such as hof van Nieuwkoop and hofje van Wouw). In addition, the charity at that time was certainly and for a large part a matter of the church. Think of the oldest courtyard, the Heilige Geesthofje. In the second half of the 19th century the courtyards were mainly built for profit (Exploitatiehofjes) and at the same time there was also social housing in the form of courtyards.

De exploitatiehofjes (exploitation courtyards) can roughly be divided into two groups. The hofjes that were built purely for profit, where as many houses as possible were built together on an inner court; cottages of dubious quality that were mostly poorly maintained. In addition to the aforementioned houses, there were also hofjes of housing associations. This group can be described as social housing.

In the exploitatiehofjes, there were also sometimes found little pawns that were used for small-scale business operations, such as water distilleries, usually a candy store.

Many old hofjes were accessible via a covered gate with a house built over it. This created a virtually enclosed courtyard. The situation of poverty and intensive habitation by very large families, which used to occur in the old exploitatiehofjes, is now no longer present. Most cottages are now privately owned.

Sometimes there are also houses put together and beautiful homes are created that are more or less sheltered from the crowds and traffic noise from the street.  In the past, buyers were not so interested in the courtyard houses.  Now the hofjes can compete well with the houses located on the street, also with regard to the purchase price!

The hofjes in our neighborhood can be divided into three categories:
• Hofjes with mainly residential houses (old and new)
• Hofjes with houses and business premises
• Hofjes with business premises only

Next time I will take you to a number of “our” hofjes.
It goes too far to describe all 27 hofjes in the Archipel and Willemspark neighborhood, but I would like to pass along information about a few of them.

Josephine de Vijlder

(source: Bob Feenstra)



9 January 2018  pac

Saturday 10 February 2018
from 15.00 to 17.00
Location: De Zalen, Riouwstraat 1, Archipel


♫ The flute-oboe quartet “Silver & Wood” consisting of:
Kirsten Benner (flute); Marjon Bremer (flute, alto flute); Marjo Ineke (flute, piccolo) and Frank van den Berg (alto oboe)
J.S. Bach (1685 – 1750): Die Kunst der Fuge (2nd contrapunctus); Adolphe F. Wouters (1849 – 1924): Adagio and Scherzo, Op. 77; Faustin Jeanjean (1900 – 1979): the ‘Ski-Symphonie’ and Boris Papandopulo (1906 – 1991): Tri Stavka, allegro moderato.

♫ Pauline Oostenrijk (oboe), Angela Kaptein (oboe) and Eric van Weers (piano) with the Dubbelhobo Concert by Federico Fiorello (1755-1823).

♫ The ErMiDa trio plays jazz, latin and pop repertoire Composition: Erik Busking (bass guitar); Miguette Jadoul vocals) and Daniele Cavallo (guitar)
Songs such as:
I love being here with you – Yesterday Temptation – Cheek to cheek
Your Song – Bei mir bist du schon
Close to you – Do not wait too long.


Entry: € 5,-
Doors open at 14.30. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for a drink.


Tennis club Thor de Bataaf celebrates: 90 years in The Hague

The Hague tennis club Thor de Bataaf exists for exactly 90 years on Thursday 18 January 2018. This special birthday of one of the largest Dutch tennis clubs will celebrate that day during a special New Year’s reception. Alderman Rabin Baldewsingh (Sports) will raise a special anniversary flag in the presence of dozens of guests, including representatives from the KNLTB and friendly tennis clubs from The Hague. In 2018 the association will organize numerous activities to mark the anniversary.  

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