Stichting Historisch-Theater gives her first performances “De Landsadvocaat” in the Zeeheldentheater on Sunday 7 October at 16:00 hours, on Friday 12 October at 20:00 hours and on Sunday 14 October at 16:00 hours.

De Landsadvocaat – Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
He built the Dutch state, pushing a seemingly unmanageable Republic to unprecedented power and wealth. ‘It was he who laid the foundation for the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands around 1600 as a world power with immense wealth. In ‘De landsadvocaat’ a playful role is reserved for ‘De Nederlandse Maagd’ as a storyteller and as a symbol of national unity.

The Amersfoorter Johan van Oldenbarnevelt was born in a simple environment, but escaped that. As a pensionary of Rotterdam, Van Oldenbarnevelt laid the foundation for the Rotterdam port complex, and as a country lawyer for the stadholdership of Prince Maurits, who won successes in the armed struggle against Catholic Spanish domination.

Because of a conflict over religion and power, the working relationship between Oldenbarnevelt and Maurits derailed fatally. It is 1619 when Oldenbarnevelt is beheaded after a political trial and conviction on the Binnenhof in The Hague. The Hague remembers him as our greatest statesman on the Lange Vijverberg, cast in bronze.

Intrusive and playful theater. ‘De Landsadvocaat’ is the fourteenth production of the Historisch-Theater from Michel Meissen.
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