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Photo: Else Ponsen

Start of the Sustainable Energy Days at Bankastraat

8 February 2016  (MM)


9 February 2016, Mark Alexandria  (MM)



The worksshop for children at Panorama Mesdag will be open from Monday 22 February up to and including Friday 26 February from 14.00 until 16.00 hrs. All children between 7 and 12 years old, who have a valid entry ticket to the museum, will be welcome.
This time the theme is fashion designing and the beautiful dresses by Peter George d’Agelino Tap that are on show at the Panorama. Furthermore we offer colouring plates, quests and a new Panorama Mesdag drawing-app.

For more information please go to

2 February 2016  (MM)



Do you want to know what your art and antiques are really worth? On Friday 19 February Panorama Mesdag and Auction House Venduehuis The Hague, will organize another valuation afternoon in the famous Museum Panorama Mesdag at the Zeestraat in The Hague. You are welcome between 12.00 – 16.00 hours to evaluate the following types of art and antiques: paintings, drawings and watercolours from the The Hague School, the Indies and Post-War art, Chinese porcelain, Asian Art, silver, gold and jewellery. If you want to, you can also directly submit your art and antiques for one of the auctions in the Spring of 2016. We will evaluate the maximum of 5 items per person. With your entrance ticket to the museum you can see the permanent art collection and also the two temporary exhibitions: “Chansons Grises” -haute couture gowns by Peter George d’Angelino Tap and “The world of Mesdag in Stereophotography”. Here you can enter a 3-D stroll through The Hague and Scheveningen in the time of H.W. Mesdag. Entrance tickets: 5 euro p.p. Holders of a Museum Card have free access.

Helma Doorman, Pers en Publiciteit Panorama Mesdag
Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag
Tel: 070-310 66 65

9 February 2016  (MM)


Walking Dinner Kader_opt

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If you like dining and you like meeting new people then you should register for the 4th Walking Dinner. Previous Walking Dinners were attended by around 130 people. The feedback last year was so positive that we decided to organise another Walking Dinner for the Archipel and Willemspark neighbourhoods. Preparations for this year’s event are now in full swing.

This year we will be introducing a new element to the program! We will again be starting in the Klokhuis neighbourhood centre, but will be ending the evening at one of the Walking Dinner participants’ homes.

You can participate as a Chef or as a Guest. For information on participating as a Chef, go to the Info Kok/Chef tab. For information on participating as Guest, go to the Info Gast/Guest tab.

You can register up until 1 March 2016. Register early to make sure you get a ticket. Click on Registratie Kok/Chef or Registratie Gast/Guest to register for the Archipel-Willemspark Walking Dinner.

29 January 2016, Cathrien  (MM)


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The building of Willemspark School on Frederikstraat seems to be nearing completion. Just one more layer of bricks and the school will have its ‘face’ again.

28 January 2016  (MM)



I spoke to Azra Secerbegovic, owner of the beauty parlour Aspa. She was born in former Yugoslavia; she left that country at a very early age. “I lived in England for 17 years. There I got my Master’s degree in International Trade and Marketing. And I lived 3 years in Israel”,  Azra told me. “For many years I worked in marketing, but in 2007 I wanted something different so I made a career switch.”

In 2008 she came to The Netherlands and in September 2011 she opened her beauty parlour on Alexanderplein. When you are unfamiliar with the address it may seem to be an out-of-the-way corner, but in spite of that many clients have found it. Azra works  with 3 beauticians. 3 instructors work in the health club on the first floor where they teach pilates, yoga and ballet-fitness and give personal training, in groups of 7 persons at the most and in private lessons. A perfect aid is the Mila Bodytec, a machine that gives the muscles electrical impulses that reduce the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.

“In the beauty parlour we give facials, body massage, pedicures and manicures, eyelash extensions and waxing. On Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays a hairdresser comes in. I just do facials. Apart from that I am the manager, I do the administration and marketing and I have my hands full with that,” says Azra. “The staff is very international: Dutch, German, American, Rumanian, Canadian and Australian ladies. The expats in the Archipel immediately feel at home here. But we also have many native Dutch clients.”

“I only work with natural, organic beauty products and cosmetics and we are the distributor in The Netherlands for two well-known English brands. You have come to the wrong shop when you want a botox treatment or fillers. We give ‘holistic’ treatments and the ‘total concept’ is important to us. Beauty is a combination of nutrition, physical exercise and products. Each client has to fill out a ‘plan of treatment’ with questions about stress, sleeping pattern and fluid intake. That gives us a good picture of our client and it allows us to offer a ‘treatment to size’. We have a wide assortment of products available and we often work with apparatus that by means of electricity can improve the structure of the skin. A so-called ‘micro lift’, but without the help of the plastic surgeon.”

Azra asked me to make mention of the fact that she would like to welcome more men to her beauty parlour. Obviously men still hesitate to take a facial treatment. “We even have a special line for face and body available.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, when the above appeals to you, you can pop in and see Azra at ‘Aspa’, Alexanderplein 2. I am sure you will be tempted to make an appointment. For more information you can go to .

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22 January 2016, Josephine de Vijlder (MM)


From 6 to 10 February we organize the A&W Sustainable Energy days. During these days you can get information, see demonstrations and get an attractive discount for approachable products that will save energy, such as draught strips, LED lamps and isolating foil to put behind your radiators. Meteorologist Reinier van den Berg will give a lecture (in Dutch). You can do a test drive on electric bicycles, cargo bikes, cars, etc. etc.

Programme :

Saturday 6 February, Bankastraat (next to Cafe Banka) 11.00 – 15.00 hrs

  • Haagse Krach Karavaan:  Get advice about saving energy in your home; have an energy scan of your home made in the yellow bus of ‘Duurzaam Den Haag’
  • Test drive in the electric BMW and on  Juizz electric bicycles and cargo bikes (bring your identity card!)
  • Groene Buurt soup and Glühwein (thanks to Gall & Gall)
  • Compostbakkers: information about neighbourhood composting

Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 February, Brasserie Archipel 16.30- 19.00 hrs

  • Sustainability Doctor gives advice and demonstrations about beautiful and most effective energy saving products: draught strips, LED lamps, and foils behind the radiator (bring your own light bulbs and compare)
  • Whole day discounts on draught strips, LED lamps and foils at Van Laar and Albert Heijn

Tuesday  9 February, Winkelman & Van Hessen, Bankaplein 3, 20.30- 22.00 hrs

Reinier van den Berg is a specialist in the field of weather, climate and sustainability who traveled to the four corners of the earth. As a metereologist he followed tornadoes, as a climate expert he transversed the ice of Greenland and the forests of the Amazone. He visited countries like South Sudan and Sierra Leone for projects for the benefit of the poorest people on earth. In a fascinating and richly illustrated presentation he will bring his subjects to life and show that they are inter-connected. His vision will become clear when he makes us look into the future.

To close the day: drinks party.

Wednesday 10 February, Brasserie Archipel, 20.30- 22.00 hrs

  • Pub quiz: sustainability – with beautiful prizes!

Build your team and register now  via email ( or on our website

24 January 2016  (MM)


* Presentation of a plan for the prevention of car burglary in our neighbourhood; powerpoint presentation by Sven van Ee, student at the Police Academy
* A recent inspection of Nassauplein made it clear that maintenance is necessary; reports of inspections will from now on be published on the website and in the community newspaper of A&W
* A lengthy discussion about the plans for an international park that become ever grander; is Zuiderpark the example?
* Madurodam takes its chances to expand
* Before long regular maintenance work will be done in the Scheveningse Bosjes, a slight thinning of the wood as in former years; renewal of the consultation about the Bosjes is advisable
* The four days of sustainability in our neighbourhood will start on 6 February 2016
* Installation of underground refuse containers will probably begin next year
* The renovation of Bankastraat will start in January 2017

22 January 2016, AB  (MM)

Impressie Javastraat
From 18 January  the Javastraat is closed for 3 months to through traffic between the Nassauplein and Koninginnegracht. The Javastraat will get better cycle paths, the sewer system will be replaced and the street will be repaved. Later this year road work will also be carried out on the narrow portion of the Laan van Meerdervoort.
The plans to redesign the street were drafted in consultation with residents, businesses and interest groups in the neighbourhood. One lane for vehicular traffic will be eliminated to create space for a cycle path in the direction of Kijkduin. A new cycle path will be created in the other direction. Nearly all the parking spots will remain.
Some inconvenience will be inevitable. The municipality and the contractor have informed all parties involved as well as possible. Road signs will be posted at various spots, traffic wardens will be deployed and the contractor has developed a special app.
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The road work will take place in 4 phases:
  • between the Nassauplein and Surinamestraat (18 January to 14 February)
  • between the Surinamestraat and Frederikstraat (15 February to 13 March)
  • between the Frederikstraat and Balistraat (14 March to 10 April)
  • between the Balistraat and Koninginnegracht (10 April to 7 May)
  • Traffic in the direction of the A12/A4/A44 can take a detour via the Johan de Wittlaan-Teldersweg-Hubertusviaduct.
  • Residents and other users of the Javastraat/Frederikstraat will be diverted via the Nassauplein and the Laan Copes van Cattenburch.
  • Cyclists will be re-routed via the Schelpkade-Kerkstraat-Frederikstraat.
  • The shops and cafes in the Javastraat, Frederikstraat and Mallemolen will remain accessible.
The responsible manager is  Niek Sickenga, tel: 06-13910249, mail:
The work in the Javastraat will be completed in mid-May. After that the narrow portion of the Laan van Meerdervoort will be repaved between the Carnegieplein and Zeestraat. Designated cycle paths will also be created here in both directions and one lane of traffic will be eliminated for cars. This project should be completed at the end of 2016.

22 January 2016,  (MM)