Emma Marije Poot lives in the Archipel and has been a frequenter of ‘t Klokhuis for years. At a very early age she started to draw and paint and write poetry.

Marije Poot draws and paints from observation; she adds and translates according to her own taste. This results in original pictures in free style, full of life and energy. She likes to paint the human being and still life: portraits,cats, people, birds, flowers, plants and everything else she happens to see. Her work has a summery colourful atmosphere. She paints in acryllics, mixes the colours on the canvas, draws/writes/paints in them with pencil, crayons, watercolours and ink. The canvassescan be small, medium or large.

In 2011 she was nominated in Rotterdam for the finale of the Talens Palet art contest and her picture titled “Nude” was exhibited at the Coda Museum, Apeldoorn. It will be among the pictures of the exhibitions in ‘t Klokhuis and on the website http://emmamarijepoot.exto.nl.

15 May 2017