Saturday 3 September will be the day of our Community Festival around the fountain on Bankaplein. The theme of this festive day will be ‘Sustainability’!
The party will start at 16.00 hrs with a performance of the students of Balletschool Elsa Vreeken and will end at 23.00 hrs.
In the evening you will want to dance to the music of The Rumblers and the salsaband La Parranda. Anyone else who would like to perform can register:

At 18.00 hrs the Community meal, cooked in the home kitchens of volunteers, will be served. Meal coupons cost € 7,50 per person and can only be be bought in advance from Wednesday 24 August / Saturday 27 August at:
– Exotenhof, Bankastraat 78 G
– Babs & Lizeth, Bankastraat 107 A
– Zuivelland, Bankastraat 44

Would you like to lend a helping hand? Volunteers will be most welcome for cooking, building up, cleaning up, donators, sponsors. Please write us at 

For the children the train will ride its track, the merry-go-round has been booked and ZO Kinderopvang (location Riouwstraat) will help with the organisation.

This will be a festival of sustainability. All necessities for the festival will be durable and all the ingredients of the meal will be organic. A ‘poffertjes’ stall will be baking and selling organic tiny puff-pancakes.
Moreover we are planning activities that will be good for our environment, such as the ‘Operatie Steenbreek’ by the Municipality and the Stichting Duurzaam Den Haag: when you hand in a paving stone you will receive a free garden plant. (For information about Operatie Steenbreek you can go to )

22 August 2016, the Festival Committee
Erika Verhulst, Luce Gelling, Dano Roelvink, Gerda Roos, Isabelle Hylkema, Marie-Louise de Ridder, Bianca Baltus (Kinderopvang ZO)




Program Bankaplein

16.00 – 18.00 uur Operatie Steenbreek (ban the paving stone)

16.00 – 20.00 uur Carrousel Draaivermaak (merry-go-round)

16.00 – 20.00 uur Treintje met machinist (train with conductor)

16.00 – 20.00 uur Poffertjes (tiny puffed pancakes)

Rond 17.00 uur Borreltijd (drinks party)

Rond 18.00 uur Buurtmaaltijd (community meal)

Podium Programma:

16.00 – 16.45 uur:  Balletschool Elsa Vreken

17.00 – 17.45 uur: Roomservice tds

18.00 – 18.45 uur: Gijsbert&Bert

18.45 – 19.00 uur:  podium change, intro LindyHop

19.00 – 20.00 uur: Compass Ballroom Stompers en Lindyhop-dans

20.30 – 23.00 uur: La Parranda Salsa

Rond 23.00 the party is over !




To give parents of very young children the opportunity to enjoy the party there will be a free professional baby-sitting service with activities at ZO Childcare at Riouwstraat 1.
* 0 – 4 year olds are welcome between 16.00 and 22.30 hrs. They can take a nap.
* 5 – 12 year olds are welcome between 16.00 and 21.00 hrs. They cannot take a nap.
Please register in advance at  or tel. 06-15883109

22 August 2016
Bianca Baltus (Zo Kinderopvang), Luce Gelling, Isabelle Hylkema, Marie-Louise de Ridder, Dano Roelvink, Gerda Roos, Erika Verhulst



Here you can see a number of photos by Dusan Ilic of this  festive event:

28 August 2016



Recently Archipel/Willemspark residents informed the police that con men ring the doorbell (for instance on Bankastraat) or telephone the occupant and say that they are the locksmith coming to inspect the locks. This is a fraud. Once inside the house they try to steal bank cards, money or valuable objects. Take care and do not let them in. When you feel insecure you can call 112.

25 August 2016, Hans Plat,
Police Inspector (National Police, Jan Hendrikstraat)



My name is Liesbeth de Beyl. I will have an exhibition in ‘t Klokhuis from November 2016 till January 2017.
I have lived in The Hague since 1995 and I love to take drawing lessons with qualified teachers. I started with (coloured) pencils, but for quite some time I have worked mainly with pastel crayons. This technique is sometimes called ‘dry painting’ because one can rub colours together and thus mix them.
I only work in the figurative. There are various themes I am interested in: for years I have been fascinated by sea, beach and sky. In my work you will see children, flowers, musical instruments. Recently I have become interested in old buildings. In short, very diverse.
Generally I use all colours, but sometimes  I find it a challenge to use only one or two colours.
The artworks at the exhibition were made during the lessons.

24 August 2016, Liesbeth Beyl


fotogezicht avoordeurFor this article I spoke with Patricia Witteveen, the face behind “Boost Kindercoaching”. I could tell why children and their parents immediately feel at ease with kind-hearted Patricia and her enthousiasm for her work.

“I studied pedagogics and at the teachers training college and I took a training for children’s coach,” she told me. “For 20 years I lived abroad. My ex-husband worked  for Shell in various countries and whenever possible I worked there at the international schools. After that I worked for 15 years at a school in the Schilderswijk. There I had to deal with unemployment, drugs, broken families, mothers in the prostitution, etc. Not always easy, but certainly fascinating and satisfactory work.

“In recent years pressure mounted  and demands on teachers became so high that I lost my love for the work, because I had no time to give the children and their parents the attention they so desperately need. I am now a certified children’s coach and I want to bridge the gap between the school and the existing aid. I do not focuss

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Sumatrastraat 215a is one of the locations where the Municipality of The Hague houses status holders (refugees with a temporary residence permit).  Each floor in the building houses 5 persons who have their own bedroom and share a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

The first of the 20 new occupants have moved in – men and women in the age between 18 and 35 from Syria and Eritrea. Some of them are singles, others have a partner or a family and are waiting to be reunited with them. We expect that by the end of August 2016 all occupants will have moved in.
The occupants are coached by Stichting Migrascoop who gives help with the integration and finding (volunteer) work. Monday thru Friday 2 coaches are present at the location during the day time.
For more information go to the Dutch website  Locatie Sumatrastraat: huisvesting statushouders.

There are various ways to stay informed and to communicate with the Municipality about the housing of the status holders on Sumatrastraat:

– The Municipality will inform the neighbours by mail
– The Municipal website will be kept up-to-date: any new information about the location will immediately be added to this page
– You can register for the Dutch newsletter (district Centrum) and you will be informed by email about all new developments (including the status holders) in your neighbourhood
– For this location there will be neighbourhood consultation at regular intervals. The Municipality will consult neighbours, coaches from ‘Vluchtelingenwerk’ and the local police officer to make the housing of the status holders run smoothly. Would you like to participate? Please send an email to
– Do you have questions or do you experience inconvenience? To begin with you can yourself speak to the person concerned. But you can also contact the Migrascoop coaches. Monday thru Friday you can call them between 9.00 and 17.00 hrs at 070-3502086 (location Sumatrastraat). Or send an email to or
– For questions or suggestions you can email to the Municipality at 

The Municipality of The Hague does not just house status holders: it is important that they integrate as soon as possible, take part in society and make a contribution. Therefore the Municipality invests a lot of attention to learning the Dutch language, learning Dutch norms and values, starting an obligatory integration program and coaching on the way to a (volunteer) job, an education or other ways to spend the day.

Help is needed from neighbours, sport clubs, community organisations and cultural clubs who will organize activities for and with the status holders. Do you want to help people who are moving into your neighbourhood? Take a look at the Dutch page for volunteer work for status holders

Do you want to know more about status holders, how long their permits are valid or what coaching they get? Then go to the Dutch page on questions and answers

15 August 2016,



The 17th of September, Stanton Lanier from the USA will pay the Anglican
Church in The Hague a visit and give a concert. Please come to listen to
his special music. The doors will be open from 19.30 onwards and coffee
and tea will be served. At 20.00 the concert will begin.

Stanton Lanier is the creator of Scripture inspired piano to refresh
your spirit℠ and has released nine albums, six with Grammy® winning
producer Will Ackerman. After a fifteen-year business career, he
followed his calling to offer God’s peace, rest, hope and healing to
listeners around the world. For more information visit

22 August 2016, Anne Sijtzema (Administrator Church Office)


Coming Sunday, the 28th of August, the Choir of St. John & St. Philip
will start again with a series of Choral Evensongs, from 17.00 to 18.00
in the Anglican Church, Ary van der Spuyweg 1. Everyone is welcome to
join in this tradition with songs and a liturgy that endures. The
following evensongs will be held the 25th of September and the 29th of

22 August 2016, Anne Sijtzema (Administrator Church Office)


Every Friday from 10.30 onwards we organise Café Connect in the church
hall of St.John & St.Philip (Ary van der Spuyweg 1). Please feel invited
to join us for a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea and a chat – not to
forget the delicious homebaked cakes we can often indulge in.
Sometimes we help prepare the monthly meal for the homeless people at
the Straatpastoraat, so if you want to help out with that, please come
along too!

22 August 2016, Anne Sijtzema (Administrator Church Office)