Saturday 18 April 2015 – 11.00-14.00 hrs

Church Hall of the Anglican Church of

St John & St Philip, Riouwstraat 2, Den Haag


Refreshments available

Admission Free


Huge variety of English, Dutch and other language books – fiction/non-fiction – art books – children’s books – much more – at bargain prices!

31 March 2015 (MM)


 Once again the swans at the Monchyplein have built their nest. Prior to that attentive residents could enjoy the swanlake ballet, also known as mating. According to a local expert this ritual has a civilising influence on its surroundings. I found no proof of this in professional literature, but still it seems that the thesis is correct. The ducks and coots seemed to think: ‘Ah, that is the way to go!’

28 March 2015, FH (MM)




Muur 2_optOn Saturday 28 March 2015 the eighth wall poem was unveiled on the corner of Atjehstraat and Bankastraat. The residents chose the poem ‘Dromen’ (dreams) by Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687). Roughly translated it reads: ‘In the daytime I think as if I dreamed, in the night I dream as if I saw; when night were not so dark, nor day so light, it would be hard to wake up from this dream: whether my dream is thinking or my thinking dreaming.’

Huygens was a scientist, diplomat, architect and composer of music, who moved in the highest circles of the 17th century Dutch Republic, an eminent citizen of the Dutch Golden Age. His poetry and other literary work, known for its complex and inventive usage of language, was to him a mere pastime.

28 March 2015 (MM)




On 28 March 2015 the renovated and enlarged Panorama Mesdag on Zeestraat was re-opened. The entrance, museum shop and restaurant are spacious and light – a nice place to spend some time. So is the museum itself, with its stylish 19th century rooms full of daylight and its new large exhibition hall.

Until 1 November there is an exhibition of paintings by H.W. Mesdag and his wife, from private collections.

28 March 2015 (MM)




Groen schoolplein 6-3_opt

The green school yard is finished and will be officially opened early in the morning, before the start of the lessons, on Wednesday 1 April (and that is not joke!)

27 March 2015 (MM)


Due to the International Cyberspace Conference at the World Forum, 15-17 April 2015, traffic will be re-routed:

*Johan de Wittlaan and President Kennedylaan, in both directions, will be closed between Stadhouderslaan and Rooseveltplantsoen/Eisenhowerlaan, from Wednesday 15 April 6.00 am until Friday 17 April 24.00 hrs.

* Through traffic in both directions will be re-routed via Rijksweg A4 and Centrumring (Neherkade and Laan Copes van Cattenburch – Burgemeester Patijnlaan – Carnegielaan – Groot Hertoginnelaan – Conradkade)

28 March 2015 (MM)