Artist's impression Bankastraat

Artist’s impression: Bankastraat after renovation

Work on the new design for the Bankastraat in the Archipelbuurt began on 17 October. In 2008 neighbourhood residents collected more than 1,200 signatures and submitted a sketch with a plan to increase the safety of the street. There is now finally an end to all the waiting. The reason for the long wait: the project had to be carried out in coordination with other big maintenance projects.

Work on the Bankastraat started on 17 October 2016 and lasts until 3 March 2017. The new design gives priority to traffic safety and the interest of cyclists. Red cycle lanes will be created in both directions and clearly-designated loading and unloading zones will be made for area businesses. The municipality will also replace the sewer between the Kerkhoflaan and the Bankaplein and the street will get classical lampposts to fit in with the neighbourhood’s historic character.

The project will be carried out in phases, taking the public holidays in consideration. During the first phase (17 October to 24 December) the Bankastraat will be closed to all traffic between the Kerkhoflaan and Bankaplein. The following phase will begin on 9 January and then the Bankastraat will be accessible through one lane.

The plans for the redesign originated with a citizen’s intiative to make the street safer for traffic.

During the road work, traffic will be re-routed via the Kerkhoflaan, Scheveningseweg and the Burgemeester Patijnlaan. Shops and restaurants will remain accessible. The work cannot be done without some inconvenience. Traffic diversions will be indicated on road signs and a construction app has been developed for residents.

More information is available at

21 October 2016,



The yearly campaign of A&W to support the Food Bank is on Monday 31 October thru Wednesday 2 November.
Volunteers will be present to receive the goods:
– in ‘t Klokhuis between 9.00 and 19.00 hrs
– in Het Schakelpunt between 10.00 and 12.00 hrs

We ask you to donate “preservable” products  such as pasta, rice, coffee, sugar, tea and canned food.
Shampoo, soap and body care products too will be more than welcome.

17 October 2016  (MM)



When I heard that Hofje Het Javalaantje existed 150 years I did not even know where it was. I found out that it is on a sidestreet of Javastraat; in fact its addresses are still Javastraat, but the name of Het Hofje (the almshouses) is “Het Javalaantje”.
The anniversary was celebrated by the occupants and former occupants, people who were born there or had stayed there with grandparents or aunts and uncles.

The festivities were opened by one of the occupants who called upon one of the descendants of the builder of the almshouses to speak. He told us that real estate developers had tried to buy the houses to pull them down and build an apartment building. It is good that that never happened. Het Javalaantje is an oasis of peace and quiet in a rather noisy setting.

Originally there were more houses, but

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De ZalenTime: Sunday 23 October, 17.30 hrs
Place: De Zalen, Riouwstraat 1
Entrance: € 15.00; please register at
Part of the proceeds is this concert goes to the project ‘Delaying Early Marriage in Niger‘.

In the scope of the project ‘Zonta versterkt muziek’ that supports female musicians concert pianist Paula Houts (86 years of age) will play compositions by Scarlatti, Albeniz, Liszt, Moszkowski, Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

More info:

16 October 2016 


poezie_archipelOn 26 October we will unveil our second wall poem of 2016, the twelfth poem in the row.
The location is special: the International School HSV, Nassaulaan 26. And so is the time: 8.30 hrs.
On the wall of the HSV a poem of Emily Dickinson will appear, with the translation into Dutch by Peter Verstegen.
The children, their parents and the staff of the school will take part in the festive unveiling. That is why it starts at 8.30 hrs. Ingrid van Engelshoven, deputy mayors and chairman of the education executive committee, will be present on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague.
After the unveiling, around 9.00 hrs, there will be coffee for the guests.

13 October 2016, Stichting ArchipelpoëZie (Ruth van Rossum, Gilles Hooft Graafland, Derk Hazekamp, Jan Hein Schouw)



For this article I spoke with Mr Winkelman, one of the owners and founders of Winkelman Van Hessen, consultancy for Marketing and Public Relations. Founded more than 35 years ago by fellow students Ton Winkelman and Ralph van Hessen it grew into a company with 46 employees, housed in three stately mansions on Bankaplein and the higher end of Bankastraat.
“We started when we studied at the Erasmus University,” Mr Winkelman told me. “We were the first to see the possibilities of combining

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On Monday 17 October we start with the renovation of Bankastraat; the work will be finished on 3 March 2017. We start with the higher part  of Bankastraat between Kerkhoflaan and Bankaplein. The sewage system will be renewed and after that the asphalt and sidewalks. There will be parking places and a bicycle lane.
Starting 2 January 2017 we will work on the stretch between Bankaplein and Laan Copes van Cattenburgh (shopping area).

For any questions  or comments about this project you can contact Mrs Aida Kadric-Harcksen of the project management via email:

For all other questions you can contact the Municipality via or
tel. 14070 (workdays 8.30 – 17.00)

The Municipality has a made a special page (in Dutch) with all information, including a streetplan, about the project Renovation Bankastraat:

5 October 2016 (MM)



museumnacht2016On Saturday 29 October 2016 40 cultural institutions and museums will open their doors from 20.00 till 1.00 hrs for the museum-night. The theme will be Real # Fake. A night full of music, dance, poetry,  art works and film. Visitors can take an active part at the workshops and activities.

For more information (in Dutch):   directe link 

Tickets can be bought until 1 October via the website  or during the museum night  near de Hofvijver in the city centre

9 September 2016  (MM)


Dear neighbours,

31 October is Halloween in the Archipel! Each year, more families in the Archipel neighbourhood are participating. Houses are decorated and kids can dress up and go by for trick or treat.

This year we would like to make a list of all addresses that would like to participate so the children will know where to go. If you would like to participate, you can email us your address before 20 October at:

Closer to Halloween, we will send you the complete list.

30 September 2016, Pieter Sanders  (MM)



‘Schilderen met Woorden’ (painting with words) is the title of the new exhibition at the Louis Couperus Museum.
Time: 13 November 2016 – 8 May 2017
Address: Javastraat 17

Louis Couperus is a well-known novelist who also wrote poetry. The exhibition will show a number of his poems with pictures of paintings and sculptures that were his inspiration.
The exhibition is built around five themes in Couperus’ poetry. The first is Petrarca who inspired his Laura cycle. The second is 19th century painting which makes Couperus almost literally “paint with words”. Then there is the sculpture “Alba”, made by the Frisian sculptor Pier Pander; Couperus wrote a sonnet about it. Couperus was fascinated by the legends around King Arthur. Last but not least Italy inspired him to write poems.
The more “earthly” Couperus appears in “Endymion”, a novel in sonnets. Here Couperus identified with an ordinary boy who goes through a number of adventures in the classical metropolis of Alexandria. The exhibition will show four illustrations to the poem  “Endymion” by Mees Arntz, a student at the arts academy of The Hague.

The actor Joop Keesmaat will open the exhibition by reciting a number of Couperus’ poems. During the exhibition the recitation can be seen and heard on screens in the museum. There is a renewed interest in Couperus’poetry. In 2015 Frans van der Linden published the anthology “O, gouden stralenshelle fantazie!” (Oh, golden radiant phantasy); it can be bought at the museum. Mr Van der Linden is an authority on Dutch language and literature, a volunteer at the Couperus Museum who received the Couperus medal. He styled this exhibition.

15 October 2016