The New Year’s reception on 8 January 2017 was well attended and friends and neighbours wished each other a beautiful year.
There was an abundance of tasty drinks and bites and orchestra “Otto Voces” played both classical music and modern songs.

Robert van Moorsel, chairman of the Community Organisation made a speech about the weal and woe in our neighbourhood and he toasted to the new year. He awarded Guus Nieuwenhuys and Time Dike the Ereprijs 2016 to thank them for their good work in the working group Traffic. Unfortunately both gentlemen were absent.




Ruth van Rossum (working group Poetry on the Wall) spoke about the poems that were put up recently and the response of some of the passers-by. She described the procedure of selecting the wall – with the owner’s permission -, the permission of the authorities, the choice of the lettering, etc.
After the speeches there was ample time for a nice chat.

Merel Kolfschoten took a series of pictures; you can see them  hier .

15 January 2017 (MM)


On Thursday 19 January, 20.00 hrs, will be the next Community Council meeting in ‘t Klokhuis.

Agenda :

1. Opening, announcements, laying down the agenda
2. Announcements from the Board and the working groups
3. Discussing the minutes of the meeting of 17 November 2016
4. Municipality and Police will be present for suggestions, remarks, complaints
● Announcements from the Police (Marianne Hoogerbrugge/Marco Scherpenisse)
● Announcements from the Municipality (Gerard Spierenburg)
5. Plans expansion Madurodam (20.30 – 21.15 uur).  Explanation by Joris van Dijk (director) and Pieter Duisenberg (chairman of the board of  Madurodam)
6. Traffic: plan Haagse Stadspartij to shelter residential areas from car traffic. Explanation by Gerwin van Vulpen (HSP)
7. Any other business. Closing

Community Council meetings in 2017: 16/3, 15/6, 21/9, 16/11

14 January 2017, Robert van Moorsel, chairman



This time I met Mr Bob Feenstra, author of the book  ”De geschiedenis van de Haagse Archipel en Willemsparkbuurt” (History of the Archipel and Willemspark neighbourhoods in The Hague). The book describes the coming into being and the history of the two town districts. Willemspark was the first and the oldest district to be built outside the moats. The Archipel was built in the second half of the 19th century: a chic neighbourhood “on the sand”. The district kept its original appearance and character and unto this day it is very popular: its houses are sold for high prices.

A choice from the contents of the book: country houses, toll houses, almshouses, sculptures and monuments, the many tram lines that used to run through the district, the Vredeskapel and the far-reaching effects of World War II. Said Mr Feenstra: “When describing the sculptures and monuments of the district I found that one of the statues of the monument for the fallen PTT-ers (employees of the post, telegraph and telephone company) at Nassauplein has six toes on one foot and a thump on the wrong side of one hand! It seems that nobody noticed that before …”

“For years I have been involved in De Vredeskapel,” said Mr Feenstra. “On 12 November 2005 it was 125 years ago that the chapel was put into use and

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We are one step closer to the placement of the Ondergrondse RestAfval Containers (ORACs; underground refuse containers) in the Archipel neighbourhood. The Municipality studied all the suggestions and protests that were sent in and  rejected most of them. Small changes have been made in the original plan, due to suggestions from residents.
When you still want to file a protest against the placing of an ORAC you will have to address the Raad van State.
The final plan and the reaction of the Municipality on all suggestions and protests can be found (in Dutch) on the  website van de gemeente.

16 January 2017 (MM) 

 Amoene van Haersolte (1890-1952), the almost forgotten lady-author and first winner of the P.C. Hooftprijs (literature award) for her book “Sophia in de Koestraat”.
A lecture (in Dutch) by Eugene Westra, who is literature critic and teacher at the Vakschool Schoonhoven. Eugene re-published  her first book “De Laatsten” (the last ones) in which Amoene draws a critical picture of the aristocrats at the beginning of the 20th century. This reprint can be bought after the lecture at
Antiquariaat Van der Steur.
There will be an exhibition of rare antiquarian women’s literature from this and earlier epoques.
Time: Saturday 18 February, 16.00-17.30 hrs
Location: Antiquariaat Van der Steur, Balistraat 81B, 2585XN Den Haag, 0707439080
Please register via: : the number of seats is limited.
14 January 2017 (MM) 

Workshop (in Dutch) : From sheaves of papers to private archives

Documents, papers and photos inherited from (grand)parents, uncles and aunts contain a beautiful and precious testimony, that may be of importance not only for relatives but also for (future)investigators.
Carla van Beers will show you how to open up this treasure of information. The worshop consists of three parts: a) the family archives as a cultural heritage, b) how does one store archives, c) the part the family archivist plays.

Time: Thursday  2 February 2017, 14.00-17.00 hrs
Location: Antiquariaat Van der Steur, Balistraat 81B, 2585 XN Den Haag, 070-7439080
Costs: € 100,-  per person
Maximal number of participants: 8

14 January 2017 (MM) 



Archipel Concert OPEN PODIUM
Time: 10 February, 15.00 hrs
Location: De Zalen, Riouwstraat 1
Doors open: 14.15 hrs
Entrance fee: € 5.00

1.  Fantasiestücke deel 1 opus 73 by Robert Schumann, played by Laury de Gruyter piano and Marjon Stijntjes clarinet
2. String quartet opus 18 nr 3 by Ludwig van Beethoven
3. Quartet Tea and Chocolate sings a capella classic and jazz
4. ‘Jazz with a touch’ by Jazzpack:  Jan Hut double bass,  Daniele Cavallo guitar, Wouter de Bruijne percussion, Erik Busking vibraphone, Jeroen van Vugt trumpet and Claire Paterson-Schotkamp vocals.

9 January 2017 (MM)


gemeentedenhaagPlein 1813 is one of six squares in The Hague that will  be smartened up in 2017.

6 January 2017,  (MM)


Rietveld Ensemble & Vrienden

Please be invited for a Concert Series of the Rietveld Ensemble and Friends, taking place on a monthly basis at the Anglican Church of St. John & St. Philip. Free admission! Church open at 19.30, the concert will start at 20.00.

Rietveld Ensemble:
Elisabeth Perry, violin ; Chris Duindam, violin ; Richard Wolfe, viola ; Matthias Naegele, cello

Programme February 13, 2017
Guest musicians: Jeannet Landre, flute ; Jeroen Soors, oboe ; Wouter van Diepen, clarinet ; Louis van Nunen, bassoon ; Hans Dullaert, horn ; Joao Lucas, double bass

Louis Spohr Nonet Op. 31 for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass (1813)
Johannes Brahms Serenade Nr. 1 Op. 11 in D Major for flute, 2 clarinets, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass (1858) (Reconstruction by Jorge Rotter)

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Dear neighbours,

The date has been set: the fifth Archipel/Willemspark Walking Dinner will be on Saturday 18 March 2017.
This time we intend to welcome you at 5 different addresses: about 20 guests per address with a drink before they go to the first cook.

When you would like to be one of these hosts we would love to hear from you. You will get further information about the remuneration for the drinks and bites when you register as a host or hostess.

When you like cooking you could cook 1, 2 or 3 dinner courses for your neighbours and thus help to lay a foundation for new friendships in our neighbourhood. Information about how you can cook one or more dinner courses you will receive in January.

Were you a guest before and would you like to be a cook this time? Did you cook before and would you like to do it again? Or were you a cook and would you like to be a participant this time and meet the other guests and cooks this year? That is up to you …

Please draw the attention of your friends and neighbours to our Walking Dinner 2017.
We hope that you will join in again and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday evening 18th of March!

The Walking Dinner team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2017,

Loek Spruit, Jan Deknatel, Reinette Kortenhorst, Anouk van den Brink, Edith Buijs

13 December 2016, (MM)