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27 March 2017



It is again time for the Takkenroute in The Hague. From 27 March to 14 April the municipality will pick up your large garden waste for free. You can make an appointment for collection either by phoning the municipality or online.

To make an appointment you can call tel. 14070 or go to Collection of oversized waste and garden waste. This way the Haagse Milieu Services can plan a stop at your home during the Takkenroute.

How do you put it out?
Tie loose branches and bushes together and shorten them to a maximum of 1.20 metres long.
Tree trunks and branches may have a maximum diameter of 20 centimetres wide.
Put your large garden waste out by the kerb before 7.45 hrs. on the day of your appointment.

By disposing of your garden waste separately, you are working towards a better environment. The municipality will turn your garden waste into compost. The compost will be used as earth for parks and gardens.

All information about rubbish can be found under

23 March 2017,


Auto's op de Raamweg (foto: Henriette Guest)

Starting 26 March, the Municipality of The Hague will be carrying out major maintenance work on the important arterial road Raamweg-Koningskade. Much of Raamweg will be closed for a two-month period. There will also be other road closures, including Koningskade. Traffic across the city of The Hague is likely to be affected: there will be road closures in various places and roads will be more congested than usual. The work will be completed by 1 September.

Starting this spring, we will be replacing the sewer on this route, parts of which were built almost a century ago. Since the sewer is at a depth of more than four metres, the entire road will need to be opened up. The road will also be resurfaced at the same time.

See our factsheet for more information on closures, diversions and detailed maps.

Want to know more? You can put any questions you have in the following ways:

Twitter: @Raamweg2017

23 March 2017,


Starting 26 March the Municipality of The Hague will be carrying out major maintenance work on the important arterial road Raamweg-Koningskade. Much of the Raamweg will be closed for a 2-month period. There will also be other road closures, including the Koningskade.

The Municipality of The Hague will create a temporary Park + Ride facility by the Forepark Randstadrail station. This is meant to relieve some of the traffic congestion in the centre of The Hague during the scheduled road works project for the Raamweg, Koningskade and Zuid-Hollandlaan. Commuters can park their car there for free and travel on to the city using public transportation.

The P+R with 100 spots is located on the Rhône next to Motorhuis Forepark and will be open from 26 March to 24 June. If the P+R is a success, it could be expanded. There will be a campaign to make the public better aware of the existing P+Rs in Zoetermeer-Oost (free), Zoetermeer (free) and Hoornwijck (€ 5 per day).

Because the work on the Raamweg-Koningskade will have

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Visit to Shell Ecogenie Huis on Van Alkemadelaan for those with a technical grounding on Wednesday 29 March, 17.00 hrs.
The aim is to go into the technical aspects of among others heat pumps and batteries in residences.

Please register with  Albert Jan Schepers, email:

12 March 2017, Workinggroup Sustainability


Time: Wednesday 5 April, 20.00 hrs
Location: Brasserie Huisman, Frederikstraat 36

On Wednesday 5 April Charles Geelen will give an introduction (in Dutch) on heat pumps in the back room of Brasserie Huisman. After that there will be time for questions and answers and meeting several suppliers/installers of heat pumps.

Charles Geelen is a partner at Infinitus Energy Solutions Group and secretary of the Dutch Heat Pump Association. He is a senior project engineer with over 25 years of experience in the field of energy-technology. He is a senior expert on designing  heat pump systems  and their implementation for household use and in commercial buildings and district heating systems.

Please register: email

12 March 2017 , Workinggroup Sustainability


Save the date: on Thursday 30 March a political forum about the introduction of urban residential areas will be organized at ‘t Klokhuis. When these residential areas will be realized the result would be that they would only be accessible to local traffic (and not to through traffic),  which would make them safer and more livable.

For a long time the community organisation Archipel & Willemspark has pleaded with the Municipality to introduce such urban residential areas and let A&W be one of them. In the past the community organisation already handed in a number of suggestions to improve the livability and safety in this respect. These suggestions should among other things lead to less through traffic on Javastraat and Laan Copes.

Traffic spokesmen of De Haagse Stadspartij, D’66 and VVD will take part in the forum. The municipal elections will be in March 2018, but the election programmes will be written up in the coming months. That is why we organize the forum now. The forum will be built around a number of theses.

We urgently request you to join us on 30 March, 19.30 hrs at ‘t Klokhuis (Celebesstraat 4, The Hague) and take part in the discussion about an issue that is so important for our districts.
Please register before 15 March via

We want to avail ourselves of the opportunity and ask you to inform the community council of all dangerous traffic situations in Archipel and Willemspark via the same email address
 For instance road crossings that are not surveyable, streets with bad lighting, no zebra crossing, etc. We shall collect all this information and raise the matter with the Municipality.


25 January 2017, Community Organisation A&W  (MM)


On Friday 17 March 2017 Derek Walcott passed away. He is the poet who wrote the sixth wall-poem of the Stichting ArchipelpoëZie.  The poem “Midsummer, Tobago” was put on the wall of the building at the corner of Javastraat and Alexanderplein.

A small floral tribute to honour the great Caribbean poet and Nobelprize winner.

20 March 2017


The collection of money for Amnesty International in the Archipel neighbourhood and Van Stolkpark brought in € 1538,- this year. Together with Scheveningen the proceeds were € 3523,-.  Thank you very much, dear neighbours!
These are beautiful amounts. Slight lower than last year, but they still prove that collecting money in this way still makes sense. Rule of thumb is that the collection brings in about 10% of the Amnesty budget.
Did you miss the charity collector or did you not have any cash money at hand? You can donate € 2 by sending an sms with the word ‘Amnesty’ to 4333 or click to

When you go to the Movies that Matter festival at the Filmhuis this week you will see for yourself that we still need to fight for human rights.

27 March 2017