Dear Guests,

Stichting Luis in de Pels wants to strengthen the role of the local media in The Hague in critically following the Hague municipal politics.  The municipality of The Hague itself is also a big supporter of this.

On Tuesday 5 February 2019 it is, therefore, time for a first edition of a symposium about the important role that local media can play as a guardian of The Hague democracy.

The program consists of a number of introductions to the theme and a final forum discussion, followed by a debate with the audience.

Introducers and forum members are:

– Dick Brongers, chairman of the foundation Luis in de Pels, What does the Luis want with you?
– Thomas Bruning, chairman of the Dutch Association of Journalists, _The importance of local media for a vital democracy
– Ivar Lingen and Theodore Pronk, Debatmaster foundation, _The Battle of the Ice Palace_
– Herman Rosenberg, editor-in-chief Den Haag Centraal
The presentation is in the hands of Paul Waayers, Hague journalist and employee of Omroep West.

Boardroom of the municipality
Stadhuis, Spui 70
The Hague

DATE AND TIME:  Tuesday  February 5th, 2019, 16.00 – 18.00

The board of the Luis Foundation in de Pels warmly invites you to attend this symposium. The program starts at 4 p.m. with a short welcome speech from Rachid Guernaoui, alderman Media.

After the symposium we will gladly toast with you to the inaugural edition. The meeting ends at 6 pm.

If you want to be present, please send an email by Monday, January 21st.  Include  your name and which (district) newspaper /site / radio or tv channel you represent to this address:

You can bring two or three guests. We would also like to receive the names of and on behalf of which media they will be present.

on behalf of the Luis Foundation in the Pels

Annet Thoms
06-12 22 97 39
Symposium Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Raadzaal Stadhuis Den Haag

Stichting Luis in de Pels
The Luis in de Pels Foundation is a fund for political and investigative journalism for the Haaglanden region. It is precisely at local level that democratic control of political decision-making by the press is not always strong. That is why the foundation provides direct financial support to local media, program foundations, editorial boards and individual journalists in the exercise of their function as a watchdog of local democracy in the Hague region. And if requested, it also helps with the application for other funds.

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