This time in ‘t Klokhuis, where also a number of her brochures can be found, I had a nice conversation with Karin Dijkstra who recently started the Powerwalking Club Den Haag. She told me this was created by personal trainers and fitness specialists in collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists and dietitians. They regard power walking as the perfect way to stay fit. Everyone can do it and it does not overload the joints, making injuries extremely rare. Moreover, you do not need any special equipment and the outside environment with the fresh air is refreshing and gives more energy.

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The building where Bali and Sumatra meet is sold to a project developer. The Migrascope foundation, which supervised some twenty residents (mostly status holders from Eritrea), will have to do without this location beginning 1 July. Fortunately, residents have found housing elsewhere with the help of the Municipality.

That means that the workplace in the Sumatrastraat is closed. For many neighbors this was a welcome place where you could leave your bike for small repairs, combined with a chat with residents.

Is this service now lost for Archipel / Willemspark?

Maybe not! Migrascope has more branches in The Hague, including at the Pompstationsweg (behind the impressive castle gate of the former prison). We’ll try to set up a mobile workplace from here, with which repairs can be done at home. You email for an appointment and the bicycle mechanic will visit you! This is made possible in part by the Beer company ( who makes a fantastic electric cargo bike available.

More information and appointments via Migrascope,

Michiel Ottolander and Dick Niessing


Last Friday it wasn’t that hot and so time for a walk in the neighborhood with my wife. A surprise awaited us when we walked on the Kerkhoflaan and saw that there was a party at the Prinsevink. I already knew that the Prinsevink had been sold and that Mr and Mrs Van der Valk wanted a modest farewell with family, friends and very good customers. Giving a larger party would encounter the necessary permits and was therefore difficult to arrange. But it was fun there with music and lots of good-natured people. It will take some getting used to when other people come to continue, but if all goes well it will happen in the course of August.

Attached a few more photos taken of this meeting and a letter of thanks from the Van der Valken

Dear All,
We all find it very exciting but have the good news that we have sold the Prinsevink after 39 years. The coffee tent has been sold to two nice entrepreneurs who are sure to make it a success in their own way. They are expected to take over the “baton” in the summer.
It is all very new but wanted to inform you as regular customers (friends) about this! We also have to get used to the fact that everything suddenly went so fast, but ……… will be fine

Love,Frank and Maryam




On SATURDAY 24 AUGUST, from 11.00 to 17.00,  the Ondernemersvereniging Frederikstraat presents the annual Classic Car Show.

In a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, about 50 proud owners will present their vintage cars and special cars to the visitors of the Frederikstraat. The street will be decorated with live music and children’s attractions.  Visit the Frederikstraat for the Classic Car Show.   If you also want to participate with your special car, you can let us know by email at:


The editors of the newsletter also go on vacation. As much as possible, the website is kept up-to-date with new messages. If you want to be kept up to date with everything that is going on, look directly at the website. You will receive the next newsletter after the holiday period on 4 September. We wish everyone a nice vacation!
The Website editorial team


A comparative study was carried out in the spring into the quality of shops in the Netherlands that sell wines and and have a delicatessen. Gransjean, from our neighborhood, was also assessed. It has already been stated on the website that Gransjean was among the nominees. It was recently announced that Gransjean eventually came second in this competition. Congratulations Gransjean on achieving this result!


4 August 2019

Soon after years of (very) active commitment our treasurer and co-initiator will resign. That is why there is room for a new board member within the board of Stichting Archipelpoëzien.

We are looking for someone who wants to help us with the further development of the foundation. Wall poems are of course still the basis, but recently we have also realized our first window poem. Maybe you have good ideas about poetry in public spaces?

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At the start of the Scheveningseweg, nineteen parking spaces will disappear to create a new, separate cycle path.  This plan of the municipality was released for public participation last week.

Plan for new cycle path Scheveningseweg (Drawing: Municipality of The Hague, modified)

At the moment it is not possible to cycle along the Scheveningseweg from the Peace Palace towards the Zeestraat. According to the municipality, this is a missing link in an important cycle route from Scheveningen to the center. To fill in this missing link, a separate cycle path will be added to the Zeestraat. Because bicycle traffic then runs counter to car traffic, there will also be a safety lane between the cycle path and the motorway.

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We are proud to say that COMM will collaborate intensively with [Sound and Vision] Beeld en Geluid. Our museum will close its doors for individual visitors on 20 July 2019. Come along from Friday 12 to Friday 19 July and receive a 50% discount on your museum visit!
From July 20, only groups can make a reservation at COMM Museum. You also remain welcome at COMM for meetings and events.

Do you want to know all the ins and outs about the collection? Join the free tour with the guide on July 19. The tours are every hour and start from 11:00. You can register on the day itself at the checkout.

Treasure hunt gift
You can also discover the museum yourself in the last week with our free treasure hunt!

COMM Shopping!
Be sure to take a look in the COMM Shop, where you can find the nicest things. We have a big sale. Receive up to 50% off.


Press release:

Expats are enthusiastic about cultural education Haags Kinderatelier
sustainability, depth and heritage for expat children in The Hague
In the 2018-2019 school year, more than 700 children and young people from expat parents took part in cultural education at the Haags Kinderatelier Foundation (HKA). A fifth of them visited the studio outside school, for example during vacations and with the BSO. Fré Beijerling, program maker and director of HKA: “I am pleased with this increase, which is mainly the result of word of mouth between teachers and parents who attended the lessons. Expats apparently value the extra depth and careful customization of HKA.

International schools and foreign language vocational schools
A few years ago the festival “Loosduinen Gaat Los” took place at the International School The Hague, where HKA organized heritage workshops. Beijerling: “That was a nice introduction and participants were enthusiastic about the topics in fashion and architecture. Hundreds of pupils now come via the European School The Hague (ESH) to Atelier Van Speijk in the Zeeheldenkwartier. Via the HKA offer “The City” on the CultuurSchakel site, the German section came first, followed by the English, Spanish and French sections. The visual HKA lessons about Biotopes, linked to the season or climate, were also well attended. We provide cultural education throughout the city, from Escamp to Scheveningen. The lessons are aimed at getting acquainted with the development and the role of culture in the world. Children with a non-Dutch background, both immigrants and expat children, need it extra because they are in a new environment at the intersection of multiple cultures. The ESH is planning to take lessons with all students again in the coming school year. And German and English childcare also continues to visit us. ”

From CoBrA to Rembrandt and China to Suriname
The lesson topics, from Rembrandt to Ai Weiwei, are placed in a social and cultural-historical context. This gives the children insight into the big picture: for example, the developments in design, or the role and meaning of art in society. This ensures more recognition and understanding of the world around them. When dealing with different cultures, children recognize countries of origin of classmates and (new) neighbors.

Exhibition with spinoff
At the HKA exhibition at the European School the students showed their reflection on the ideas, influence and clients of painter Rembrandt and his time. The post-war CoBrA movement, which has a lot to do with the hopeful open-mindedness of children, was a new and interesting phenomenon for many parents. Models about bicycle friendliness and nature in a city like The Hague also received great appreciation. Reason enough for expat parents to form small groups themselves to participate in extracurricular series of lessons in Atelier Van Speijk. And for this summer vacation, more than a hundred expat children have already been registered for programs in Atelier Van Speijk via Schools register via the website One can mail specific wishes to