Leiden, 18 April 2018

On April 15, the sixteenth Couperus Cahier appeared: Stille venijnen. Decline and further refinement by Jaap Goedegebuure about ruin and further in the work of Louis Couperus.

Couperus wrote about the feelings of dissatisfaction in life. His talent was exceptional in translating these subjects into concrete situations and especially into convincing characters. His characters struggle against strange, silent powers or embody them. Among those characters is one that has drawn the special attention of Jaap Goedegebuure: that of the Verderver. In this Couperus Cahier, Goedegebuure describes how this dangerous further – from Bertie in Doom to Bagoas in Iskander – manifests itself in Couperus’ novels and stories and threatens the safe convention.

To what extent did Couperus allow himself to look into his soul? The author hints that such a farther is closer to Couperus than one would expect from someone who has carefully built up the image of a sophisticated word artist.

About the author

Jaap Goedegebuure is emeritus professor of Modern Dutch Literature at Leiden University. As a literary critic he is associated with Trouw. In 2015, together with Oek de Jong, he published a letter book by Frans Kellendonk, De brieven. In that same year his study White Light. Poetry and mysticism in Dutch literature from 1890 to 2015. His biography of Frans Kellendonk will shortly be published.

Couperus Cahiers
In 1995 the first Couperus Cahier was published as the beginning of a series of essays and scientific publications by the Louis Couperus Society. Each Cahier highlights in depth a certain aspect of the life or work of Louis Couperus. The Cahiers are edited by Mary Kemperink, Petra Teunissen, Hans Kreuzen and Marianne Hezemans (ed.). From Couperus Cahier XVI 200 numbered copies signed by the author were published.

Order method

A Couperus Cahier costs € 10.00 (excluding shipping costs) and can be ordered via the website of the Louis Couperus Genootschap: