The Vreedehuis is a Center for art and culture, meeting and connection.

The Vreedehuis has multifunctional rooms for all kinds of meetings, such as concerts, workshops, lectures, etc. There is a lunch bar where you can walk in almost every day and enjoy a delicious coffee, a meal and a nice atmosphere. There is also an open studio for visual art, where you can try out anything without obligation and under professional supervision. On the second floor is a library with a public reading table and a lending counter.

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20 March 2018 pac

25 March ‘Aap Noot Mies’ (A family show for everyone from 4 years)

On Sunday afternoon March 25 a.s. at 2:30 pm in the Zeeheldentheater the performance ‘Aap Noot Mies’ by Muziektheater Briza.

A playful performance with the themes: playing together, sharing together, bullying is not fun and everyone is part of it. You can be naughty if you make up for it afterwards. The hand puppets (Akasama-i, Manna and the Bambobien) give the performance an extra dimension. Special instruments such as the kazoo, the ukulele and accordion accompany the original songs that the group composed and wrote.

Songs and sketches alternate and everyone can sing, dance and clap. A fun and educational performance for the whole family!


On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2018 another “Open Ateliers” weekend will be organized in the Archipel and the Willemspark.

In our neighborhood there are many professional visual artists and experienced amateurs. They make paintings, drawings, graphic work, photographs, sculptures, glass, ceramics and jewelery and all these forms of visual art will be shown those days. Often the works are also for sale.

The artists receive the visitors in their own atelier or at one of the central locations in the neighborhood. The artists will often be present for information about their work.

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16 March 2018 pac

Dear Neighborhood residents,

A space of 2 months has suddenly arisen in the exhibition schedule! Which painter or photographer (m / f) wants to exhibit work from 3 June to 5 August this year? I would love to hear from you.

You can call me at 070-3467008 or mail to

Elisabeth König, “Kunst aan de Muur” in ‘t Klokhuis


15 March 2018 pac

The choir sings songs by DVORÁK (in an adaptation by Janacek), BRAHMS and BARTÓK. In the songs you will find elements from nature and folk music from Central Europe from Romanticism.

With the Pocta tvurcum of Zdenêk LUKÁS, the choir will perform an ode to Michelangelo, Rembrandt and Picasso.

The choir sings o.l.v. Kees van der Linden. At the piano Menno Boogaard and Evelyn Tjon-En-Fa on violin. They play as an intermezzo between the songs Romance in E major by Leos Janácek and six Romanian folk dances for piano by Béla Bartók.

Access E 12.50 p.p. incl.program

Children up to 14 years free and E 5, – discount with Stork pass.

Tickets available through , with the choir members and on the 15th of April at the door of the Church.

Rob Saager  PR/Cantamus Alati


15 March 2018 pac
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15 March 2018 pac

Recently the contractor BAM for Stedin (the network operator in our region) started remediation work at the Laan Copes van Cattenburgh and the Burgemeester Patijnlaan in The Hague.  Stedin replaces the low pressure gas pipe and the house connections that are connected to the part that is being replaced. The gas connections within the buildings will be renewed here.

A first bump during the work: the gas pipe is located under the chestnut trees along the Burgemeester Patijnlaan so that an alternative route has been determined for that part with the municipality. This will mean, however, that there is some run-off on the schedule, but the intention is that all work will be completed before the construction holiday this year.

The houses that are on the list for the work are:

Borneostraat 95 t/m 99, 151 and 177 t/m 183
Burgemeester Patijnlaan 61 t/m 67 and 1900, 1927 t/m 1930 t/m 1938
Koninginnegracht 73
Laan Copes van Cattenburgh 40 t/m 68, 69 t/m 73, 74 t/m 86, 89, 90 t/m 100, 101 t/m 147

Appointments will be made with all residents to schedule the indoor work.


For the past 25 years, Muzee Scheveningen has been successfully teaching art history courses. Soon a new, short course (3 meetings) will start: ‘Treasures in Scotland’. The course is taught by a first-degree lesbian art historian with more than 30 years of course experience. Art will live on the basis of keynote presentations. Prior knowledge and purchase of study material is not necessary, information sheets with a summary of the content are handed out. The course starts on Tuesday afternoon 13 March and consists of 3 meetings, on 13, 20 and 27 March from 12.30-14.15 hours and the costs are € 40, -.

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The Hoogheemraadschap Delfland warns that false tax assessments for the water board tax are in circulation in The Hague. Dozens of elderly people in The Hague already found one in the bus.

The fake tax assessment seems to have been sent by the Regional Tax Group (RBG), but it is not. The false copies differ from the real assessments that the RBG also sends these days. The account number on which money is to be transferred to NL47 is to be paid to the director of the Municipal Taxes, The Hague.

Do not pay this assessment and contact the Regional Tax Group (RBG) that receives this tax, advises the Water Board.

(photo and source: ANP)


The Hague interest groups and three political parties in the city council in The Hague have confirmed ribbons along the Scheveningseweg for the trees that will soon be cut down. The action was ended prematurely by the police. But the campaigners succeeded in providing a large part of the 130 trees with a ribbon in time.

“Normally the municipality does that as soon as the logging permit has been applied for, but in this case the municipality has failed to do so. That’s why these people have taken it up themselves so that everyone can see which trees have to make way for the new tram rails “, says Clara Visser of Bomenstichting Den Haag (, 070-356 20 31)

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