Lecture on Ascension Day, 30 May 2 p.m.

“Adventure in Asia.
Traveling Freemasons in the 18th and 19th Century “

As part of the TongTong Fair, the Freemasonry Museum is organizing an exclusive lecture.
This lecture offers an introduction to an unknown aspect of colonial history. A young man who traveled to Asia on a V.O.C. ship around 1734 often was initiated into a Masonic lodge before departure. This “secret” society offered travelers a global social network.

Among the members or “Brothers” were merchants and directors of the trading posts in the Dutch East Indies, India, Ceylon, Japan and China.
They were closely involved in international trade by the Company and its successors. Freemasonry, for example, has produced a beautiful heritage in which the cross-pollination between East and West is clearly visible.
Art historian Andréa Kroon will show you not only beautiful examples of ritual architecture and temple interiors during the lecture, but also lacquerware and porcelain with symbols from the rituals.

More info / register on: http://www.vrijmetselarijmuseum.nl/