‘The Swedish Theory of Love’ film screening

‘The Swedish Theory of Love’ film screening

Friday, 22 February – TransitieCinema will organise the screening of the film ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’ on the subject of loneliness at the Nutshuis.

Sweden is typically portrayed as having a perfectly organised society in which everyone has equal opportunities for an independent existence. One upshot is that people don’t need to ask anyone else for help or favours, bringing contact between individuals to an absolute minimum.

The woeful succession of sperm banks, deserted neighborhoods and forgotten deaths casts a disturbing light on the downside to an independent society. The film raises the fascinating question of why a life lived in such security and safety should turn out to be so unsatisfying. Maverick sociologist Zygmunt Bauman explains why a trouble-free life isn’t necessarily a happy one.

The film and event are in English.


  • 18.00 hrs. TransitieCinema Dinner by Juni Café in Het Nutshuis
  • 19.30 hrs. Film screening by TransitieCinema
  • 20.40 hrs. Q&A with experts
  • 21.15 hrs. Drinks and discussion

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The programme will take place starting at 19.30 hrs. on Friday, 22 February in the Nutshuis (Riviervismarkt 5) in The Hague. Make sure to arrive on time; the doors will close when the film starts or the venue reaches full capacity.

The film screening and discussion programme are free. You can also book the vegan dinner for € 12.50.

More information can be found on the Facebook page of the event: www.facebook.com/events/375198226601555/


source:  denhaag.nl

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