For the fifth time Groenlinks Den Haag organizes a competition for the greenest balcony, roof terrace or front garden. The three best competitors will be awarded with a nice prize.
Leader of the fraction Arjen Kapteijns: “In a densely populated city like The Hague every bit of green counts. Flowers and plants on balconies, terraces and along house fronts make the city more beautiful, attractive and healthy for everybody!”

The judges look at beauty, creativity and hospitality to insects. The winner will be rewarded a plant voucher of € 50,00, the runner-up a voucher of € 25,00 and the third prize is a voucher of € 10,00.

Do you want to join the competition? Please send a picture of your balcony, terrace or little house front garden and your contact address before 28 August 2017 to:
On 11 September the result will be declared.

For more info:

Download hier FLYER.

16 June 2017



In addition to  the reconstruction of   Bankastraat similar issues were discussed in the Residents’ Council. For instance, the plans concerning bicycle lanes on both sides of  Javastraat are now being investigated by a working group. The members of this group doubt  that there is any possibility for alterations. Moreover the wishes that live in the neighbourhood are so diverse that it seems to be almost impossible to come to an agreement that suits all.

The reconstruction of Carnegieplein is soon to begin. Our doubts about the flow of the traffice in Van Karnebeeklaan have been swiped off the table. Then we got word this week that the construction of the Rotterdamse Baan will be proceeded. All things considered it seemed to be a saddening evening, but in the very last minute the City Council let us now that the glasscontainers at Couperusduin will probably be removed and that the containers for clothes and plastic on Nassauplein will go underground.

September 28, 2012


Forty percent of the residents in our neighbourhood are of foreign origin.
Many of them live here for a few years and then leave. The newcomers need information about our neighbourhood.
This was a reason for the directors of the Residents Organisation to develop a brochure in English with a wealth of information about the neighbourhood.
So the brochure includes information about locations of the cash points and rubbish bins, doctors, pharmacies, the local police station, information about public transport, shop opening times and so on.

The brochure has since then been distributed in the district to be easily at hand.

The municipality of The Hague warmly welcomes this initiative in order to give a “Feel at Home” to the many foreigners.

Graphic design: Linda Fairwether


Your Community Association has a contract with The Hague Municipal Council making it possible for property owners in your neighbourhood to benefit from the free (collective) removal of graffiti (the so-called graffitiregeling).

But do you always report any graffiti or posters defacing your property? Those who have already reported such defacement know how important it is to do this quickly. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner the Council can arrange to have the graffiti and/or posters removed. Timely cleaning is especially important where the walls are the sort that absorb the spray paint used by graffiti vandals.

What do you do?
Just mail the completed authorization form to or telephone direct to 070 353 46 05 (Monday to Friday from 9.30 till 16.30) or the general number for The Hague Municipal Council 14070. If you have not yet signed up, don’t put it off any longer. Telephone the Graffiti Hotline for a special subscription to the graffiti clean-up service 070 353 46 05
or e-mail:

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about the clean-up service and the arrangement your Community Association has with the Council just telephone the Graffiti Hotline and quickly receive answers to all your questions. Take care of your property and work with the Council for a clean and safe city free of defacement.

Graffiti-Hotline  070 353 46 05


Wijkbus Stap-In/Community Bus Step-in has been providing transport for the elderly and less able (young and old) in the Archipel&Willemspark, Zeehelden and (part of) Duinoord districts for more than 20 years.

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