The Huiskamerbridge is an activity in the Archipel in which 24 pairs play 16 games against another couple in the neighborhood. We may still have room for a few people who like to play bridge with another couple in the neighborhood once a month. You can also register as an individual. We will link you if it succeeds to another bridger. You play at home or at the counterparty at a mutually agreed time. The bag with cards, 16 games, travels for a month so that all registered couples can play the same games. Central is the meeting with fellow residents in the neighborhood made possible by bridging.

Our season runs from October 1 to June 1. The results are reported to the couples on a monthly basis and posted in a ladder. A final score follows. You don’t have to be a very good bridger to participate. The costs are 5 Euro per person for 1 season

You can register at, graag met vermelding van adres en telefoonnummer en email adres. Voor informatie kunt u terecht bij: Liesbeth Akkerman-Deen, Malakkastraat 22, tel 06 41 20 05 58.