24 August 2019

The Oranjehotel, the nickname for the Scheveningen prison during the Second World War, opens its doors on 7 September as a memory center.

The prison, where more than 25,000 Dutch people were imprisoned between 1940 and 1945, mostly because they opposed the Germans, was always part of the Haaglanden penitentiary institution. For that reason it was only accessible during the annual commemoration.

Visitors are welcome in the restored cell complex from 7 September. A permanent exhibition, death cell 601, films and objects provide a picture of the history, the different groups of prisoners and the prison life in this most important German prison on Dutch territory.

The National Monument Oranjehotel will be opened on Friday, September 6 by HRH King Willem-Alexander. The opening is broadcast live by the NOS.

(More historical information see link: Herinneringscentrum Oranjehotel open vanaf september 2019)