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Eurythmy in the Vreedehuis
Get to know this special, fine, beautiful, fun form of movement, which also works mind-refreshing, heart-warming and cooperative. Separate workshops are regularly given at the Vreedhuis, or courses, and demand for inflow possibilities. Check the website for information and contact details per course provider via
* v / a 12 Sept. Course “Eurythmy School Pyrola” 3-6 years and 7-12 years (production class), by Lisa Dunker.
* v / a 12 Sept. Short course “Rod exercises and primal forms”, by Marleen Matthijsen-de Jonge.
* v / a 13 Sept. Annual course “Tooneuritmie”, by Lisa Dunker.
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Atelier from the Vreedehuis

Get started with paint, chalk, wool and other material.  Swinging and waving through landscape and seasons, and freely connecting with the world around you.  That is what Carin Anderson would like to invite you to under her guidance.  In addition, there is Open Studio every week.  The Atelier has its own place on the website, with all the visual art activities together.  Check for nice impressions, info and contact details at
* v / a 26 Sept. and v / a Sept. 27 “Art-sensible work” – 2 Courses various techniques.
* Sept. 27 “Painting with wool” – Introductory workshop.
* Oct. 4. “The working of blue” – Workshop and lecture, by Wil Uitgeest.
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Personal development and view of the world
Various accessible and in-depth activities in the Vreedehuis. Dealing with daily situations, threads and connections in life, etc. from an inner enrichment. Come join, experience, exchange, gain inspiration. Check the website for information and contact details per provider via
* v / a 18 Sept. “The journey of a lifetime” – Course autobiographical writing, by Arianne Collee.
* 19 Sept. “Nonviolent communication” – Workshop AM academy, by Bart Landstra.
* Oct. 6. “Hemekunde” – Workshop on astrosophy, by Peter Evers.