At the start of the Scheveningseweg, nineteen parking spaces will disappear to create a new, separate cycle path.  This plan of the municipality was released for public participation last week.

Plan for new cycle path Scheveningseweg (Drawing: Municipality of The Hague, modified)

At the moment it is not possible to cycle along the Scheveningseweg from the Peace Palace towards the Zeestraat. According to the municipality, this is a missing link in an important cycle route from Scheveningen to the center. To fill in this missing link, a separate cycle path will be added to the Zeestraat. Because bicycle traffic then runs counter to car traffic, there will also be a safety lane between the cycle path and the motorway.

Parking spaces
The space required for the new cycle path is found by removing all nineteen parking spaces on the even side of the Scheveningseweg. According to the municipality the parking pressure on that part is around 70% and in the new situation in the area there are still “ample parking spaces available”.

The plan was published by the municipality on 12 July. Public participation is still possible. For this, stakeholders can submit their response before 13 September. This can be done by e-mail to stating “view of preliminary design of the Sterfietsroute Scheveningseweg” or by letter to the mayor and aldermen’s college, Postbus 12600, 2500 DJ The Hague, stating “View of the preliminary design of the Sterfietsroute Scheveningseweg”.