Information about the Life Testament will be given in “Het Schakelpunt” Burgemeester Patijnlaan 1900, on March 19, 2019 from 2.30 to 4 p.m. Register to participate in the meeting  Het Klokhuis telephone: 070-3503511

The Living Testament is a notarial deed with which you have the possibility to make provisions during your life for the situation that you are no longer able to manage your interests properly.

In the Life Testament you can record your wishes and arrangements with regard to different personal and business interests. Do you think of administration of your assets (including making payments), your personal interests (where you will live when you are no longer able to live independently?) And medical issues (consultation with doctors about your treatment and discontinuation) ). You can indicate in the Life Testament when the regulations come into effect, for example if you are no longer able to represent your interests for a long time.

The information is given by “Caminada notaries” and is free of charge.

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