21 August 2018

From ’89, living in the Batjanstraat, working in other neighborhoods and neighborhoods of the city, Wilma Marijnissen as scenographer / visual artist has a large share in the Installation-performance TERRA MATER on the Laatste Landje van de Binckhorst (Last Country of the Binckhorst). It is a universal subject that affects many landscapes / districts / neighborhoods. The premiere is on September 13 a.s.

With a beautiful team of people and cooperation of many Binckhorst companies / organizations, this work of art and this performance was realized.
Below you will find the e-flyer with all information.

This flyer can be sent to interested parties, to anyone,
there are also paper flyers and posters available on request.

We hope to meet you at the Laatste Landje van de Binckhorst.

Wilma and the whole team.

Wilma Marijnissen
information: www.facebook.com/wilma-marijnissen1#