16 april 2019

In the monumental building on the corner of Riouwstraat and Koninginnegracht I had a nice conversation with Elise Adèr, branch manager at this location.

On the website I read that Zo Kinderopvang has been active for almost 25 years and, at more than 40 locations in the Netherlands, takes care of children between the ages of 0-4 and 4-12.

I also found the possibilities to be impressive: daycare, toddler care, pre-school care, after-school care, after-school care, holiday care, nanny service, childminder care and outdoor childcare. You name it!

Elise, who has been working in childcare for 20 years and has been a branch manager in the Riouwstraat since October last year, said that at this location, they only offer daycare for children aged 0-4 at this location. We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. and this “extended” daycare is quite unique, she said.
We are looking into whether we can also offer childcare for children aged 4-12 in the future. Most children are with us from eight to six and some are picked up a little later. Wednesday is the quietest day and we have around 15 children here while on the other days we have around 40 children in the house. Our maximum is 51. That is determined by the GGD on the basis of the available space per child. So we still have places available!

With us the official language is Dutch, although we do have a number of foreign children. These are children of expats who settle in the Netherlands for longer and therefore find it important that their children also learn Dutch.
Big Ben Kids Center in the Zoutmanstraat is now also part of our organization and, together with the location in Wassenaar, these are our “international” locations.

We have 4 groups here, Elise said:
The “Rattles” of 0-14 months (maximum 9 children)
The “Dancers” from 1-3 years (maximum 14 children)
The “Stunters” and the “Kites” of 2-4 years (maximum 14 children)

We have activities inside and outside in our own garden, but we also set off.
We take them e.g. to the Hubertusduin where they can play on the sandy plain, we are going to Madurodam and we have recently visited the Middin, a residential complex for the elderly with a mild intellectual disability in Soendastraat. It is touching to see how the children and the elderly respond to each other. We plan activities here every month.

Every 2 months we have a different theme and for each theme we have activities inside and outside. Our focus is on “experiencing” because they learn the most from it. For example, we let them e.g. play with cooked macaroni. They can play and mess with it, but they can also eat it. We have dance lessons, music lessons and stories are told. Now the theme “senses” is central where we give the little ones all kinds of ways to use the senses. For example, we will soon go to the Haagse Markt where they can taste and buy products and then prepare them for lunch. The hot lunch is now 2x a week but we will probably extend that to 5x a week.

All our employees (there are an average of 9 per day) have followed a Social Pedagogical Work course and we also all have a Child First Aid diploma.

If you are looking for a good and reliable shelter for your dear children, please contact Elise. She can be reached under number 070-4049475 or

per email: riouwstraat@zokinderopvang.nl

Josephine de Vijlder