This message on the website of the Municipality of The Hague is regarding the land-use planning for Archipel, namely the office at Celebesstraat 89 (4 apartments, reconstruction, garage and poss. underground, cutting of 49 trees etc) and the division of manors to apartments.

18 December 2014, Isabelle Hylkema (DP)


On Tuesday 23 December, the carilloneur of the Peace Palace, Heleen van der Weel, will be playing from 12.00 to 14.00 hrs a special programme in memoriam of the Christmas Truce of 1914. Carilloneurs around the world will honour the Christmas of 1914 by playing “Holy Night”, a song that during that specific Christmas echoed simultaneously from the trenches in various languages. The Carillon can be heard best in and around the Peace Palace. You can go take a look at the hall of the Peace Palace where original posters which were used in various countries in the era of World War I and now in the collection of the Peace Palace are being exhibited.

The Visitors Centre and the Peace Palace are open during the Christmas holidays from 10.30 to 17.00 and are closed on the 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1st January.

16 December 2014 (DP)


Hereby, we are inviting you to the common New Year’s Meeting of Het Klokhuis Foundation (Stichting Het Klokhuis), the Association of ‘t Klokhuis (Vereniging ‘t Klokhuis), the Residents Organisation of Archipel & Willemspark (Bewonersorganisatie Archipel & Willemspark), the Step-In Bus Foundation (Stichting Wijkbus Stap-In), and the Archipel Poetry Foundation (Stichting ArchipelPoëzie). We will be happy to meet you during our reception of 4 January 2015 between 15.00 and 17.30 hrs at ‘t Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4, The Hague. Around 16.00 hrs there will be a welcoming speech from the presidents. The meeting will be accompanied by the choir Archicapella and the strings orchestra Otto Voci.

16 December 2014 (DP)


Vrijw_opt In the evening of 12 December, the annual volunteers dinner took place at ‘t Klokhuis. Aernout Offers welcomed everyone. The atmosphere was matching with the time of the year.

13 December 2014 (DP)


ACCESS Winter e-zine: Galactic Dutch can be read on-line.

15 December 2014 (MM)


Kruispunt Extra_opt

5 December is behind us, Sinterklaas has left town, and  the Christmas trees have arrived on Nassauplein. Packed and stacked they look a bit like torpedos. But soon each one of them will be the pride and joy of a household, the centre piece of a living room. With their scent of fresh pine-needles and the soft glow of candlelight they will make us want to sing of a new-born king and peace on Earth.

9 December 2014 (MM)



Until 31 December 2014 you can buy solar panels and have them installed at a sharp price! The working group Sustainability A&W Groene Buurt initiated a joint action in our district for buying solar panels at a very good price and a collective discount. The discount depends on the number of participants. The aim of this action is to enable our neighbourhood to produce as much energy as it  possibly can.

7 November 2014 (MM)


Monday 15 December at 20.00 hrs, the (Interests Group) Belangenvereniging Willemspark II will call a general meeting where the Board will propose the termination of the Belangenvereniging. Place: Clubhuis De Cantaloup, Cantaloupenburg 26-A.

The Belangenvereniging was founded six and a half years ago, when it was announced that Bouwonderneming Woonlindes B.V., with the consent of the Municipality, developed plans for an apartment building on the large site behind Frederikstraat 14, with an underground car park for 16 cars. The Belangenvereniging was founded to join together the objections and protests and act as representative of the neighbourhood and as spokesman over against the Municipality and other offices. When the artist Lita Cabellut bought the building site in 2013 the building plans came to a definite end.

Five years ago it was made known that the Haagse Schoolvereniging (HSV) planned to pull down and rebuild the Willemsparkschool on Frederikstraat. From the start we were in consultation with HSV and the Municipality about the plans for the school and the impact it would have on the neighbouring residents, and the safety measures around the demolishing of the old building and the construction of the new school. The project is now nearly finished. HSV intends to put the new school into use in 2015. The plans the Municipality has for the rebuilding of the facade on Frederikstraat and the construction of a home for the after-school childcare at nr 26 are ready to be realized and the work will be finished in the summer of 2016.

The activities of the Belangenvereniging mainly concerned the building plans on the site between Frederikstraat and Cantaloupenburg. Those plans and their realization now enter the final fase. So the Belangenvereniging can round off its activities too. The Board has come to the conclusion that the Belangenvereniging no longer has a reason to exist. In the coming meeting the members of the Board will resign and not be eligible for re-election. The Board thanks all members and residents for their support and contributions in the past six years.

Thus far nobody stepped forward to continue the interests group and be on the Board. Residents who are of the opinion the the Belangenvereniging still has a right to exist can hand in a counter proposal with the names of new Board members and their consent. That proposal can be handed in until 12 December to the Chairman: Ab van Kammen, Prinses Mariestraat 8, tel. 070-3563796.

During the meeting of 15 December the annual report of the Belangenvereniging will be discussed. The annual report explains in detail how the Board has come to its proposal. The annual report will be available 27 November and can be obtained from Nicole Hermans, Prinses Mariestraat 13; it can also be sent via email (please apply:

A. van Kammen

28 November 2014 (MM)



13 December will see the last concert of the year 2014. As we wrote before, the Vredeskapel will not be available for months to come due to extensive roof repair. Therefore the concerts will be given in ‘De Zalen’,  Riouwstraat 1.

Hope to see you all,  Bert Bos 


Programme - in the spirit of Christmas:

* Bohuslav Marinu’s Sextet for piano and wind instruments, played by Marion Bremer flute; Marjanne Franke hobo; Louise Schepel and Ellen van Zanten Bassoon; Wim van Zanten clarinet and Jan Timmer piano

* Frank Bridge: Four Miniatures for Piano Trio, and Roger Quilter: Three Pastoral Songs for Voice and Piano Trio, sung by Ton Severijn counter-tenor and played Tonny Visser violin; Ciska Gomperts cello; Geert Woltjer piano

* Christmas Carols by Esterhazy, Reger and Haendel, sung by Martina Alf who will be accompanied by Angela Duncan on piano and flute

* Jazzy Christmas Carols by Mithra Nouri and the Smooch Combo: Vanessa Monfils sax; Jos Groot guitar; Hans Bevers bass; René de Haas drums

Location: De Zalen, Rode Zaal, Riouwstraat 1

Time: Saturday 13 December – 15.00-17.00 hrs; doors open at 14.30 hrs for coffee and tea. After the programme the bar will be open.

Entrance fee: € 5,00

24 November 2014 (MM)