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For more information in English please contact Willy Smits (business manager) or Mieke van Oorschot (publicity).

In January 1990, the municipality of The Hague asked Hans van den Boom, former artistic leader of the company De Blauwe Zebra (The Blue Zebra) in Kampen (in the east of the Netherlands), to set up a new youth theatre centre in The Hague. In January 1990 Stella Den Haag in Willemspark was born.

Stella Den Haag is a theatre company comprised of professional actors, directors and designers who present plays for children, young people and adults. Each year it presents both new productions and repeat performances of older ones. The productions appeal to all age groups: those for children from 7 years of age are also enjoyed by adults (in the company of a child or alone), adults come to shows where many young people are among the audience, and children enjoy the adult presentations. What is unique about the work of Stella Den Haag is the fact that it leaps whimsically to and fro on the traditional borders of theatre. Stella Den Haag removes the barriers that often loom so large in terms of what’s available in the world of theatre.