The fiftieth issue of Arabesken has appeared. This number contains two new sections. ‘Couperus and contemporary criticism’ has been replaced by the new section ‘Working with Couperus’. Here, various people are asked to respond from their professional group to the work of Couperus and to the question what that work can mean for us today. The first person to speak is Lidewijde Paris, Ambassador and former publisher. The second new section is ‘The Passatist’, in which you will always see two photos of a place that has to do with Couperus: one made in his time and one in our time. Next to the photos is a quote from Couperus about this place.

Furthermore, the editors were curious about the favorite works of our readers in response to the fiftieth issue. An anthology of the reactions is in this issue, together with a list of the mentioned works. In addition, Ina Schermer-Vermeer wrote an article about synaesthesia in Eline Vere. Rémon van Gemeren visited an estate that houses many works by Theo Goedvriend, of whom Couperus also had a number of works. Van Gemeren also wrote a review about De kleine zielen van Toneelgroep Amsterdam. Looi van Kessel finally reviewed Second-Hand Literature from H.T.M. van Vliet, about the translation work of Elisabeth Couperus-Baud. The section ” t Quote ‘has returned after a few numbers of absence and furthermore there are regular headings as usual.

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 9 December 2017 pac