The work on the Scheveningseweg is almost finished.  Tram 1 can return to its normal route on February 11th. The contractor is still working on (re) planting the trees, paving the motorway and asphalting the cycle paths, where there are still tiles until the end of March 2019.
Then the road is fully accessible again for all traffic
The Scheveningseweg is an important and frequently used route for cyclists. That is why there are not only new tram tracks, but also the cycle path is being renewed so that cyclists can cycle faster and more comfortably.
Bicycle paths Scheveningseweg from tiles to asphalt
In the autumn of 2018 the part of the bicycle path between the Jacob Catslaan and the Peace Palace and the part between the Kanaalweg and the Frankenslag were renewed and asphalted. This year, the parts of the bike path between the Frankenslag side road and the Jacob Catslaan will be paved.
The part between Duinstraat and Kanaalweg will follow later. To ensure that the asphalt does not cause any damage to the trees, a tree survey is first performed. In order to limit the inconvenience, the cycle path between the Duinstraat and the Kanaalweg will be constructed simultaneously with the Duinstraat-Scheveningseweg roundabout.
Diversion and accessibility Scheveningseweg
Because of the work on the bike path, cyclists have to cycle on the road temporarily. For the safety of cyclists, the municipality takes these measures: For cars, the Scheveningseweg is temporarily a one-way street with a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour and there are traffic controllers and signs.

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