Soon underground refuse containers (ORACS) will be installed in the Archipel neighbourhood. The Municipality has done research to find the most suitable locations. In some streets are too many underground pipes and cables or they  might be inaccessible for the refuse lorry.
On 26 July 2016 the Municipality published a letter and a streetplan with the proposed locations. This is not the definite plan, it is a draft and until 6 September 2016 residents can send in reactions and suggestions. In our neighbourhood a taskforce led by Derk Hazekamp is watching the developments.
At a later date the Municipality will organize an informative evening.
The (Dutch) text of the letter can be found via this link: brief
A slightly larger rendering of the streetplan with the locations of the ORACs you will find via this link

28 July 2016

oracsplaats klein



In the coming year ‘t Klokhuis has plenty of time in its agenda for you to show your paintings or photos.
For more information you can call Elisabeth Köning 070-3467088.

Monique Richmond’s exhibition will be officially opened on 11 September, but her paintings have been on ‘t Klokhuis’s walls since 3 July.

24 July 2016, ‘t Klokhuis


Six months now Madurodam has been working on a plan for expansion. More roofed in space is needed to entertain visitors and children and introduce them to The Netherlands in more ways than just the exhibition of miniature buildings. According to this plan 1,6 hectare of the surroundings grounds will be added to the park.
On 8 July 2016 representatives of the A&W residents community were present at the informative meeting.
At the site  “Kader voor de toekomst” – klik hier  you can

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The project to redesign the Laan van Meerdervoort between the Carnegielaan and Zeestraat has begun on Monday, 11 July. This portion of the Laan van Meerdervoort will get better cycle paths, the sewer system will be replaced and the road will be repaved. There will ultimately be 1 lane less for vehicular traffic so that a cycle path can be created in the direction of Kijkduin. A new cycle lane will be created in the other direction.

The newly designed Javastraat

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The A&W newsletter goes on summer holiday until 23 August 2016. On that date it will hit your mailbox again.
In the mean time news will be published on the A&W website as usual.

We wish all our readers a wonderful summer!


The A&W website welcomes two new editors: Maud Siegmund and Floris Hulshoff Pol.
They have the experience and the talents to keep the website up to date and make the newsletter attractive and interesting.

11 July 2016  (MM)




The Municipality wants to speak with residents about a new plan for the green area Scheveningse Bosjes, Westbroekpark and Waterpartij. Would you like to join in this discussion? Then register your name at the following site:  www.stadslabgroen.nl
The number of participants is limited! 

11 July 2016  (MM)


The Municipality of The Hague will hold talks with the city on the future of Westbroekpark and the Scheveningse Bosjes including the so-called Waterpartij (pond). In September the municipality will start up discussions in the city in the form of ‘City Labs’.

The municipality will organise a City Lab in each city district. During the City Labs, participants will hold discussions with each other and the municipality with the goal of formulating an assignment for a think-tank. This think-tank will then be charged with making a widely-supported plan for the future for this important green zone in the city. The participants in each City Lab will then select a representative for the think-tank.

The main question for the City Labs is:

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Every three months, at the turn of the seasons, the Municipality  publishes a newsletter with a wealth of information about trees and tree projects in The Hague. The contents of the summer edition of the Bomennieuwsbrief you can read (in Dutch) on the website of  Bomennieuws
Among other things the latest issue tells how the chestnut trees along Koninginnegracht were preserved when the tram rails were renewed.

8 July 2016


Who is willing to deliver the A&W community newspaper at 120 addresses on Billitonstraat and Borneostraat (except the Borneoflat over Het Schakelpunt).
Please contact, also for information: secretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl

8 July 2016 (MM)