The Advisory Board of Staedion, together with Staedion, opens the competition “My Home”. Residents, residents’ committees, welfare organisations, residents’ organisations can join this competition. Anyone, any groupcan send in a good idea to enhance the “feeling at home” of our residents. The best plans will be realized.

Please register at:

2 October 2015, (MM)


In June J. de Bruijn, alderman in The Hague, launched his action plan “Working together towards clean air, The Hague 2015-2018″. “Adem Graag In Den Haag” (love to breathe in The Hague), an action group of alarmed citizens and members of organisations for the environment and nature in The Hague, appeal to the alderman and the Muncipality to reconsider this plan.

According to the action group the plan is too free of obligations; the Municipality should take measures for the protection of the health of the inhabitants and the enhancement of the quality of life in The Hague and the time is now.
Mr de Bruijn is willing to speak to us about his plan and our thoughts about it and to come to an exchange of ideas. Our plans are explained (in Dutch) in the following publications:

15 09 29 235 AGIDH Wijkkranten en wijkorg 21-09 def
AGIDH Wethouder en politieke partijen def 21-09-2015
AGIDH Uitnodiging luchtfietsen

1 October 2015, Fred Vorstman (tel. 070–3453992) (MM)


In the last two or three weeks dozens of bicycle tyres were punctured in Willemspark, presumably with a knife or a skrewdriver. We assume that more bicycle owners may be victims, but only a few have reported. Their bicycles and carrier bikes were on Prinses Mariestraat, Frederikstraat and on the bridge Mauritskade/Frederikstraat.
It mainly happened during the weekends, in the late evening and in the course of the night. Police officers will do extra beats, both in uniform and in civilian clothes.
Residents are requested to call 112 when they see something suspicious.

1 October 2015, from a Police Press Report  (MM)


Ever thought about what Dutch autumn feels like coming from an African country with 30 degrees being average? The Anglican Church in the Hague yearly organizes a warm clothes sale for new international students. Many students come in from Africa, Asia and South America and they find the Dutch cold weather a shock.

We invite people to donate clean warm clothes which we give to the students for giveaway prices of Euros 3-5, which money we also use for a ministry to reach out to the students.

This year’s sale will be on 17th October 2015, at the Church hall of the Anglican Church, Ary van der Spuyweg 1, from 14h30 to 17h30.

Clothes can be dropped of at the church office from 9-12. Thank you very much in advance!

1 October 2015, Anne Sijtzema, Church Office


9 August 2015  (MM)


W&A Community Council Meeting:
Thursday 1 October20.00 hrs – in ‘t Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4, on the first floor

On the Agenda:

1. Opening – the agenda is determined
2. Announcements
3. Discussion on report Community Council Meeting 18 June 2015
4. Evalution parking regulation City Centre
5. Community Council Membership
6. Working groups report on their activities:
* Urban Space: meeting Parkvision International Park and plans for Madurodam
parking bicycles in A&W
7. Municipality and Police will be there to hear your suggestions, remarks, complaints
* announcements by the Police
* announcements by the Municipality
8. Any other business; closing

We hope to see you at the meeting. We need you to take part and make a contribution.

Arnout Offers, chairman

Last Community Council meeting of 2015: Thursday 19 November, 20.00 hrs 



This time I paid a visit to Ron Lauwers, the owner of “Java Schoenservice”. After the renovation he gave the shop a homelike atmosphere, with a nice place to sit down in and a coffee machine. “I like my clients to feel at home”, he told me.

Ron Lauwers is not a stranger to our neighbourhood. From 1985 till 1990 he worked in Aad Peters’ shoe repair shop. Peters’ father established himself as a shoemaker on Javastraat in 1952. In 1963 his son took over and around 1995 he moved to the building on the corner of Mallemolen. Four years ago Ron took the shop over from Peters. His son runs the shop on Fahrenheitstraat.

“I have been a shoemaker for over 30 years”, Ron told me. “My first shop was in Zoetermeer. I love shoes, shoes are my passion. I love to make shoes beautiful and I work in the old way, according to the traditional methods. We have a number of machines that can repair even the most beautiful design shoes and make them look as good as new. Soles are stitched in the oldfashioned way.” I asked Ron what exactly is the difference between a ‘real’ shoemaker and a heel bar and he answered that a traditional shoemaker puts more effort in his work because his passion is to make the shoes look beautiful again. In a heel bar everything has to be done quickly: “They are the ‘quick-fit’ and we are the ‘garage’.” I was curious to know how many pairs of shoes he keeps in his own closet. “At least 17 or 18 pairs, not counting the slippers!”

Ron told me that he gets a lot of expensive shoes to repair. For them he uses special thin soles. Besides the usual repair of (mostly leather) soles and heels you can go to Ron to have the legs of your boots made wider or smaller, or for a completely new bottom part on your mountain boots.

Ron says that young people do not go to the shoemaker that often. Two or three times a year there is a sale and they rather buy a pair of new shoes at a discount than have their old shoes repaired. “Nikes meant a blow to us”, says Ron, “but now they too are brought in for repair.”

On the website I read that stretchers for boots and shoes are important for their upkeep. Few people take the trouble to use them. Placing the stretcher in a ‘warm’ shoe will prevent bending while it dries. The best stretchers are made of ceder wood, which absorbs the moisture from the shoes. Boot stretchers preserve the shape of the leg and prevent the breaking of the zipper at the bending point. Hint for the ladies?

Ron loves his work. “Each day is different. I have a wonderful job, a wonderful shop and wonderful clients. What more could I ask for?”

Do your shoes need new soles or do your new shoes need a little stretching? Then go to “Java Schoenservice”, Javastraat 57.
In the shop you can buy shoe polish, shoe laces, belts, umbrellas, cleaning materials and polish for leather furniture.

21 September 2015,  Josephine de Vijlder  (MM)


The campaign for solar panels by ‘Groene Buurt’ and ‘Energy Guards’ has realized its objective in September! The aim was to generate 75.000 kWh per year, which equals  310 panels on the roofs of our neighbourhood. These have been installed and thereby we reduced our emission of CO2 by 40 ton.

Installing solar panels on one’s own roof was never so inexpensive. You now can generate your own electricity at the cost of 6 to 10 cents per kWh, which is not bad since the current rate is 22 cents. Combined with the purchase discount and the refund by the tax authorities of the BTW on materials and labour that brings in an average yield of 12%.

Thanks to the foundation ‘Klimaatfonds Haaglanden’ and its aim to make a measurable contribution to the CO2 reduction in The Hague, all participants in our solar panels campaign will receive retroactively a subsidy of € 25 per panel. This campaign ends on 31 October! Which means that the proceeds of your investment will rise with another 1 – 1,5%. When you do not participate now you will be robbing your own purse ….

For more information: and

21 September 2015  (MM)


The renovation of the narrow part of Javastraat will start next month.

Phase 1: from 19 October till 13 November 2015:

* hanging lighting will be installed
* the sidewalks will be opened to install the necessary cables
* Javabrug will be closed to traffic: tramrails along Koninginnegracht will be renewed
* present lamp posts will be removed

Phase 2: from 18 January till summer 2016:

* sewer system between Schelpkade and Surinamestraat will be renewed
* for the duration of this work Schelpkade will be adapted for two-lane traffic

18 September 2015  (MM)


“Firma MES” presents: True Stories – by real people. An intimate afternoon, full of true stories told (in Dutch) by the people who experienced them. This time the theme is: In Nature.

Place: Stella, Kerkstraat 11-13, The Hague
Time: Friday 9 October, 12.30-13.30 (doors open at 20.00 hrs)
Tickets (lunch included): € 22,50 – only via

“Firma MES” is always looking for people who want to share a moving, amusing, but in any case extraordinary story. Mail an abbreviated version of your story to  and they will contact you.

22 September 2015  (MM)