The  graphic work of Archipel resident Simon Koene (1946) is on display at the Gemeentemuseum until 20 September 2015. Technical skill and love of experiment are the distinctive features of his etchings. The 70 pieces show the great diversity in style and choice of subject. A monograph “Simon Koene. Een grafisch oeuvre” (Simon Koene. Graphic Works) will be for sale.

16  July 2015  (MM)

On 25 June 2015 the Municipality organized a meeting for the district Archipel & Willemspark. Participants (residents and entrepreneurs) could table proposals and discuss initiatives for the new Development Plan 2016-2019.

Subjects for discussion were:
1. housing, sustainability, green areas, quality of life
2. traffic – cars, bicycles, pedestrians – accessibility/mobility
3. social cohesion and participation

1. Housing, sustainability, green areas, quality of life

*During the last 15 years air pollution greatly increased due to all the traffic that uses the Centrumring (Laan Copes and Burg. Patijnlaan) and Javastraat. The rate of pollution and micro dust are detrimental to the health of the people living in the area and the cyclists who regularly ride down these roads.
* Residents complain that sidewalks are cluttered up by billboards, bicycles, carrier bikes and flower beds. There are no official bicycle sheds; abandoned bicycles are not removed, unless they are a wreck.
* Garbage bags are torn up by birds and the contents spill all over the street.
* Cyclists ride on sidewalks and against the traffic; there is not enough police capacity to enforce the rules against it.
* Residents would like more trees along the streets to compensate the air pollution. Flower beds along the façades are nice, but should not grow so wild that the plants and bushes take the larger part of the sidewalk.
* The very active working group Sustainability can give information about energy saving measures and subsidies.
* The renovation of Bankastraat is still a future project.
* The regulations concerning splitting up  large houses should be enforced strictly.
* The plan for placing  underground refuse containers will be published in 2015. The containers will be placed in 2016. Green refuse and plastic will be collected in separate containers.

2Traffic  – cars, bicycles, pedestrians –  accessibility/mobility

* The Centrumring brings too much through traffic, causing inconvenience, air pollution and micro dust. Traffic should be guided around the district, via Waldeck Pyrmontkade/Koningin Emmakade and Scheveningseweg.
* Too many visitors of the restaurants on Javastraat park their cars on Surinamestraat, taking up the parking spaces for residents.
* Bicycle lanes often are  narrow and have no zebra crossing.
* Zebra crossings are needed on Bankastraat, Laan Copes (Balistraat, Surinamestraat) and Burgemeester Patijnlaan.
* Crossings at Raamweg, Scheveningseweg, Arie van der Spuiweg, Jacob Catslaan are dangerous for children going to school.
* Connection between Archipel and Willemspark could be improved if one could go from Frederikstraat to the right onto Mauritskade and from Willemspark directly to Nassaukade. The pavement on Alexanderstraat is in bad repair.
* Public transport could be improved by a busline to Bonovo Hospital and to Central Station. Bus 5 is sorely missed.
* The rule that a road crossing should be left free is not enforced by the police. During rush hours crossings get blocked, which holds up the traffic even more.

3Social cohesion and participation

* Archipel & Willemspark is a prosperous,  wealthy district. The community organisation functions well and there is a sufficient number of capable volunteers. All the same there is hidden poverty and among the elderly (70+) hidden loneliness.
* The Borneoflat started as senior housing for people over 60. The age limit was lowered to 55 and the nursing accomodation ended.  The population of our neighbourhood has a percentage of residents over 80 years old that is larger than in the rest of The Hague. The elderly do not want to leave their familiar surroundings. It would therefore be good for the neighbourhood when the minimum age for the Borneoflat would be raised to 65 and elderly residents of A&W would get precedence.
* Het Schakelpunt is a popular day centre for the elderly; it is ran by volunteers. Its municipal subsidy will end.
* Residents of the council housing and expats do not attend meetings concerning the A&W community. The majority of these people are young professionals, who usually stay only a number of years in the neighbourhood and do not want to be involved. The residents organisation wants to  investigate how to make expats more interested in local activities and volunteer work.

18  July 2015  (MM)


Wassenaar and The Hague pupils from the Pointeworks Dance School have passed their recent ballet examinations from the Royal Academy of Dance.  The school was commended on its excellent standards as pupils were awarded Merits and Distinctions.

The Principal of Pointeworks, Liane van Veldhoven said, “Pointeworks was founded in 2003 and in those years we have managed to achieve an impressive 100% success rate.  The children are delighted with their results.”

  • Every year students of Pointeworks Dance School are participating in either Grade (Graded syllabus:Grade 1 to Grade 8 incorporates ballet, free movement, and character, and is suitable for candidates from seven years.) or
  • Vocational Examinations (Vocational Graded Syllabus: This develops the technique, music and performance skills of the older ballet student to an advanced level, preparing them for a dance or dance-related career.)

The examinations are Internationally recognised and attuned with the GCSE levels that are also applied with the British Education System. Graded and Vocational Graded exams lead to recognised achievement at a high level in dance.

Liane van Veldhoven, the Principal of Pointeworks is a registered teacher with a Professional Ballet career in the United Kingdom and Belgium and has an Advanced Degree in Ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance, United Kingdom.  Liane also works as a Mentor for the Teacher Training Programme for the Royal Academy of Dance.

Pointeworks Dance School is the only registered affiliate of the Royal Academy of Dance in The Hague area and holds classes for children from 3 years of age in English within several locations throughout The Hague and Wassenaar.

As of September, Pointeworks will provide classes at the new Pointeworks Studio at Malakkastraat 152 in The Hague.

To register or for more information please go to www.pointeworks.nl

16 July 2015  (MM)


City of The Hague – Municipality published on facebook:

The sun’s out but is it a good beach day? The new The Hague Beaches app could help you decide. The information it provides in Dutch and English includes the latest data on the weather, currents, water temperature and lifeguard posts.

Above all, make it a safe visit!


13 July 2015  (MM)


From 17 August until mid-December the tram rail along Koninginnegracht between Madurodam and the Javastraat crossing will be renovated. The work will be split up in time-periods. The Municipality will keep us informed. On 16 November the crossing Koninginnegracht/Javastraat will be re-opened to the traffic.

About the work planned for 2016 on Koninginnegracht we will be informed in December.

16  July 2015  (MM)



The third newsletter with information about the building activities at Sumatra Hof has been issued. During the three weeks of summer holidays no work will be done. For information one can subscribe to the newsletter (the Dutch) ipaling@bebouw.nl 

16  July 2015  (MM




This time I visited Alexandria Garantie Aannemers en Schilders B.V. (Alexandria Guarantee Contractors and House Painters) that has its seat at Alexander Gogelweg 30 in The Hague.

“For three generations we have been real estate agents,” says Mark Alexandria. “My grandfather was a shipping- and real estate agent and certified contractor. Like my father I became a real estate agent. After  a number of training courses in higher professional education and two years of study at the Technical University I chucked it all in. I could not find my niche in the real estate world. After two years of practical and theoretical retraining I became a contractor and I have no regrets about that decision. My motto is: I love to work with my hands and make people happy.

“In 1992 I and some members of my family started ‘Parkstaete Bouw en Aannemingsbedrijf’ in Belgisch Park and we sold that company in the year 2000. Part of the family now have a company of their own and we work closely together. With my partner, Julia Schlemmer, who studied architecture and has lived in The Netherlands for 9 years, I started ‘Alexandria’. She is not only our managing director, but also a ‘master painter’ – by no means  an obvious occupation for a woman.

“Our company concentrates on private property, but we also work for the Municipality and the Government, and monumental business premises. We  work in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal, where we are at work on a number of projects.

“We do a lot of restauration and renovation on monumental buildings, staircases and house fronts and we specialize in laying floors: marble, parquet, terrazzo/granite and epoxy. We specialize in sustainable architecture (that is how we got the nick-name ‘the green contractor’, which means that we respect nature). For instance, we now work on the renovation of two  alms houses in Alexander Hofje on Bankastraat where everything we do is ecologically friendly.

“Besides we do renovations like annex and addition, upkeep like repair or replacement of parts of the building and, with master painters on our team, we of course do both indoor and outdoor paint jobs.

“It might be nice to mention that we are sponsors? We will keep the houses of the Mapa Mondo Foundation (Red Cross) in a good state of repair and we sponsor ‘het glazen huis’ (the glass house, a yearly fundraising event). Starting this October we will once a month (on Tuesday evening, 20.00-22.00 hrs) give free architectural advice in ‘t Klokhuis.”

 Does your house need a reconstruction, renovation or a professional coat of paint? Then go to  website www.alexandriabv.nl or make an appointment for an advice without engagement. Mark and his colleagues can be reached at tel.nr 070-3387438.

Josephine de Vijlder,  7 July 2015  (MM)



The community newspaper of June 2015 states under the heading ‘Werk in uitvoering’ that Balistraat between Javastraat and Laan Copes will be accessible for traffic in both directions. The Municipality assures me that this will be the case only as far as Balistraat nr 3.

Renée van Eybergen, 1 July 2015  (MM)



Rob Jacobs recently painted views of The Hague that will be on show in Brasserie Archipel.

Opening: Sunday 14 June, 15.00 hrs.

9 June 2015  (MM)


For the third time “Groen Links Den Haag” organizes a competition for the greenest balcony, roof garden or house front of The Hague. Would you like to join in? Then mail your picture to groenstebalkon070@gmail.com , stating your name and address.

Closing date: 24 August 2015

The winner will be rewarded a plant gift token of € 50,00. The runner-up will receive a plant gift token of € 25,00 and the third price is a plant gift token of € 10,00.

19 May 2015  (MM)