For this, I – Josephine de Vijlder – had an appointment with Heleen Dura-van Oord. With every interview I always check in on the Internet beforehand for some background information. That is what I did this time and I must say that I was very impressed by her extensive resume. And if that was not enough, in 2013 she also became Businesswoman of the Year. It is therefore too much to mention everything and therefore I have made a choice from a number of her activities.

Heleen Dura - van Oord

Heleen Dura – van Oord

She was born in an entrepreneurial family of dredgers so doing business is familiar to her.
In 2001, Heleen set up the DQ & A Media Group with a number of partners. DQ & A started as a specialist for advertising, serving technology and has developed into an international digital marketing company active in several countries inside and outside Europe. The company offers advertisers the highest possible return on their campaign budget.

She has since sold this company. I found it hard at first, she said, because it was my baby.

In addition, Heleen is co-founder and partner at investment company Peak Capital.
We invest in knowledge and capital at StartUps, she said. We do this somewhat later in the process when the starting entrepreneur has more chance of survival. It is unfortunately a fact that many of these enthusiastic young people are not able to build a successful business and so they often stop early. We focus on the technology, media and communications sector. I am convinced that the digital media industry offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs, Heleen said. After all, investing in the entrepreneurs of the future is investing in the future for the BV Netherlands. The economic value of the internet sector has grown enormously in recent years and will only increase. Initiatives in this area must, according to Heleen, be encouraged and guided. She also does this as a mentor within StartUp Bootcamp and Rockstart.

Learning to operate should have a permanent place in our educational program.
That is why she is also very active as a board member of the Jong Ondernemen foundation. This foundation aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of young people. That is why the foundation offers programs from group 8 where children learn to set up and run a company in four sessions. I am also standing in front of the class for 2 weeks a year and that is fun and inspiring to do, Heleen said.

Motivating and inspiring people is a bit in my blood, said Heleen and together with Annemarie van Gaal I now have a new “hobbyproject”, a nice card box with the
“50 best quotes for life”. The cards have nice drawings. We started looking for quotes on the internet, a big job because thousands of them are available. We sent each other 20 quotes every week and the one who got 3 stars from us, we kept separate. That’s how it eventually turned fifty. It is meant as an “inspirational gift with a positive message”.  A few examples:
A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there….
I have had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened….
If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun….
Life is a helluva lot more fun if you say yes, rather than no….
And another 47 other inspiring cards that you can send to friends.
We are already working on the next box and that is about love, reported Heleen.

Are you interested? Then look at the website

Josephine de Vijlder,
Web Editor