6 mei 2019

On April 26th the annual “ribbon rain” took place again. The Royal Honors were presented by Mayor Paulien Krikke in the Diligentia theater and I was allowed to be present as an applicant for one of the ribbons.

No fewer than 25 city-dwellers were eligible and 9 became Knights in the Order of Orange-Nassau. I listened with admiration to our mayor. She not only had a personal word for everyone (although put on paper by her staff) and an amical “hug” with the photo, but she also managed every time, without faltering , to pronounce the following sentence: “It is my honor and great pleasure to report that His Majesty the King is pleased for you to be a Member / Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau.” And repeated about 35 times!

“Our” Mathilde Witsen Elias also received this honor.
She has been active as a volunteer for almost 30 years at the telephone reporting point of Wijkbus Stap in and as a hostess in the Wijkcentrum ‘t Klokhuis and the Duinzichtkerk. She was therefore awarded the well-deserved award for these activities.

Josephine de Vijlder
(Secretaris Wijkbus Stap in)