Abandoned bicycles are a huge nuisance to residents. Often there is not enough space left over to park bicycles which are being used. Moreover abandoned, often broken, bicycles make the street look messy. The municipality is going to track down and clear away abandoned bicycles in all neighbourhoods in 2019.

Municipal surveillants cleared away 7,000 abandoned bicycles between April and September 2018. A bicycle may not be left standing unused and abandoned on the same spot for more than 28 days. Otherwise the bicycle will be removed. You can also do something to keep your neighbourhood clean; for example, by reporting an abandoned bicycle to the municipality.

Abandoned bicycles to be removed per neighbourhood

Municipal surveillants will go through each neighbourhood in search of abandoned bicycles.

  • The bicycles will get a label and will be photographed.
  • If the bicycle is still standing unused after 28 days, the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden (see www.fietsdepothaaglanden.nl) will remove the bike and store it for 2 weeks.
  • Owners of bicycles can get their bicycle back by showing a proof of purchase or a working bicycle key and by paying € 25 (bank card only).
  • Bicycles will be stored a maximum of 2 weeks at the bicycle depot.
  • Bicycles which are not picked up will be sold or destroyed.

Some neighbourhoods have more abandoned bicycles than other neighbourhoods. This is why some neighbourhoods will be checked 1 time a year and other neighbourhoods 2 times a year. The municipal surveillants will also check the bicycles reported as abandoned every 5 weeks in all the neighbourhoods.

When will your neighbourhood be checked?(PDF, 61,2 kB)
How to recognise an abandoned bicycle

You can recognise an abandoned bicycle by:

  • dust and dirt on the saddle
  • a broken saddle
  • a rusted chain or weeds growing through the frame or a wheel
  • rusty wheels
  • missing parts
You can help

Removing bicycles is not as easy as it seems; every bicycle is somebody’s property. The municipal surveillants are trained to pay attention to signs of neglect and are meticulous in their work. You can help the municipal surveillants. Report an abandoned bicycle via:

There are other rules for certain spots in the downtown area. Here bicycles will get a label if they are left standing longer than 7 days in a parking spot or bicycle rack. More information can be found in Dutch under Handhaving weesfietsen in de binnenstad.
Get rid of your old bike

Does your bicycle still work fine but would you like to get rid of it? Take your bicycle to a recycled goods shop (kringloopwinkel). You can find an overview of thrift shops in The Hague on www.allekringloopwinkels.nl. Is your old bicycle not worth repairing? Take it to a garbage and recycling station. Or make an appointment to have it collected as oversized waste.

Parking your bike
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