Tennis club Thor de Bataaf celebrates: 90 years in The Hague

The Hague tennis club Thor de Bataaf exists for exactly 90 years on Thursday 18 January 2018. This special birthday of one of the largest Dutch tennis clubs will celebrate that day during a special New Year’s reception. Alderman Rabin Baldewsingh (Sports) will raise a special anniversary flag in the presence of dozens of guests, including representatives from the KNLTB and friendly tennis clubs from The Hague. In 2018 the association will organize numerous activities to mark the anniversary.  

Thor is a well-known name in the history of National Tennis. The club has won six country titles, including five in the period 1955 up to and including 1961. The last time was in 1982. Thor also produced many famous champions such as Marcella Mesker and Huub van Boeckel. And for years the first team has played at the highest level in the national spring competition. But also for the recreational players, the club offers something for everyone.

Thor de Bataaf has a special history. The club was formed in 1928 from a group of former East Indies. After some wanderings and a merger with tennis club Rood Wit in 1947 Thor, as the club initially was called, in 1950 at the brand new park Hanenburg in the bosjes of Pex. It was not until 1982 that Thor Rood Wit moved to tennis park De Bataaf aan de Ver Huellweg.

A farm had already been established here in 1825. After the construction of the tea room, a playground and the first tennis courts were built around the end of the 19th century, as the first place in the Netherlands tennis sport was practiced at tennis park De Bataaf.

Meanwhile, Thor de Bataaf has grown into an association with a stable membership of 1300 members, including 400 juniors. The tennis park includes 18 smash-court (outdoor) courses, a mini-youth court, two practice walls, three indoor courts with a clubhouse / pub. After a thorough renovation of the characteristic monumental building five years ago, the clubhouse / pub and Racketshop & Fitness have been extended and refurbished. The park also has facilities such as a physiotherapy practice, a hairdresser (Casa Leo) and a child care center called Zein Childcare. The well-running Thor Business club and dozens of volunteers ensure a thriving community life.

The recently renewed board wants to make itself strong in the coming years for the preservation and growth of the member base. Chairman Karin Donk: ‘Thinking about new facilities at the tennis park will therefore always be necessary, because new (tennis) possibilities ensure new members. In addition to competition / top tennis, we also need to keep an eye on our social function. In collaboration with the Esther Vergeer Foundation, for example, we will examine whether we can bring disabled sports / wheelchair tennis to the park. ‘

In addition, Thor de Bataaf, together with the municipality, would like to commit to a successful sport year 2022, if The Hague is allowed to call itself Sport Capital of Europe for a year. “Tennis association Thor de Bataaf has the basis to contribute to this honorable title.  Even more inhabitants of The Hague and Groningen are motivated to come and play tennis, “said chairman Donk of Thor de Bataaf.


The founding day of Thor de Bataaf will be celebrated on Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Thor de Bataaf tennis park, Ver Huellweg 2 The Hague.

8 January 2018 pac