Published: 8 February 2018 Modified: 8 February 2018


The Municipal Executive has decided to expand the abandoned bicycle policy to include the entire city. The idea is that municipal enforcement teams will patrol the streets checking for abandoned bicycles in all of The Hague’s neighbourhoods as of 1 April 2018.

Now that there is more enforcement capacity and the results from the first 8 neighbourhoods have proved a success, one of the biggest annoyances in the city will be tackled. According to Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis (Public Space), ‘The city is becoming more attractive and tidier now that we are clearing away abandoned bicycles. Moreover there is again more space for people who are actually using their bike and want to park it. We are going to remove abandoned bicycles in each neighbourhood.’

Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis joined the enforcement team in Rustenburg-Oostbroek on 7 February to affix labels on bicycles which have apparently been left standing for a long time. Rustenburg-Oostbroek is 1 of the 8 neighbourhoods in which the 28-day abandoned bike measures are in force. In these neighbourhoods bicycles may not be left standing unused on the same spot for longer than 28 days in a row.

So far nearly 1,500 abandoned bikes have been removed from these areas and brought to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden. Less than 2% of the bikes have been collected by their rightful owners. This indicates that the bicycles were no longer in use and were dumped.

8 neighborhoods

The rules for abandoned bicycles are now in force in parts of Duinoord, Bezuidenhout, Stationsbuurt, Leyenburg, Rustenburg-Oostbroek, Strandweg/Boulevard, Regentessekwartier and the Zeeheldenkwartier. In these designated areas bicycles may not be left standing on the street unused for longer than 28 days. Many residents and businesses have responded positively to the approach and often request the municipality to designate additional areas. Thanks to the success of these measures, the Municipal Executive has decided to designate the entire city for the 28-day abandoned bicycle measures.

Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel. Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis announces that the abandoned bicycle measures will be extended to the entire city.
Photo: Jurriaan Brobbel. Deputy Mayor Boudewijn Revis announces that the abandoned bicycle measures will be extended to the entire city.



On Friday, March 23, 2018, the Louis Couperus Society organizes a Biography Day ‘in the Oude Sterrewacht in Leiden under the title: Between mud and stars. The writer biography in the spotlight ‘.(download programma (.docx)).

In the morning, four lectures will be on the program of, among others, Elisabeth Leijnse and Wim Hazeu on the theme Painpoints in biography ‘. In the afternoon, experienced biographers such as Jaap Goedegebuure, Elly Kamp and Gé Vaartjes and Eric Palmen from give practical workshops on writing, reading and reviewing writer biographies. Lovers of biographies, (prospective) biographers and students are very welcome. The Biography Day costs € 17.50 including lunch. Tickets are for sale here.

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29 February 2018

Dear people,

This year the koempoelan in the Klokhuis is 20 years old. For twenty years, every second Wednesday of the month, when there was a meeting, we were able to receive guest speakers who entertained our visitors. We would also like to celebrate this joyful fact at the beginning of the season.

On February 14 a.s, Wieteke van dort comes to rejoice with her performance. We also have a dance performance by Inadance and guitarist Wim Lohy will give a musical performance.

We cordially invite you and we hope to see you at our meeting.

Our admission price is still € 3.50 including a cup of coffee or tea.
Of course, the delicious djadjans will not lack.

Hopefully for you worth to come on our koempoelan.
We hope to welcome you all on our afternoons.


(pdf download Koempoelan Nieuws 14 February 2018)


9 February 2018

The Information Meeting for the 1813 office was on 30 January 2018 and the following presentation was given.
The images in this presentation provide a lot of information and therefore the presentation on the website is included here:  high res ( PDF download 45 MB) low res (PDF download 21 MB)

Dear neighbours,
The registration for the 6th Archipel/Willemspark Walking Dinner is now open on our website The dinner will take place on Saturday 24 March.
Following last years’ success, you can participate again as a guest or as a chef. Furthermore, we are looking for host/hostess where we can start the evening. You can read about this on our website (tab “info Gastheer/Host”).
Like last year, we will also give chefs the opportunity to only prepare 1 or 2 courses instead of 3. More information on our website (tab “info Kok/Chef”).
Did you participate last year as a chef and you want to be guest this year? Or do you want to keep the same role you had last year/? It is up to you. We are looking forward to the enthusiastic participation of many of you.
Please feel free to encourage neighbors and friends to participate in our Walking Dinner. We hope to see you on Saturday 24th March!
The Walking Dinner Team
Jan Deknatel, Reinette Kortenhorst, Daniel Loyens, Sabine Miesen, Yvonne Gerritsen



As of Monday 29 January, the tram stops in front of Hollands Spoor train station will be operational again.  The Stationsplein was redesigned and now has 2 large new tram stops. These stops are being called Top Stops because they are larger, wider, wheelchair accessible and are roofed.

The digital signs on the platforms inform the travellers about the departure. The new Avenio trams are accessible to travellers in a wheelchair. For  the visually impaired there is now tactile paving which leads to an information column. There they can enter the number of the tram to get spoken information.

Tophaltes Hollands Spoor (Foto: MRDH/Peter van Oosterhout)
Tophaltes Hollands Spoor (Foto: MRDH/Peter van Oosterhout)
Where do the trams stop?

You can see where the trams stop on the map. The stops for Bus 18 and 26 can be found behind the station on the Waldorpstraat/Johanna Westerdijkplein.

Tram stops at Stationsplein (HTM)
Tram stops at Stationsplein (HTM)

1 February 2018  pac


31 January 2018

Sign up for the Haags Jeugdlintje 2018 started! You can register until February 18, 2018

The municipality of The Hague is looking for young inhabitants of the Hague who dedicate themselves with heart and soul to Hagenaars or to the city of The Hague. Young people who deserve to be in the spotlight once.

Would you like to help us?
Where are the young people, who knows them and who does he or she represent? To find those young people who deserve a Haags Jeugdlintje we need your help. How?

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31 January 2018 pac

Toddlers listen breathlessly to a homecare client who is the first read-aloud for the first time.
That was the picture this week at Partou Kinderopvang at the Laan Copes van Cattenburch in The Hague. The initiators are Tim Schwencke, director of Home Instead Home Service The Hague, and Melanie Sabelis, location manager at Partou Kinderopvang. “Reading aloud connects people with each other, and connection is the answer to loneliness,” says Tim Schwencke, director Home Instead Home Service The Hague. With this initiative, the National Reading Days, which started January 24, were given an extra nice touch in The Hague.

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16 January 2018 pac

The municipality has presented the new living vision. In it, the long lines will be set out until 2030 and an implementation agenda will be formulated for the next five years.

Read the complete vision online via:

Three central themes
The Woonvisie formulates three important themes:
1. Social-inclusive city
2. Attractive and hospitable residential city
3. Future-proof housing stock

Impact on the Archipelbuurt and Willemspark
This neighborhood is not discussed in detail, only briefly mentioned in an appendix as an example of a lively city district. It is therefore not clear how the most important goals from the vision (such as sustainability, affordable housing and life-cycle resilient living) in our neighborhood will be worked out.
It may be a good idea if we, together with local residents, make a start for this, when drafting the District Implementation Plan 2018.

David Struik,
board member Resident Organization A & W


January 16, 2018  pac

From 15 January to 2 February, an exhibition on mobility in The Hague can be seen in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall (Spui 70).

With black and white photographs from the archive in The Hague, we look back at how it used to be and how much has changed in the area of cars, cycle paths and public transport. But we also look forward. How can we keep the streets liveable and how will we deal with parking, bicycle, public transport, car traffic, sustainability and innovation in the coming years?


See this link (PDF)