Program: “Dutch Golden Collection”
Moritz Eggert – The Collectors – (Duitsland)
Yannis Kyriakides – Once there Was – (Cyprus/Nederland)
Jan-Peter de Graaff – The Bells of St. Clemen’s – (Nederland)
Samuel Penderbayne – Shameless – (Australië/Duitsland)

Eke Simons & Konstantyn Napolov bring the program “Dutch Golden Collection”, which was especially composed for them, premiered in the Vreedehuis. Both specialize in contemporary music, and are leading innovators in their field.

The combination of percussion and piano has been a special challenge for both artists and composers, and has led to special ‘stories in a musical landscape’.

A nice extra is that both artists graduated cum laude at the conservatory of The Hague. Eke and Konstantyn have chosen this city and the Vreedehuis, places to which they feel connected, to introduce their latest performance, and together with you to pay tribute to the music and the rhythm of life, before they start their program Dutch Golden Collection through Europe and continue touring. A CD is also in the making.

We invite all residents of the Hague and the surrounding area to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and welcome you on this musical evening at the Vreedehuis.

Let yourself be filled with warm sound, melody and rhythm, during this period of sultry summer solstice.

Via https://www.vreedehuis.nl/nieuws/duo-simons-napolov-piano-slagwerk-dutch-golden-collection/ you will find even more backgrounds, plus all practical information.

Inform people in your area about our activities! Please reserve via info@vreedehuis.nl.  Before the concert starts, our café is also open.

30 May 2018 pac