The next Community Council Meeting will be on Thursday 1 October – 20.00 hrs – in ‘t Klokhuis, on the first floor
(so not on 17 September as was announced earlier)

The agenda will be published on the website.

1 September 2015  (MM)




For this edition of “Face” I had an interesting conversation with Jelke Jan Smit, De Dierendokter (animal doctor) on Javastraat. Jelke Jan, born and bred in The Hague, always wanted to be a vet. When he was young he often assisted doctor Immink, who in the early sixties set up practice on Surinamestraat. In 2001 this clinic was moved to Javastraat.

“After my studies in Utrecht I first worked in a clinic in Westland. When the former doctor left for France in 2008 I took over this practice,” says Jelke. Internal medicine, especially surgery, is his passion. He was one of the first to start with “keyhole surgery”. For instance for sterilisations, because that is less burdening to the animal. Fastening the stomach is also done via a keyhole operation. Being a surgeon he also does wound-reconstruction, castration, removes tumors and does bladder operations.

Jelke Jan emphasizes that healthy teeth are very important to animals. They do not show it, but animals may suffer unbearable tooth aches. Dental problems are among the most frequent disorders. Therefore the owner should brush the animal’s teeth every day with a small tooth brush. Start very gently with a bit of liver-sausage on the canine teeth, after that the other teeth and as soon as the animal gets used to the brushing start using tooth paste!

I was impressed to see what is hiding behind this front door. A complete operation room, a dental practice, a nursing department with equipment for intensive care and a dispensary. The clinic has at its disposal digital and dental X-ray equipment to measure bone structure, heart, lungs, tumors and teeth of animals. Besides it has its own laboratory for the analysis of blood and urine.

50% of the clients are expats who time and again take their pets to the four corners of the world. So doctor Jelke has a lot of experience with the animals’ international travelling and the rules that regulate it in different countries. Often one has to start weeks ahead organising all the formalities and  vaccinations.

I asked Jelke how he finds out what is wrong with a pet, they can look sad but they cannot tell you anything. His answer was that after a full body check (if necessary with echo, blood analysis or an X-ray) he gets through a check list: the age of the animal, the race and multiple questions for the client. After all they know their pets best.

Jelke moreover is the permanent vet of the Dierenambulance (animals’ ambulance) of The Hague, the oldest animal ambulance in The Netherlands (founded in 1992). Twice a week he visits the hospital where the animals are brought in. Most of them cats, but also dogs, goats, birds, rabbits, chickens, tortoises and snakes.

He also works for the animal police and that work is often heart breaking, Jelke says. “Here I see a lot of negligence and abuse. It makes me doubly happy when I can help such an animal and restore its health.”

Are you looking for a capable and friendly animal doctor with ditto assistents? You will find “De Dierendokter” at Javastraat 221. You will have to make an appointment, the telephone number is 070-3462207.

26 August 2015, Josephine de Vijlder  (MM)


Cees Bouman 3_opt (1)

Since 16th August 2015 paintings by Cees Bouman are on show in ‘t Klokhuis.

“I started working when I was 14 years old. My dyslexia made further study impossible. From my first wages I bought myself a professional painting box. The first painting I made was a landscape.

“Most of my working life I spent doing things I did not like. I knew from an early age what I wanted to do: create art. The company I worked for went bankrupt and at the same time I was declared unfit because of my hands. I decided to do voluntary health care work, but after a while it became clear to me that art attracted me more and I decided to become self-employed.

“Once I got started I found that I liked working with a palette knife and I successfully trained myself in this technique. Working with a palette knife gives me the passion and energy to make paintings that touch people. With this technique I create relief in my paintings. I add layer upon layer of paint and that has a three-dimensional effect. When you move the painting to a room that has a different light you get a totally different play of colours.

“Because I did not want to be at a standstill I keep training myself with other techniques and materials. I for instance draw portraits in ink in 5 to 15 minutes. I also paint abstract and cubistic works.

“I want my work to be recognizable for people and that is why I am interested in painting what I see around me, like children or townscapes.

“I think a picture need not be beautiful. I am interested in depicting atmosphere and emotion and that is my main motivation.”

26 August 2015  (MM)


On Friday 4 September, 12.00-16.00 hrs, you can have your valuables assessed at Panorama Mesdag, Zeestraat 65.
When they are too large to take along, you can bring a clear picture and the exact measurements of the objects. Maximum 5 objects per person. When you wish you can leave your assessed objects for auction at the Venduehuis.

Entrance fee: € 5,-. On this ticket you can also visit the museum or the exhibition.

31 August 2015 (MM)


Some 40 museums, galleries, libraries and government buildings in The Hague will offer an exciting cultural programme during the 6th annual Museum Night on Saturday, 5 September.

This year’s The Hague Museum Night (Museumnacht) promises to be even bigger than last year, and the theme ‘Full Exposure’ guarantees that the museums will fling their doors wide open and bare all. Most of The Hague’s museums will be involved and highlights include after parties and a special children’s route.

Each cultural institution will offer their own specially composed programme from 20.00 to 1.00 hrs., inspired by their collections or exhibits.

Opening : Don’t miss the sexy and daring opening at 19.30 hrs. when the Koninklijke Schouwburg is transformed into a variety theatre in 1930s style. Unique, bizarre, extraordinarily extravagant in style and taste, Sven Ratzke will open the event with a combination of cabaret, song and dance. Miss Flora Gattina will show off her sultry elegance, inner creativity and beauty during her Burlesque show.

For the Kids : Museum Night will again include a special route for children under 12 from 16.30 to 20.00 hrs. The children’s programme will have a festive opening at 16.00 hrs. in the Tuinzaal of the Gemeentemuseum with a short interactive children’s performance and sing-a-long.

This Children’s Museum Night is free of charge for children between 4 and 12 years of age when accompanying adults have tickets for Museum Night.

After Party : Let the fabulous programme of the Museum Night sweep you away while you enjoy art, theatre and dance performances. If you still aren’t tired afterwards you can continue your cultural adventure at the after party in the Paard van Troje.

More Info : The Hague Museum Night will be held from 20.00 to 1.00 hrs. on Saturday, 5 September at participating cultural institutions. The Children’s Museum Night is from 16.30 to 20.00 hrs.

All-inclusive tickets can be purchased in advance and cost € 15.00 per person. Last minute tickets can be purchased at the door and at the Haags Uitburo. Tickets can be bought at various locations around the city and through the Museum Night website.

With a Museum Night ticket you can use the special Museum Night buses free of charge to reach all the various locations from 16.30 to 1.00 hrs. Entrance to the after parties is also included in the ticket price.

Visit the website of Museum Night for more information:

7 August 2015,  (MM)


The Communications Museum, Zeestraat 82, opens a new exhibition and activity on Saturday 5 September:
* Love is what you want – 5 September/February 2016

For information go to: . For information in English go to the press room on this website.

26 August 2015  (MM)



From 30 September until 15 November the Damesleesmuseum (Ladies Reading Museum), Nassauplain 15, takes part in the exhibition on 19th century Dutch women-authors, organized by the Letterkundig Museum (Literary Museum), Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, The Hague.

The Damesleesmuseum was founded in the 19th century as a women’s literary club and lending library (today gents can also apply for membership). The library has a great collection of Dutch, English, German and French novels. During the exhibition on Saturday afternoons one can glance over the collection of first editions of 19th century novels at the Damesleesmuseum.

Damesleesmuseum, Nassauplein 15,
Opening hours: Thursday 10.00-19.00 hrs; Friday and Saturday 10.00-16.30 hrs during opening hours: 070-3636568

Requests for guided tours via, 28 August 2015  (MM)


Open Days at Kickstart School of Languages
Laan Copes van Cattenburg 86

Saturday 5th, 12:00-15:00, and Monday 7th, 18:00-20:00

Please note that there are changed traffic conditions near Kickstart School

For more information please go to the website

31 August 2015  (MM)

The Irish Club and the Gaelic Athletic Association in The Hague
have published their programmes for the new season.
Check out their exciting websites:
31 August 2015 (MM)

During the month of September 2015 a number of activities will be organized (in Dutch) by Netwerk Dementie regio Haaglanden and Alzheimer Nederland afdeling Haaglanden. Starting with an open house meeting with speaker Hugo Borst.

Place: Ontmoetingscentrum Schakelpunt, Burgemeester Patijnlaan 1900, The Hague
Time: Monday 21 September 2015, 12.00-16.00 hrs

Information: or

26 August 2015  (MM)