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Home help

'Lisanne is highly trustworthy and extremely reliable.' She is available for cleaning, babysitting, ironing and general houskeeping.
06 85273485 /

Jeu de Boules Monchyplein

There is a ‘jeu de boules’ game every Thursday afternoon on De Monchyplein (just off Burgemeester Kolfschotenlaan).

Professional Organizer

Clean desk & clean screen?
More peace & space in your office & home?
Call Mirella Raj, Professional Organizer

Party? Dinner?

The three of us would be happy to serve drinks and food at you party or dinner. And of course we would also help with the preparations beforehand, and the washing and clearing up afterwards.

Esther van der Valk, Floortje Roelvink and Ariana Wijermans We can be reached on mobile number 06 25032757

Baby sitters

A list of candidates is available in de Local Directory under baby sitters.

English tutor

Certified English language tutor offers private lessons in The Hague area.

If you would like more information please e-mail me at

Help with solving your computer problems in your own home

Also virus eradication, spyware and installation of software and hardwareas well as training in how to use WORD, the Internet, e-mail, etc.

I have been helping residents in the neighbourhood for a number of years now and can come along at short notice.

I charge €15 per half hour and there are no travellig costs involved. Give me a call or e-mail: Sander Walraven, 070 362 96 74 or 06 26 552 936

Two new clubs in the neighbourhood

14 February 2011 – I would like to draw your attention to new clubs that have started locally:

- a women’s walking club (social rather than nordic)

- advanced portrait drawing club in the Klokhuis Community Centre (not yet listed under activities.

For more information contact:  or 070 399 87 61 Marjolijn Bos, Bankastraat

English detectives

Sale of paperbacks in good condition.  


Keuken van Scheveningen

Wanted: ambassadors who inform the other residents of the neighbourhood on the three-course menus of the Keuken van Scheveningen. You help them to register and use the meals service. We are looking for candidates who find it nice to get in contact with older people in the neighbourhood.

The Keuken van Scheveningen will take care of the necessary information material and offers a training to better fulfill the position of the ambassador. For your efforts, you will receive a small payment.

For more information see or call (070) 322 85 49 (Mo to Fri, 08.30 – 12.30 hrs). During a personal discussion we will be happy to tell you more about the function and the possibilities.

11 February 2015 (DP)

Card club in Cantaloup Club House seeks members

19 January 2012 – We’re looking for more members for a new card-playing club to be held on Sunday evenings starting at 19.00 to 19.30 in the Cantaloup Club House. End of the card game determines what time the evening finishes.

Membership €5 (one-off payment) Per session €2.50 (rental of Club House) Refreshments can be purchased on the premises Contact Martha Willemsen at 06 14876940

Ladies walking club seeks more members

19 January 2012 - Appeal! Our ladies walking club could do with a few more members. We are absolutely not a Nordic Walking group but people who enjoy a walk together while having a chat and exchanging ideas.

Further information: Marjolijn Bos 070 399 87 61

Old photos sought

of ARCHIPEL & WILLEMSPARK (or other parts of The Hague), featuring churches, theatres, stations, trains, trams and any other sights that have now disappeared.

A young business is looking for original photo stock of old views of The Hague to publish on postcards and calendars. Contributors’ names will appear on the products; some of which are already on sale in our neighbourhood at Nebo photo shop 62 Bankastraat.

Please contact Alice Hooft at 06 14 55 07 06 or to make an appointment to show her your photos.