On 14 April 2017 the underground refuse containers in the Archipel neighbourhood will be put into use.

Friday 14 April will be the last time the Haagse Milieu Services will empty your dark green household refuse containers; the containers will then be collected. When you cannot put out your refuse container on that day you can make an appointment via www.denhaag.nl/afval for your container to be collected free of charge some other time. In that case the container will have to be empty!

When you use the ORAC please do so between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm. To avoid blockage do not use big bags or boxes.

Glass, paper, plasics and textiles can be dumped as usual in the special containers in the neighbourhood.

For questions or more information you can email oracs@denhaag.nl or call the Municipality at nr 14070

31 March 2017