On Saturday 12 December, from 10.45 till 12.00 am, a drawing workshop for children will be organized at The Hall, Riouwstraat 2c: under supervision of two professional artists the children will make an angel in oil pastels on black paper.
To cover the costs of the materials we ask a contribution of € 5,00 per child.
There will be room for up to 15 children.

Registration until 29 November at: aebos@xs4all.nl

 27 November 2015,  Marjolein Bos  (MM)



The Municipality in all its wisdom removed the privet hedge that separated the bicycle lane from the footpath along Ary van der Spuyweg. People who walk dogs and kids want their hedge back!


20 November 2015, Bert Huisman  (MM)


In the coming years the Municipality of The Hague will link the Scheveningse Bosjes, the Waterpartij and Westbroekpark together into one large city park: the International Park. The park will provide a green area between the city centre and the beach. The 3 parks will get an extensive makeover. You have until 3 January 2016 to make your opinion known.

International Park, impression of Waterpartij

All information:
thehague.nl  newsletter  (MM)



Good news! Housing Corporation Staedion applied for a permit to fell 23 robinia trees around the parking spaces in the communal garden of the flats on Borneostraat and Patijnlaan. The permit was not granted.

19 November 2015, Lia Westenberg  (MM)


Fred_optThere is a huge hoisting crane on Frederikstraat. Three men with serious faces are looking at a large concrete building block that is kept upright by the crane. Every once in a while the men signal to the crane driver way above them and then the block is moved a few inches. One of the men walks away and returns with a metal pin that is screwed in somewhere.

A traffic controller stops by to have a look. He is remarkably well-informed. The work has been delayed because the supplier of the building blocks did not deliver a certain component. “After they telephoned and emailed about it!”

Cyclists passing by (on their way to work, I suppose) smile at me kindly and a wee bit pitying. I can almost hear them think: “Poor old man, nothing better to do.”

10 November 2015  (MM)


“Blije Bijen” (happy bees) is the lucky winner of a part of the Piet Vink Award 2015. The award was presented on 20 November by Ingrid van Engelshoven, chairman of the KIJO executive committee.

More information on : www.blijebijen.nl

21 November 2015, Katja Beekman  (MM)


20 November 2015  (MM)


Renske van Beek lives in the Archipel. In recent years she trained extremely hard and with result: she has reached the international top and may start at the European and World Championships para-snowboarding. This event took place from 18 to 20 November in Snowworld, Landgraaf.

13 November 2015  (MM)


Do you have architectural questions? Please call us for an advice free of obligations at community welfare centre ‘t Klokhuis. Every third Tuesday of the month, 19.00 – 21.00 hrs,  you will be welcome at our office hours, free of charge. For more information you can email : mark@alexandriabv.nl or call : 070-3387438.

MediaP2_opt (1)Successful building and reconstruction are only made possible by intensive collaboration. Because architectural (im)possiblities must continually be adjusted to the vision of the customer and the requirements of the Municipality. A limited budget demands tight planning and good information. Alexandria sees to it that all the players are in the same field: as a team, with the same objective.

We offer broad scala of services that can be combined at wish. Of course in consultation with you!

We are the construction engineers of family business (real estate since 1920) Alexandria Garantie Aannemers en Meester Schilders BV (Alexandria Contractors and Master Painters), Alexander Gogelweg 30 (Duinoord).

MediaP3_optWe assist both private persons and entrepreneurs with multiple architectural problems.

Alexandria Garantie Aannemers en Meester Schilders bv
Julia Schlemmer, Mark Alexandria, H. van Leeuwen,
construction engineers and pathologists

11 November 2015  (MM)


On 28 November, 15.00 hrs, Sinterklaas will come to Brasserie Archipel. Entrance fee: € 12,50 per child.

On 29 November, 16.00 hrs,  Jazzsteps will perform, led by Hans Breuker.

20 November 2015  (MM)