SAVE THE BEES: “What is of value”

On Friday, May 18 there is an afternoon and evening program in Vreedehuis about the life of the bees.
The afternoon program from 15-17.30 is free.
The evening program can start with a dinner that has to be reserved and starts at 17.30; costs for dinner, film, drink and after discussion 25 euros.
Just watch the movie, drink and after-talk costs 15 euros.

Reservations for meals and films via (reservations for film, dinner voucher no later than 11 May)  This day is a collaboration by Vreedehuis and organic food cooperative Odin.

More information is available on our website:  Vreedehuiswebsite


17:30: Starting meal
18:00: Cash box open for the film
6:45 pm: Short introduction to the film by the beekeeper
7:00 pm: Film ‘Queen of the sun’
20:30 pm: After discussion with a spring drink, until about 21:30

Afternoon program: Do-it-yourself experience afternoon about the life of the bees
A fun and creative afternoon in which you learn more about the special life of the bees, and what everyone can do to save these vulnerable animals and our own existence on earth. With demonstrations by a beekeeper, kneading seed bombs, making collages, writing songs, selling table with bee and flower products, and more …
See a real beehive and honeycombs up close, taste the best honey. Make your own ‘bombs’ of seeds, and throw them in a place that can use more flowers to attract bees. Let your senses and your imagination stimulate, help make our world healthier and more beautiful.

Evening program: QUEEN OF THE SUN  “What do the bees tell us?”
Queen of the Sun is a breathtaking documentary about the consequences of the global bee crisis, but also about solutions! Bees are incredibly sensitive and astonishingly well organized. It is therefore the bees themselves who show us how we can save life on earth in one breath and create a new balanced culture together.
Following the film, there is a conversation with the regular beekeeper and a business manager of the organic cooperative Odin about how we can take new paths.
2 May 2018 pac