Call for local residents to join the Care and Welfare Archipel / Willemspark working group. Are you a practical thinker? Or someone who thinks before he acts? The Care and Welfare working group would like to get to know you! Register via Or with a letter to Ruud Klein: p / a Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4.

In terms of care and welfare, a lot is changing. Bronovo is going to close, older neighborhood residents will stay at home longer, their need for care is increasing. But younger people and young families in the neighborhood should also make use of care facilities. Is that all arranged properly, or could it be better?

Many local residents can take excellent care of themselves. Take care of their neighbors when things get worse. But does that all go smoothly, are all the residents of the neighborhood kept there? Also the expats? or could it be better?

Do you have signals, good ideas, concrete plans? Register in the month of September. Then we will invite you to a meeting in October.