Thirty-five years: a long time and a lot of photo albums. The early photos are already rather faded. The little girls in leotards in one photo recently went to a performance at the Rotterdam schouwburg; not as dancers but as mums accompanying their own aspirant dancers, who were taking part in the “De moord in de kerststal” (murder in the Christmas crib).

Many changes have taken place since 1976 but the huge mirrors and the barre are just the same, and boys and girls, men and women from five-years old till well into their eighties continue to practice here.

Pupils from the ballet school perform in public on quite a regular basis. At the show for Saint Nicholas in December at the Heleicon College in Riouwstraat and at the fashion show of young designers’ hats and clothing in the Gemeentemuseum for example.

A lot has happened over the years but new pupils continue to flock to Elsa Vreken’s Ballet School and the old ones content themselves with searching for themselves among the photos and exclaiming, “ Yes, there I am, I danced in that ballet.”

Summary of article by Koos van Deursen
A&W Community Newspaper February 2011

Source of lower photo