6.12.19 pac


Karin Dijkstra recently started the Power walking club The Hague. I have flipped a lot in the neighborhood, but would like to bring it to the attention in another fun way.
Power walking is for people who need to feel fitter and healthier. Your neighborhood newspaper contains more articles about health and care. Would you like to write something about power walking?
Power walking is relatively new in The Hague. It is easily accessible and also very nice for people who need to move more (outside) and make new contacts!
I start on Thursday 27 June and then go for a walk in the Scheveningsebos and along the Waterpartij. I think it is important to walk in this area to bring it to the attention again in a positive way. There is a lot of negative news about opponents of the expansion of Madurodam, the adjustments that will be made in this part of the park and forest, and there is currently also fear of walking through the Scheveningen forest after the recent murder there.
I hope you enjoy writing a piece that will make us happy again.
Power walking makes me very happy and partly because we are going to do this in such a beautiful area!

Karin Dijkstra