The search for the winners of The Haagse C 2019 has started! This year, this prize for cultural participation will also be presented in the last week of June as the conclusion of the icon: the month in which everyone is encouraged to show his talents and arts. With The Haagse C, CultuurSchakel wants to give Hague projects and initiatives extra recognition for their beautiful work for The Hague and their impact on the city.

For whom?
The Hague art and culture initiatives, which make a special contribution to connection in the city, now stand a chance of winning a large dose of recognition, a free promo film and a great (money) prize! This year the theme of the Haagse C is ‘Out of the box’. That is why CultuurSchakel is looking for projects in The Hague that have been thought outside their framework and that have enabled citizens, neighbors, the neighborhood or organizations to get acquainted with art and culture in an original way. Citizens must have actively participated in art and culture.

A professional jury will select four nominees from the entries. They all receive a professional video of their initiative and the accompanying publicity. The Haagse C has two winners: one is chosen by the jury and the other by the public. The winners may receive the Haagse C on Friday 28 June 2019 during the festive closing of the icon. In addition to the honor, the winners will also receive a sum of € 500, – of which the amount of money can be freely spent by the organization.

Sign up
Do you have or do you know of a project that was carried out (in full or in part) by leisure artists in The Hague between 1 March 2018 and 1 March 2019? And does this also fit in with the ‘Out of the box’ theme? Then report that project before 22 March 2019 here  or read more about Haagse C on this website.

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