On Sunday afternoon, May 13 a.s at 2:30 pm the performance ‘Aap Noot Mies’ played by Muziektheater Briza takes place in the Zeeheldentheater.

A playful performance with the themes: playing together, sharing together, bullying is not fun and everyone is part of it. You can be naughty if you make up for it afterwards. The hand puppets (Akasama-i, Manna and the Bambobien) give the performance an extra dimension. Special instruments such as the kazoo, the ukulele and accordion accompany the original songs that the group composed and wrote.

Songs and sketches alternate and everyone can sing, dance and clap. A fun and educational performance for the whole family!

For ticket information:  www.zeeheldentheater.nl

Entrance fee: € 9.50
Start: 14:30

Het Zeeheldentheater
Trompstraat 342 te Den Haag