25 June 2019
It’s a celebration!

Taal aan Zeee xists five years and celebrates this on Thursday afternoon, 27 June during a symposium with volunteers, cooperation partners, municipality and other relations. The anniversary symposium “Taal (aan Zee) connects – the power of volunteers in adult education” takes place in the Migratie Museum, Hoge Zand 42, Den Haag.

Alderman Saskia Bruines (Education) will be present at 4.30 pm to celebrate the five-year jubilee and to receive the results of the work sessions on the (added) value of the use of volunteers in adult education, the Hague language chain, the approach to low literacy and the new integration.
Click hier for the program.


25 June 2019

This year, GroenLinks The Hague is organizing the competition for the greenest balcony, roof terrace or front garden of The Hague for the seventh time. The three best entries win free plants.

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18 juni 2019

This edition is available in Bookshops and magazine stores in The Hague for 6.50 per copy.

For the content of this go to the relevant page

at the  website of Haagse Historie.

For years there are 2 swans that build their nest along the water at the Weber flat.
This water borders, among other things, on the back gardens of Malakkastraat.
Also this year there was a nest with 4 eggs at the beginning of April. The municipality had stretched a ribbon on the footpath along the water and even two crush barriers.
To our astonishment, the nest was emptied and destroyed at the beginning of May ……
The local police officer has been informed of this.
Unfortunately the culprit was never found.
The swans are still swimming around here ….. without youngsters this year.

Imagination brought to life. Couperus and the stage

On Monday 10 June 2019 the seventeenth Couperus Cahier was presented in the Louis Couperus Museum in The Hague:

Imagination brought to life. Couperus and the stage Rob van der Zalm.
Over the past hundred years, many Couperus novels have been adapted for the stage, from Eline Vereen The books of the little soul until The silent power. Rob van der Zalm in this booklet sketches the history of these arrangements, the different perspectives and the choices that the processors were faced with. He does this against the background of the developments in Dutch theater since the seventies. Finally, the author tries to convince the reader that new emotions can be drawn from old novels and that Couperus’ paper characters get a whole new life on stage. The cahier is beautifully illustrated with photos of many Couperus performances.

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6.12.19 pac


Do you want to make your home more sustainable, increase the comfort in your home, lower your energy bill, become less dependent on natural gas, reduce your CO2 footprint or get closer to zero on the energy meter?

Two members of the Green Neighborhood initiative in our neighborhood can use a first kitchen table discussion to find out where the greatest gains can be made in making your home sustainable and how to achieve it. They have just completed the Energy Coach course at HOOM.

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6.9.19 pac



The Archipel & Willemspark Residents’ Organization has written an opinion based on the concept of the International Zone Area Vision.
You can download here
You can use the Area Vision concept yourself      here

The Gebiedsvisie in het kort can be found below:

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6.9.19 pac

A unique project started in the Schakelpunt: Verborgen Schatten

Come to Hidden Treasures meetings every week and discover the best stories together!
A true actor recites stories in a theatrical way, makes you laugh, plays music, learns to write and enjoy a special literary experience. Discover your own hidden treasures: by sharing stories together, creating fun writing assignments and telling hilarious memories yourself.

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6.9.19 update pac:

From ‘t Klokhuis, message, Elisabeth König:

From  July 14th to October 6th there is a special exhibition with a bit of nostalgia. Work of  Rien Homburg, already exhibited in 1997 ’at Klokhuis, and has since died.

I suddenly thought of him when I bought a pair of shoes in his old special / shoe store (now Wassenaar) and luckily his daughter still had some paintings of his!


6.9.19 pac

See link to: Kaart Den Haag (kadastraal)
Explanation> click in the cadastral map where the Archipelbuurt & Willemspark neighborhoods are approximately. Enlarge is possible.
Data then appears, in this case:

The share of purchases to let in the Wijk 05 Archipelbuurt neighborhood in the municipality of The Hague is 13,59 %.