For this article I had a nice conversation with Jorinde van Dam who opened her own salon in February in the Vreedehuis on the Riouwstraat number 1. I had coffee here once, she said and I thought it was so nice and peaceful with that beautiful garden and also located in a nice neighborhood that I went to talk to the manager and that’s how I ended up here.

Full of enthusiasm, she said that she graduated eight years ago as an all-round beauty specialist. Since last year I have been specialized in working with products that are naturally pure and I am able to become a Dr. Hauschka therapist, she said with some pride. My mother already used this product and organic food was also standard at home. So it was a little fun for me.

Before this I worked for Yves Rocher for years, Jorinde said, but it was my dream to start my own salon someday. In April 2018 I stopped there to be able to follow a special training and now I am sitting here in the Vreedehuis.

On her website I found, among other things, the following information: “Our face care goes deeper than just your skin. That is why we have developed a cosmetics based on high-quality oils and selected beneficial plant extracts based on a holistic (comprehensive) idea. Every person needs both inner and outer beauty. ” According to holism, everything is interrelated.

Dr. Hauschka had an anthroposophical background, Jorinde said. Rudolf Hauschka was a chemist and, together with Elisabeth Siegmund, developed a cosmetic line. They contacted Rudolf Steiner, philosopher, natural scientist and founder of the anthroposophical idea.

They asked him: how do we preserve our products without preservatives? The solution was found in a rhythmic process when processing the biologically harvested beneficial flowers and plants. Because of this rhythmic process, which is applied to every ingredient, the Dr. Hauschka line is completely free of preservatives, synthetic substances and substances that do not belong in your body. What I can’t eat I don’t put on my skin either! Similarly, all the scents of the products come entirely from the flowers and plants that are incorporated into it. Because they are pure additives, they have an added value for your skin.

Jorinde gives various facial and body treatments and she works with pure oils on the lymphatic system of the body through a soft touch and not on the muscles as is often the case with other therapists.

To my question about the type of clientele, she answered “very diverse”. Jorinde is also specialized in the treatment of acne, which often occurs in teenagers. Acne is often a hormone issue. She also treats mature skin, gives relaxation treatments and massages and yes, there are also men!

Next year she will follow a training for the special body treatment of Dr. Hauschka.

“I still work part-time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but my wish is to go to full-time in a very short time. My final dream? A practice where I can offer an even more extensive experience. A special dr. Hauschka Salon with the “total” experience. That seems really fantastic.”

Are you interested? Then take a look at her website ( or send an email to

She is looking forward to seeing you!

Josephine de Vijlder