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Zeestraat 65
070 364 45 44
Mon – Sat 10.00 – 17.00 (last entrance 16.45); Sun and public holidays 12.00 – 17.00; 25 December and 1 January closed

Guided tours and special arrangements for groups on request.


In 2011, it will be the 130th anniversary of Panorama Mesdag, the world’s largest panoramic circular painting. The panorama was painted by Hendrik Willem Mesdag almost 130 years ago and shows The Hague, the nearby seaside resort of Scheveningen and the North Sea in amazing detail. Mesdag, who was chair of the Hague School of painters at the time, left The Hague a unique work of art that forms part of the city’s cultural heritage.

Apart from the panoramic painting that lends Panorama Mesdag its name, the museum also has a permanent exhibition of Mesdag’s work and alternating exhibitions of fine art related to Mesdag, panoramic images or The Hague and local artists. This tradition has continued since Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife Sientje organised exhibitions in the same building in the 19th Century.

Valuation days
First Thursday of each month between 11.00 and 16.00 you can have your items valued by Amsterdam Auctioneers Glerum.

Step into the largest painting of the Netherlands with the museumkaart

Museumkaart holders can visit Panorama Mesdag free of charge. A good neighbour is important but often you see far too little of one another. Enjoy the luxury of a “private beach” and pop by more often. Discover how the Panorama changes depending on the time of day. You are always welcome at Panorama Mesdag!

Renovation of Panorama Mesdag

The project to expand and renovate the Panorama Mesdag musuem in The Hague is underway.

The museum will get an additional exhibition space and museum café. Panorama Mesdag will also open a museum shop on the Zeestraat side.

The construction work will cost approximately € 6 to 7 million and the roof and foundation have already been successfully reinforced. The roof and foundation were sinking due to the construction of the Hilton Hotel’s parking garage next to the museum. This posed a threat to the gigantic panorama of Scheveninge,n which was painted by Hendrik Willem Mesdag at the end of the 19th century.

The museum will remain open seven days a week during the construction project.

Source: www.thehague.com

Viewable online

The Panorama Mesdag painting in The Hague can be viewed on the Internet. A total of 10,000 digital detail images will be made of the 120 x 14 metre canvas.