On the occasion of the publication of the new  e-catalogus Optica Prenten  Antiquariaat Van der Steur will organize a small exhibition of her (illuminated) Optical Prints.

The programme of the opening:

19.30 – 19.35 Welcome by Arine van der Lely–van der Steur
19.35 – 19.50 Introduction to the history of the Optical Print by Sanne Hansler who wrote the cataloque
19.50 – 20.15 Mini 3D-exposition of the (illuminted)  Optical Prints with modern zograscope lenses
20.15 – einde View of the Optical Prints, sharing a glass of wine offered by WijnopDronk.nl

Time: Thursday 9 March 2017, 19.30 – 21.00 hrs
Location: Antiquariaat Van der Steur, Balistraat 81B, 2585XN Den Haag, 0707439080
Entrance free
Please register via  Arine van der Lely-van der Steur  email:  antiquariaat@vandersteur.nl

16 February 2017 


The Hague is a city of citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations who are interested in their home town. The Hague is growing: more inhabitants, more jobs, more visitors. Therefore it is important to keep developing and improving so that we can live and work in a town that is safe, livable, clean and durable.

The Municipality wants to hear your ideas about the development of the city. You can register your name via internet. You can indicate the themes you are interested in and would like to discuss with the Municipality. The Municipality can contact you when one the subjects you are interested in is on the agenda.

You can register via the (Dutch) form :


More information (in Dutch) on the page  Participatie in Den Haag.

16 February 2017, www.denhaag.nl


Do you love to eat in good company?
Do you like to meet neighbours?
Then register for the Walking Dinner on Saturday 18 March 2017.

We intend to at least equal the successes of the past four years.
Go to  http://www.willemarchipel.nl

Your last chance to register as host / cook / guest.

17 February 2017, TEAM 2017
Anouk van den Brink, Edith Buijs, Jan Deknatel, Reinette Kortenhorst en Loek Spruit


Time: Thursday 9 March, 19.00-2100 hrs
Location: Brasserie Huisman, Frederikstraat 34-36

An informative evening for the residents of Frederikstraat about the trees: the roots of the trees are causing problems. When (parts of) roots will be removed the result may be unstable trees.
The Municipality wishes to discuss this problem with residents and entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood to come to an acceptable solution.

14 February 2017, www.denhaag.nl/en


Auto's op de Raamweg (foto: Henriette Guest)

The Hague will carry out an extensive maintenance project on the major traffic artery Raamweg-Koningskade-Zuid-Hollandlaan. The Raamweg will then be closed for 9 weeks. The Zuid-Hollandlaan will also be closed at night for 1 week. This is expected to cause disruptions to traffic as well as congestion.
The Raamweg-Koningskade-Zuid-Hollandlaan is one of the busiest routes between the centre of The Hague and Scheveningen. About 60,000 vehicles use this route each day. Starting on 26 March The Hague will replace the sewer pipes here and the roads will be repaved.

The work on the Raamweg-Koningskade will lead to disruptions in traffic. Motorists and other users of the roads in the proximity of the Raamweg-Koningskade will face road closures and more traffic, particularly in Benoordenhout and the Archipelbuurt. There will also be a higher volume of traffic in other spots in The Hague.

The Hague will do its utmost to ensure that the city remains accessible. Homes and businesses will remain accessible at all times but the work will lead to hindrance. The municipality has planned the work which will cause the greatest hindrance to last as briefly as possible. The through route should be ready in time for the summer beach season.

When the Raamweg-Koningskade is closed, traffic can reach the city using the S200 (ring road). Motorists can then approach the city from the north via the N440 (Hubertustunnel) and the N14 (Sijtwendetunnel) or from the south via the N211 (Lozerlaan).

The municipality will use electronic signs to indicate the current fastest route. The diversions can differ each day but traffic following the signs will take the most optimal route. The municipality will take measures to make sure motorists do not look for short cuts through neighbourhoods and will use traffic wardens on a broad scale.

More information about the project, the planning and the traffic diversions can be found at

You can also ask any questions you have in the following ways:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/raamweg
Twitter: @Raamweg2017
E-mail: informatie.raamweg@denhaag.nl

16 February 2017, www.denhaag.nl/en


Grace Music International was founded by the Australian Emma Scott in 2010. In 2013 she returned to Australia and from there she takes care of the communication and administration. She is also the director of the organisation that is now also operative in Australia and Cambodia.

I spoke with  Aleksandra Popovska who was born in onetime Yugoslavia. “I lived in both Serbia and Macedonia,” she told me. “Now I have lived in The Netherlandse for 12 years, 5 of which in The Hague.”
Since Septembe 2016, on Saturdays, Alexandra gives music and exercise lessons to children from 0 to 4 years old in ‘t Klokhuis, Celebesstraat. “The lessons are in English because the target audience is the expat living in The Hague. I also have a number of Dutch children in my class and as I work with music, pictures and various attributes that can produce sounds (sticks, blocs, etc) the Dutch speaking children can understand the lesson very well. Often one of the parents is Dutch and the children are raise bilingual. For the mothers it is also a social event; living in a foreign country with a small child they are often housebound and here they can meet the other parents.
“During the course parent and child go on a musical adventure together. Small children love music and movement and the course benefits the locomotion, the associative power, the development of language (on the basis of pictures) and creativity. What is more fun than singing songs with your child, moving to music and play musical games with small instruments. The children not just get acquainted with music, they also learn to listen and react to music.”

At the moment Aleksandra has three small groups: one group of one and two year olds who begin to discover all kinds of things, one of two to three year olds who begin to imitate things they see and hear and one group of three to four year olds who learn to coordinate their hands and feet to the music. “We teach the parents that music is very important even for the very smallest children and we give them material to take home (kindermusic@home) to practise with.”
I was allowed to attend one of Aleksandra’s lessons. Except for one mother the  parents were all fathers and I found it touching to see how they sang, played games and danced in the circle with their toddlers.

Aleksandra studied music pedagogy and -theory at the conservatoire of Skopje, Macedonia and she studied vocal, music production and composition for media at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. “There I met my (Dutch) husband,” she told me. “In Macedonia I sang in a quartet. Our Dragan Dautovski quartet was well-known and we toured in more than twenty countries,” she said with some pride. “From 2012 to 2015 I worked as head teacher of singing and as coordinator of the training course for popular music at the conservatoire of Skopje, but now I have two children and all the traveling became a bit much for me. Now that I have children of my own I find teaching small children fascinating and inspiring. But teaching singing, piano for beginners, free vocal improvisation and courses in traditional Macedonian music I like just as much. I do that now at the Koorenhuis. I would like to give singing lessons here in ‘t Klokhuis as well.”

Would you like to contact Aleksandra? You can call her at tel.nr. 06-19808995 or email at  info@aleksandrapopovska.com

3 February 2017.  Josephine de Vijlder  (MM)


The municipality is working hard on The Hague. Our city will never really be completely finished because society is continually changing and making new demands. Naturally the municipality will do everything within its power to limit the inconvenience to its residents and visitors, but disruptions to traffic are inevitable.

Current roadworks in Archipel&Willemspark:

– Bankastraat: work on the last phase has started. On 2 and 3 March Bankastraat will be closed to traffic in both directions as the top layer of the asphalt will be put on.

– Laan van Meerdervoort closed between Carnegielaan and Zeestraat
– Start project Laan van Meerdervoort between Carnegielaan and Zeestraat
– Narrow part of Javastraat open again to traffic

Impressie Javastraat

On 6 February 2017 the last phase of the renovation of the narrow part of Laan van Meerdervoort started. Work is now on the crossing  Scheveningseweg/Zeestraat/Laan van Meederdervoort. This means that Zeestraat is from Bazarstraat closed for through traffic; an exception is made for bicycles and local traffic.

Traffic coming from Javastraat can turn right towards Scheveningseweg as usual. However, there may be some delay.
Traffic coming from Zeestraat cannot go straight on to Scheveningseweg.
Through traffic on Laan van Meerdervoort is possible, some delay is possible here. Traffic organizers will be put in service.

Depending on the weather  Laan van Meerdervoort will be closed to all traffic on 2 March from Trompstraat up to and including the crossing with Zeestraat. Both the crossing with Anna Paulownastraat and the crossing with Zeestraat will be closed to all traffic. The final covering layer of asphalt will be put on.

You will find a summary of (expected) projects and travel advice on the Dutch pages:  Wegwerkzaamheden in de Stad.

3 February 2017, www.denhaag.nl/en


Starting 13 February 2017 underground refuse containers will be placed in the Archipel neighbourhood (disctrict 46), the area bordered by Koninginnegracht, Javastraat, Scheveningseweg, Ary van der Spuyweg, Kerkhoflaan, Dr. Aletta Jacobsweg and Hubertusviaduct.

The work will take about 2 weeks. It consists of 2 parts:
– First concrete containers will be lowered into the ground; they will be covered with concrete slabs.
– After that the refuse containers will be placed in the concrete containers. Residents will be notified when they can start using the refuse containers.

During the 2 weeks inconvenience is unavoidable. The work site will be fenced off and there will be no parking. When you park there your car will be removed. It may happen that streetlamps in your neighbourhood do not function for a while; this will be set to rights at the shortest possible notice.

The plan can be seen at  www.denhaag.nl/bestuurlijkestukken under RISnummer 296072.
Until 6 weeks after 18 January 2017 you can appeal against the definite plan at the Raad van State.

For more information there is the email address  oracs@denhaag.nl or the website  www.denhaag.nl/afval

19 January 2017, www.den haag.nl (MM) 


Recipe from the cookbook  ‘COOKING FOR CROWDS’ published by the protestant church organisation Straatpastoraat.

Chicken ragout for 100 eaters and 20 vegetarians

The complete meal: green peas/mint soup, chicken ragout, rice, carrot salad, apple/blueberry crumble
Budget: including bread with the soup and fruit to take away, € 170,-. Desert not included.

Grocery list for chicken ragout:

10 kg chicken breast or chicken thigh
20 leaves of mace
24 maggi cubes
24 litres of water
5 kg sliced mushrooms
5 kg chopped onions
500 g butter
500 g flour
10 lemons
3 litres of whipped cream
5 large bunches of parsley
black peper
eventually: bouquet garni of onion, carrot, thyme, laurel

Vegetarian variant
2 kg halmoumni  cheese cubes

Chicken ragout combines the creamy taste of the ragout with the fresh taste of lemon, parsley and black pepper. Usually one makes it by taking stock from a soup chicken; in the kitchen for the homeless we do not have time for that. The leaves of mace will add that typical taste of broth.

1. Cook the chicken slowly with the maggi cubes and the mace (and if you wish the bouquet garni).
2. Strain, allow to cool and cut the chicken into cubes
3. Melt the butter and gently fry the onions until they are waxy
4. Add the mushrooms, stir
5. Add the flour and stir
6. Add the chicken cubes, stir
7. Add cream and parsley; lemon and black pepper to taste
8. Do not cook after the cream has been added

How much meat? In order to keep this recipe within budget the mushrooms substitue part of the meat.

Add the chicken as late as possible. Do not let it cook again so that the cubes will not fall apart.

6 February 2016


Every second Wednesday of the month, from 13.30 – 15.30 hrs, Stichting Pelita organizes a kumpulan at ‘t Klokhuis : a pleasant and often instructive meeting. On 8 February the historian Ron Habibu gave a lecture. In March the author Nadet Somers will be our guest and in April Wieteke van Dort will give a beautiful performance in which she will tell and sing about herself. Our final meeting  in May will be a concert by the Angklung group conducted by Vonny de Vogel.
Of course you will be treated to lovely djadans (snacks)

Time: send Wednesday of the month, 13.30-15.30 hrs
Location: ‘t Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4, tel. 070-3503511
Entrance: € 3,50 – a cup of coffee or tea included

The flyer with the spring programme can be downloaded hier

7 February 2016