On several locations around Bankaplein the above notice about a  goldfish that went missing was found. Could there be a hidden meaning to it? Here is the translation into English:

Name: Theo.
Colour: gold.
Can be recognized by: fish eyes.
Swims in: water.
Can be recognized by: fat bottom.
Telephone number: 06 33 79 65 81.
The weather was lovely.
Theo and I were looking out of the attic window.
I went out into the garden and asked my mother a question (private matter).
Suddenly the fishbowl with Theo in it came tumbling down.
It landed on my head.
Then I had a concussion.
Rest of story as told by my mother:
My mother ran into the house to call the ambulance.
When she came back out Theo was missing.

23 June 2015, Derk Hazekamp  (MM)


On 22 June 2015  the Council of State passed judgement on the request filed by  the special interest group Koninginnegracht, asking to prevent the coming into force of the development plan that will enable the moving of the tram rail. The request was turned down. The development plan has now officially come into force and prescribes for instance what can be built and renovated.

About the permit to move the tram rail a lawsuit is still pending at the Court of Justice; judgement will be passed on 21 July. The judgement will be published (in Dutch) on the website of the Raad van State (Council of State).

23 June 2015, Tieke Dedel  (MM)


Wijkberaad 18-6_opt

His representative Tieke Dedel (on the left) did the honours, she was assisted by Dymph van der Laan.

* It was emphasized that the informative participation evening about the development plan, due on 25 June in ‘t Klokhuis, will be very important for the neighbourhood, as it concerns the city development plan for Archipel/Willemspark for the period 2016-2019. The residents can bring up for discussion all our wishes,  complaints and suggestions!

* Some points on the agenda (‘Groen verbindt’ and the upkeep of Bankaplein)  were postponed till the next meeting.

* Due to the renovation of the bridges at the end of Javastraat and Laan Copes  tram 9 will take another route after the summer holidays; probably till the end of the year.

19  June 2015  (MM) 


The A&W working group ‘Groene Buurt’ (green neighbourhood) writes in its (Dutch) newsletter that the campaign for collective purchase of solar panels has been a success: 198 panels were ordered for 18 houses in our neighbourhood. Statenkwartier en Geuzenkwartier joined in and were good for 24 more estimates. That means a 10% discount for every participant!

198 solar panels produce 48 MWh per year and save about 25 ton CO2 per year. Well done, Green Neighbourhood!

16 June 2015  (MM)


Willemsparkschool 2_optOn Tuesday afternoon 16 June the new Willemsparkschool welcomed its neighbours and showed them around.

16 June 2015  (MM)


On the occasion of the Mesdag Year 2015 ‘Gilde Den Haag’ organizes guided walks through the Mesdag district. The guide will show you where the famous painter H.W. Mesdag lived and worked and point out how important he has been for the cultural life of The Hague.

The walk starts any desired day at Panorama Mesdag (Zeestraat) and ends at ‘De Mesdag Collectie’ (Laan van Meerdervoort) and will take about 1,5 hour.
Costs: € 4,00 per person
Number of participants: at least 4, with a maximum of 15 persons in a group
Reservations: at the latest 2 days ahead via tel. 070-3561281 or via info@gildedenhaag.nl

15 June 2015  (MM)


Sumatrahof is being renovated. The contractor publishes a newsletter in Dutch. You can subscribe, starting with numer 2.    Nieuwsbrief Sumatra Hof nr. 2 .

9 June 2015  (MM)




Because a couple of faithful delivery persons have moved house we are looking for a volunteer who is willing to distribute the local community paper in Celebesstraat and Bonistraat. De paper comes out 5 times a year. In 2015 that will be on 11 June, 24 September and 26 November.

Please contact : secretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl

9 June 2015  (MM)


‘t Klokhuis is looking for volunteers who are willing to man the municipal social service point one morning every fortnight.
For more information contact Ruud Klein or the secretary’s office: scretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl

18 June 2015  (MM)


Every year the Piet Vink Award is put up for successful projects and initiatives that are run by volunteers. Candidates for this year’s award can register by sending in a description (maximum size  one A4) to :

*  de Vereniging van Oud-Gemeenteraadsleden, p/a Griffie Gemeenteraad, Postbus 19157, 2500 CD Den Haag, attention Mrs.  J. van der Salm.

Registration closes 1 September 2015.

For more information : Jaap Huurman, tel. 06 24 24 01 11, or Corrie Hoekstra, tel. (070) 325 81 92, e-mail j.w.b.hoekstra@wxs.nl.

5 June 2015  (MM)