Greetings, neighbors!   We would like to start a living room bridge competition in the Archipel/Willemspark.  The Vogelwijk has held the competition for a couple of years and it has generated quite a bit of interest in our area.

It works like this: once a month, a couple of people are paired with another couple in the neighborhood. Together, time and place are agreed and 16 games are played and the score is recorded. All couples play the same games in one month.The score letters are placed in the computer and converted into points. Only one match is played each month. The fun is that you meet new neighbors in this way.  To make it a bit competitive, we work with a ladder system. That’s nice, because if you’re on the bottom you can only rise.

Are you as enthusiastic as we are?  Then sign up as a couple. If we have 16 to 20 pairs, we can work on it and start it up. We are  not sure if there are other costs; in any case, no higher than 5 euros per person per year. Bridge season is October – May.   This year it probably starts in November.

Registration can be obtained from Liesbeth Akkerman-Deen, Malakkastraat 22, email: , tel. 0641200558. and Nico Westpalm van Hoorn, Laan Van Cattenburch 50d, email:, tel. 0644293269

28 September 2017