150 gr cold butterkipferl
180 gr flour
50 gr powdered sugar
100 gr grated nuts (hazelnuts mixed with almonds or hazelnuts mixed with walnuts)
1 package vanilla sugar
1 shot glass clear Obstler or plum Schnaps
(my father’s secret ingredient to make pastry light)

To roll the baked Kipferl in:

powdered sugar mixed with vanilla seeds from a vanilla stick or with 2 packages of vanilla sugar


Heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Chop the cold butter to little pieces and mix it with the flour to a crumbly mass
Add all other ingredients and knead it into one firm ball of dough
Allow the dough to rest for at least one hour in the refrigerator, in a bowl covered with a tea towel
(the dough can be kept in the fridge for 24 hours)

With cold hands shap the dough into a moderate roll
Cut the roll into slices of about 2 cm
Shape the slices into half moons
Put them on a baking sheet covered with greaseproof paper
(not to close together, the dough will swell)

Bake them for 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the oven)

Allow the Kipferl to cool a little on the baking sheet
Then roll them very gently in the powdered sugar and vanilla mixture

1 December 2016, Romelia Hamburger


Starting at the end of November 2016 there will be 1 uniform rate for using the on-street electric charging points in The Hague. Recently the Dutch TV programme Radar pointed out the lack of transparency in electricity rates. The rates per kWh vary throughout the Netherlands.
The programme also criticised the fact that drivers of plug-in electric vehicles are unable to see what they are paying at the charging station.

Drivers of electric vehicles pay € 0.30 for a kWh at the on-street charging stations in The Hague. The municipality will also provide information about this rate at the charging points.

There is a different rate for charging an electric vehicle at a fast-charging station in The Hague.

The Municipality of The Hague is promoting electric transportation. Electric cars produce less CO2 emissions and therefore contribute to better air quality. To encourage drivers to switch to electric transportation, the municipality is putting on-street charging points in place and is introducing a uniform charging rate.

1 December 2016,


Here is the schedule of Vandana’s coming workshops from January 2017. As most of you are already aware of, these sessions will be organized at my home on Saturdays from 6 pm till 10 p.m. The cost is €50 per person per workshop. If you participate in 3 sessions, you will get 10% discount.

Learn some easy to prepare, nutritious and impressive dishes for sophisticated everyday cooking highlighting recipes from different parts of India like dal (lentils), palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese), biryani (rice), kebabs etc. The mouth- watering recipes are easily adaptable to other vegetables, pulses, grains or even meat, fish and poultry, if you are cooking for friends and family at home.

Do you wish to surprise someone with an original gift? Give them something they’ll never forget! You can choose a date, time and also the style and menu perfect for your friends.

If you are interested, please contact me on my mobile: 06 5588 3510 or email
Please do visit my website

14 January – Traditional Indian meal

21 January – Mughlai or Parsi cuisine

28 January – Indian Party Snacks

4 February  – Vegetarian meal

11 February  – Punjabi cuisine

18 February – Mughlai or Parsi cuisine

11 March – Traditional Indian meal

18 March – Party Snacks

25 March – Punjabi cuisine

1 April – Vegetarian meal

8 April – Mughlai or Parsi cuisine

13 May – Vegetarian meal

20 May – Traditional Indian meal

10 June – Vegetarian meal

17 June – Punjabi cuisine

24 June – Traditional Indian meal

1 July – Mughlai or Parsi cuisine



Archicapella’s Christmas concert will take place on Wednesday 21 December, at 8 pm.
Place: the Hall of the Anglican Church, Ary van der Spuijweg 1.
Conductor: Sanda Audere
Accompaniment on the piano: Luba Podgayskaya.
A programme of well-known and unknown Christmas carols
Entrance is free
Doors open at 7.30 pm

30 November 2016,


wijkbusFor more than 20 years Wijkbus Stap In (local bus ‘get in’) has transported seniors and disabled in the districts  Archipel, Willemspark, Zeeheldenkwartier and part of Duinoord. The local bus contributes to the independence of these people and helps them to maintain their social contacts.
The bus runs on Mondays thru Fridays, from 9 am till 5 pm.
The hospitals BronovoWesteinde and Hagaziekenhuis (the former Red Cross hospital) are also on the route.

One has to subscribe to be able to make use of its services. Costs are € 20.00 per person for 3 months (€ 10.00 with the Ooievaarspas) and € 25,00 for a couple.
The wijkbus takes its passengers to their everyday activities: a visit to the hairdresser’s or family members, shopping, daycare, seniors gym or meal projects. One can take a walker, but unfortunately the bus is not suitable for wheelchairs.

For this article I spoke with one of the drivers (and member on the board) Riky Krul.

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On Monday, 21 November Pointeworks Dance Studio at  Malakkastraat 152 was turned into a Royal Academy of Dance Examination Center. Students from Pointeworks Dance School and students from Balletschool de Singel, Dordrecht participated in the RAD Graded examinations.

Each year around 230,000 candidates from all over the world take RAD dance exams.
The Royal Academy of Dance offers a wide range

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The Community Organisation A&W sent the following letter to the chairman of the urban development  executive committee in The Hague concerning the recent developments in the planning for the expansion of Madurodam:

    Dear Mr Revis,

During the process of planning its expansion Madurodam has spoken with a number of organisations of people who are concerned. In July Madurodam sent in a proposal for alteration and expansion to the Municipality. The consultation group did not agree at all with this proposal and that is why we considered it to be a first step in an ongoing process of consultation and working out of the plans.

We understand that the Municipality is now working on a Planuitwerkingskader (PUK) (frame for the working out of the plans) for Madurodam. It is surprising that in spite of the essential precondition of the consultation group’s contribution to the planning the Municipality now has taken in hand the PUK without consultation or harmonization with the consultation group. Even more so since the proposal obviously does not comply with the essential preconditions the Municipality has stipulated concerning the surrounding green area and except by the AVN no research was done on the quality of the Madurodam woods. This green area on the Madurodam property is not open to the general public, which runs counter to the preconditions. The various organisations concerned have always stressed the point that Madurodam should act according to the essential precondions the Municipality stipulated.

We see cause for concern

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Dear Sir/Madam

I write to openly congratulate the initiative of fellow Archipel/Willemspark resident and his team who distributed, house to house last week, the information regarding the meeting at Madurodam last Sunday for the planned expansion into the adjacent bosjes.
I attended the meeting with interest and was delighted to see so many supporters of the action against the expansion. I fully advocate this action, despairing at the loss of more trees and nature in this city I call home.

A fellow colleague of mine, also a concerned resident, brought to my attention the article you had published in our neighbourhood newspaper: In gesprek met Rupert van Heijningen, February 2005. In this article, apart from the various protests to the Gemeente on a number of projects in the neighbourhood that have taken place over the years, is the most significant statement: “we kregen een brief in handen van de zus van Maduro uit Curaçao dat de naam Maduro niet gebruikt mocht worden voor het kappen van bomen” – this should be highlighted.  This is a very relevant article and I would encourage you to run the ‘gesprek’ again for the residents of our neighbourhood thus highlighting the situation of Madurodam and the planned expansion in hope of encouraging those that have not already reacted, to do so.

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You will have noticed that the renovation of the upper end of Bankastraat is in full swing. You can follow its progress, at one photo per hour, via the following website

6 November 2016 

De Zalen
Programme Saturday 10 December 2016 in De Zalen, Riouwstraat 1, 15.00 hrs
Doors open: 14:15 hrs
Entrance: € 5,00.

• Deux Interludes by Jaques Ibert (1890-1962) performed by
Joline Verbeek, oboe, Janneke Stekhoven, flute and Jan Timmer, piano

• Het Kepler Saxofoonkwartet will play a selection of jazzstandards in a new interpretation:
– A foggy day – George Gershwin
– Blue Monk – Thelonious Monk
– Silhouette – Quincy Jones
– Whisper not – Benny Colson.
Played by Guus van der Meer, soprano sax, Yond Boeke alt sax, Cora Hollema tenor sax and Ad Bochting baritone sax.

•  Ms Jones, vocal ensemble conducted by Gertrude van Everdingen, will bring swinging songs in close harmony

•  Light pieces composed by Johan Strauss and other composers will be played by Thomas Patijn violin and Rinus Fuijkschot piano

8 November 2016