Last Friday it wasn’t that hot and so time for a walk in the neighborhood with my wife. A surprise awaited us when we walked on the Kerkhoflaan and saw that there was a party at the Prinsevink. I already knew that the Prinsevink had been sold and that Mr and Mrs Van der Valk wanted a modest farewell with family, friends and very good customers. Giving a larger party would encounter the necessary permits and was therefore difficult to arrange. But it was fun there with music and lots of good-natured people. It will take some getting used to when other people come to continue, but if all goes well it will happen in the course of August.

Attached a few more photos taken of this meeting and a letter of thanks from the Van der Valken

Dear All,
We all find it very exciting but have the good news that we have sold the Prinsevink after 39 years. The coffee tent has been sold to two nice entrepreneurs who are sure to make it a success in their own way. They are expected to take over the “baton” in the summer.
It is all very new but wanted to inform you as regular customers (friends) about this! We also have to get used to the fact that everything suddenly went so fast, but ……… will be fine

Love,Frank and Maryam