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3 October 2017

It is again time for the Takkenroute in The Hague. From 2 October to 20 October 2017, the municipality will pick up your garden waste for free. You can make an appointment for collection either by phoning the municipality or through the website.


For an appointment you can call tel. 14070 or make an appointment on the page Collection of oversized waste and garden waste. This way the Haagse Milieu Services can plan a stop at your home during the Takkenroute.
How do you put out the garden waste?
  • Tie loose branches and bushes together and shorten them to a maximum of 1.20 metres long.
  • Tree trunks and branches may have a maximum diameter of 20 centimetres wide.
  • Put your large garden waste out by the kerb before 7.45 hrs. on the day of your appointment.
Why separate your garden waste?

By disposing of your garden waste separately, you are working towards a better environment. Your garden waste will be turned into compost. The compost will be used as earth for parks and gardens.

3 October 2017


Peruvian Ceviche à La Lucia
Cold dish, recipe for 4 people

Ingredients ceviche
800 gr. à 1 kg. fresh sea bass fillet, without skin (otherwise: corvina, dorada, reddish or tong)
2 medium red onions
10 juicy limes
1 garlic clove
1/2 chopped ají limo * (Peruvian kind of pepper) or else: 1 rawit * peppertje
1 tl. salt (or to taste)
1 tb. chopped coriander

Ingredients garnish
2 cooked sweet potatoes
4 lettuce leaves
8 small pieces of freshly cooked cornflakes (or 8 or more freshly cooked corn kernels)
Roasted corn chulpe or cancha * (optional)  [a sort of popcorn made from a special variety of corn called maiz chulpe]
1 cup corn chulpe and 1 el. sunflower oil (to grate the cancha)

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Greetings, neighbors!   We would like to start a living room bridge competition in the Archipel/Willemspark.  The Vogelwijk has held the competition for a couple of years and it has generated quite a bit of interest in our area.

It works like this: once a month, a couple of people are paired with another couple in the neighborhood. Together, time and place are agreed and 16 games are played and the score is recorded. All couples play the same games in one month.

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As you can see, the halls are currently under renovation.  This means that performances planned there will take place in another location.   For example, the performances of the Open Podium for the rest of this year will take place in the English church. The dates already known are October 21 and December 9. Please note this in your calendar. Currently, programming is not available, but you will be notified soon.

28 September 2017/ pac



Construction work on Paramaribostraat and part of Surinamestraat begins 4 September 2017 and will continue through December 2017.


      What will be done?
  •  sidewalk paving
  • repositioning the vowels lane
  • widening lanes
  • sidewalk narrowing from house numbers 2 to 20
  • inserting bicycle brackets
  • sewer connections to houses will be replaced
  • tree planting
  • 30 km per hour zone set-up with thresholds
Planning.  The work is in phases. The 1st phase begins at Paramaribostraat at the intersection with the Surinamestraat near house numbers 7 and 9. The activities are in the direction of the Laan Copes of Cattenburch.
Nuisance and accessibility.  The nuisance factors include that parts of the sidewalk and lane are closed. The municipality is placing fences down where work is being done. The municipality will also lay down wooden walkways so homes and businesses remain accessible.  When replacing the house connections, you can not flush the toilet for 2 hours. The contractor will let residents know in advance when this will happen.


For residents:
* Park your car somewhere else
* Parking your car only in the parking areas
* Remove obstacles such as bicycles and flowerbeds
* Remove overhanging greenery at the sidewalk or lane
Safety.  The municipality works as safely as possible. Nevertheless, areas of work remain dangerous places. Tell children not to play around here.
Garbage.  During the work, the road is not accessible to the garbage truck. Place the garbage at the corner of the street at the yellow signs. Also use this place for your bulky trash.


More information For questions about the work, contact the supervisor J. Schouten by telephone (0174) 21 38 37.

18 September 2017






The Hague Helps Neighbors Project also in Archipel & Willemspark!

Burenhulp would like to meet volunteers.  On a day or in a free moment, can you think of a little job at home or in the garden, do a message, let the dog out or chat with someone?  There are already 879 people volunteering in the city center.
For registration and more information, please contact Patricia Haverkort.

Begeleiden en Rijden (Guiding and Driving) is looking for volunteers with a car (reimbursed fuel costs) to occasionally drive and accompany someone to a medical appointment.

Patricia Haverkort
Coordinator Neighbors, Guiding and Driving, Volunteer Points Center e.o. / 070-2052600 / 070-2052700

18 September 2017





Gallery ³Atelier 228²
Weissenbruchstraat 228

The exhibition will be open from 6 to 19 November,  Mon-Sun : 11.00 -18.00. Friday open late until 20.00.

Admission free

The gallery will feature art works including paintings, ceramics,
sculptures, decoupages, embroidery, textile art, silk flower arrangements,
handmade jewellery, porcelain & ³Delft² paintings,  created by more than
twenty  IWC members.

The International Women’s Contact (IWC) The Hague was founded in 1978 with
the aim to foster friendship between expat women and Dutch women with an
international background. Currently, the IWC The Hague has more than 300
members of 60 nationalities.

12 September 2017


Recently HTM has introduced a new type of tram (Avenio) in the district Statenkwartier.
As there are complaints about these new trams Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier (community organistion Statenkwartier) addresses other community organisations to whom it may concern, in this case people living in the neighbourhood Javastraat/Koninginnegracht.

In Statenkwartier the new trams cause inconvenience in the form of heavy tremors that are felt in the houses along the tram track. HTM does next to nothing with the complaints that the residents have sent in.
Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier wants to make an inventory of the size of the inconvenience, not only in Statenkwartier but also in other districts where these new trams ride. When you experience similar inconvenience we would like to hear from you. And when this is the case we invite to to join a possible future collective of districts that might send in a collective complaint.

The new Avenio trams will in future ride on other tramlines. We will insist on thorough investigation and the right measurements.

Please feel free to share this message on your website/Facebook.

29 August 2017, Wijkoverleg Statenkwartier


Every second Wednesday of the month, from 13.30 till 15.30 hrs the Stichting Pelita organizes a Koempoelan (Dutch East Indies cultural meeting) at  ‘t Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4, 070-3503511.

In the programme a number of guest speakers: – Aafke de Jong and Michael Willé will give a lecture on the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia)
– Mrs Zee-Hilal will speak about Sumatra
– the author Jouke Schotel will introduce his debut novel
– for the December programme you will receive a separate invitation.

Entrance € 3,50 – coffee and tea and djadjans (snacks) included

Wednesday 13 September

Lecture by Michael Willé and Aafke de Jong (graduates Indonesian languages and cultures at Leiden University) about the coming into being of the Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, which plays an important part as social, cultural and political factor and in the forming of an identity.
How does the modern Indonesian language relate to the usage of the old Javanese shadow puppet theatre (wajang) and the cast system of Bali? What does Indonesian mean to the young rock artist in Jakarta? Which mixed forms are there and how do Dutch-Indionesian people in The Netherlands (actors like Wieteke van Dort, Ricky Risolles, Coen Pronk and the monthly paper Moesson) use them?
Illustrated with many visio- and audio-examples.

For more information (in Dutch) see  deze PDF-link

29 August 2017