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29 September 2011
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1 December 2011
A&W Community Council meeting
K L O K H U I S     C O M M U N I T Y     C E N T R E

Present: Mrs A. Beekman, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mrs A. ter Kuile, Mr W.F. Hooft Graafland, Mrs E. Drijver, Mrs E. van der Ven (BOOG), Mr T. Dike, Mr R. de Korte, Mr A. Landheer, Mr G. Spierenburg (The Hague City Council), Mr G. v.d. Hut (The Hague City Council), Mrs B. Aardewerk, Mr P. Munnikes (minutes taker), Mrs M. Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden Community Police Officer), Mr G. Nieuwenhuys, Mrs E. Verhulst, Mrs C.C. Dedel-van Walbeek (chairperson), Mr C. Storm de Grave, Mrs I. Hylkema, Mr R. de Jong, Mr G. Hooft Graafland, Mr J.E. Thedinga, Mrs E. Ponsen, Mrs N. Mulder, Mr P. Gasparie

Absent with notice: Mr W. Taekema, Mrs M. van der Zalm, Mr B. Bos, Mr B. Huisman, Mr M.C. van der Hoog

1A. Opening 

Vice chairperson Tieke Dedel opens the meeting at 20.00, welcoming all those present and requesting them to sign the attendance list.

1B. Announcements

  • Alex Philipse, former board member (secretary and later chairman) has regretfully passed away.
  • Rupert van Heijningen will give a lecture on the master forger Han van Meegeren (probably during the first week of March 2012 after the publication of the next edition of the community newspaper).
  • A link to a ‘web poll’ relating to The Hague safety plan can be found on the (Dutch part) A&W website.
  • The New Year’s reception will take place on 8 January,2012.

1C. Agenda

Elsbeth van der Ven (BOOG Foundation – a charitable organization for community structure) is present tonight to talk about care for the elderly.
This matter will be discussed immediately after the approval of the minutes of the previous A&W Community Council meeting.

2.  Approval of the minutes of the 29 September 2011 meeting  

The minutes are approved without any changes. 

3.  Activities of the BOOG Foundation in the Archipelbuurt

Elsbeth v.d Ven reports.
Some time ago BOOG carried out an investigation into the problem of loneliness amongst the elderly. Evidence indicated that a number of senior citizens would appreciate more contact with others. BOOG will therefore be arranging five meetings in February/March for this group. During the first gathering, participants will make one other’s acquaintance. In principle, the theme of the following meetings will be giving a sense of meaning to things. For more details, see the article on page 11 of the December issue of the A&W community newspaper.

Cooperation with the working group Care & Well-being  (Betty Aardewerk and Else Ponsen) can be sought, if necessary.

4. City Council’s policy on subsidies for community organisations

The chairperson sums up the policy changes.

Main points:

  • The fixed subsidy will be cut back and a subsidy application must be submitted for each separate activity or project.
  • A ‘first come, first served’ principle will be implemented.

See minutes of previous meetings during which this matter has been extensively discussed.

5. Working groups

5A  Working group Traffic

Christiaan Storm de Grave has received all relevant files from Willem van Gijn and is currently learning the ropes.

Auke Bloembergen reports that refurbishment of Bankastraat has been postponed but, for the time being, not cancelled. 

5B Working group Through traffic

Tim Dike explains developments concerning the ‘western ring’.
The Hague City Council is currently in the exploratory phase of this project and will take a decision on the matter in five years’ time.

Residents living on Sportlaan are less enthusiastic about the duplex tunnel because it will not be accessible for heavy freight traffic, which will continue to use roads at ground level. In fact freight vehicles account for only 2% of traffic and are primarily heading for local destinations. Residents will therefore investigate options for another solution.

In order to make sure the duplex tunnel idea is not abandoned, Tim proposes cooperation between the community associations of Benoordenhout, Scheveningen-Noord and Statenkwartier. He requests and receives permission to pursue this plan.

A matrix traffic sign was recently installed at the corner of Balistraat and Laan Copes van Cattenburch. Enno Thedinga points out that the location of the sign is unfortunate because drivers sometimes turn off to soon and mistakenly drive into Balistraat. The Hague City Council, together with the road maintenance authority, will investigate whether the situation can be improved.

5C Working group Public Space

Tim Dike reports.

  • Construction of the apartments in Prinsevinkenpark on the site of the former LTO offices (Dutch Federation of Agricultural & Horticultural Organisations) will start in early 2012.
  • The former hotel Beau Séjour on upper Bankastraat will be converted into an apartment building.
  • New homes on Sumatrastraat (Sumatrahof) are now on sale.
  • Willemsparkschool behind Frederikstraat has now received an official building permit to start work on constructing the new school building. The entrance façade on Frederikstraat will have to be demolished in order to give access to the inner courtyard, but it must and will be rebuilt in the original style.

5D Working group Care and Well-being

Else Ponsen reports.
The Schakelpunt – senior citizen’s local meeting point – was reopened on 6 October 2011.

A number of seniors from outside the neighbourhood also regularly attend the coffee mornings held at the Schakelpunt. There are currently enough volunteers to keep the activities going. A lunch is served once a week.  Else thanks the A&W Community Council for the flowers that brightened up the reopening festivities. 

5E Working group Sustainability

Annette ter Kuile reports.
The working group now consists of nine enthusiastic members. The focus is currently on energy saving.

The bulk purchase of radiator insulating foil initiative coordinated by Marjan Bloem was prolonged until 10 December. Read more in the December issue of the A&W community newspaper on page 7 and on the A&W website.

It is also possible to have an infrared thermal scan of your house done to find out where heat is escaping and what specific energy saving measures need to be implemented.

Contact person: Marjan Teesing at duurzaamheid@archipelwillemspark.nl

As with all working groups, there is a section on the A&W website dedicated to this working group with lots of useful information and tips for possible initiatives. 

5F Working group Public Space

Derk Hazekamp and Gerrit v.d.Hut (The Hague City Council)) report.

5F1 Renovation of the Nassauplein

The renovation work will start soon. A plan has been drawn up with the following focal points (also see the article on front page of the December issue of the A&W community newspaper and website):

  • Symmetrical planting of trees along both sides of the central garden area. Existing trees will be transplanted as necessary. The remaining chestnut trees will be removed as they are reaching the end of their life cycle.
  • A promenade of clay stone will run through the middle of the garden area.
  • Existing park benches will remain and will be repainted.
  • Bicycle hitching posts will be relocated.
  • The rest of the planting will be adjusted as necessary.
  • During the renovation cables will laid for future ‘period’ lampposts. These will replace modern lampposts to match the rest of the neighbourhood.

Folef Hooft Graafland once more requests that consideration to be given to a possible parking bay next to the recycling containers. The City Council will look into the matter.

5F2 Trees in the Atjehstraat

Eight trees will be planted (in clusters) before the end of March 2012.

6 A&W community newspaper

Eva Drijver reports.
The December 2011 edition is ready for distribution and can also be picked up at various locations.

The adjoining district Buurtschap 2005 (Denneweg and surroundings) had originally wanted to take space in the A&W newspaper in the form of an insert sheet. Due to the costs, however, the idea has been abandoned and the district has opted for its own newsletter.

Betty Aardewerk tried canvassing shopkeepers in Frederikstraat to place ads, but without success.

Gilles Hooft Graafland suggests that the chairman of the Frederikstraat shopkeepers’ association be approached once again. Annette ter Kuile (board member) will do this.

7.  Website

Ank Beekman reports.

The new website was launched on 7 November 2011.

The Webteam comprising Jaap Drijver, Linda Fairwether Nash, Deniz Pelsman and Ank herself, have worked on this project for a long time. The vice chairperson compliments the team on the new website and thanks them for all their efforts.

Ank calls on the working groups to report more frequently to the website on their activities.

 Auke Bloembergen reports that the digital billboard does not really fit within the concept that AH had in mind. Nevertheless the billboard will be reinstalled and located near the exit next to the small ads board.

8.  Community Festival in 2012

Betty Aardewerk reports.
The Community Festivities Committee now numbers 14 people therefore no additional members are required. The Festival will take place on 22 September 2012. Additional volunteers on the day itself however would be most welcome.

Main points of the Festival’s programme for local residents from the Archipelbuurt and Willemspark (17.00 – 24.00):
A welcoming drink on Bankaplein accompanied by music provided by fellow residents, a communal meal and during the festivities later in the evening a professional band will do the honours. In principle the Festival is intended for adults but a simple children’s programme will be organised for the beginning of the evening.

Although September 2012 is still a long way off, in connection with the new subsidy rules it would be advisable to submit an application for funds as soon as possible.

9. Wall poetry project

Gilles Hooft Graafland reports.
The unveiling of the first poem in Surinamestraat was postponed due to problems with the surface of the wall. The wall was recently repainted and the aim is to have the poem in place by March 2012.

The next wall poem will be in English because of the international character of the neighbourhood.   Funds will however have to be raised for any future poems.

9.  City Council and Police

9B City Council

Once more Enno Thedinga asks that something be done about the subsidence in the sidewalk in front of Café Banka. The City Council will look into the matter and take the necessary measures to level the pavement.

Gerrit v.d Hut (The Hague City council) informs us that the level of the shell path in the van Repelaer Park will be raised.

 9A Police

Marianne Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden Community Police Officer) reports.
Haaglanden and Hollands Midden police forces are to be merged.
There is also a political discussion going on about creating a new national police force. It is not yet clear whether or not or when this will be implemented.

For the moment closure of Karnebeek police station is not anticipated (see the article in December A&W community newspaper, page 3). However, in the longer term it is not inconceivable that closure may be considered.
Our community police officers would then probably be stationed in Jan Hendrikstraat although the number would remain the same.

 This would seem to be the right moment to bring our wish for the Karnebeek police station to remain in operation to the attention of the Mayor/Police Commissioner.

 Reports has been received from Marianne van der Zalm about the van Repelaer Park. There are still youngsters regularly using soft drugs in the Park who sometimes leave the most awful mess behind. As for the off-leash area for dogs alongside the Park and the entranceway to the apartment building opposite, young people regularly hang around smoking dope.
Community Police Officer Hoogerbrugge points out that this kind of problem should be reported directly to the local police station, the police will then follow up on the matter.

10. Other business

Noor Mulder (Tenants Association Couperusduin) draws attention to the fact that the Jeu de Boules court close to the Alexander apartment complex is becoming rather neglected. The City Council will investigate and take the necessary action.

Rochus de Jong raises three points on behalf of the Lobby Group Surinamestraat:

  • Trees opposite houses no. 9 and 16 are a risk. An inspection by an expert would be welcome.
  • Would placing a mirror at the end of Surinamestraat as it intersects with Laan Copes van Cattenburch reduce the risk of collisions?
  • Would it not be more logical for the road sweeper vehicle to clean the street after the garbage collection vehicle rather than before? The City Council will look into the matter.

11 Conclusion of meeting

The vice chairperson closes the meeting at approximately 22.00.

Next meeting Thursday 26 January 2012
in the Klokhuis Community Centre 
at 20.00 

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas

terug naar boven

29 September 2011
A&W Community Council meeting
K L O K H U I S   C O M M U N I T Y   C E N T R E

Mr W. Taekema, Mrs A. Beekman, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mr G. Spierenburg (The Hague City Council), Mr D. Nijzink (The Hague City Council), Mrs B. Aardewerk, Mr P. Munnikes (minutes taker), Mrs M. Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden Police), Mr G. Nieuwenhuys, Mrs E. Verhulst, Mr B. Bos, Mw. C.C. Dedel-Walbeek, Mr W. van Gijn, Mr C. Storm de Grave, Mr W. Boer, Mrs M. Teesing, Mw A. van der Maas, Mr R. de Jong, Mr A. Kokosky Deforchaux (Tong Tong Foundation), Mrs. S. Boom (Tong Tong Foundation), Mrs S.J. de Ruijter (Manager AH Sumatrastraat)

Absent with notice:
Mr R. Klein, Mrs A. ter Kuile, Mr F. Hooft Graafland, Mrs E. Drijver, Mrs E. Ponsen, Mrs E. Blitz, Mrs E. van der Ven (Boog), Mr N. van der Meer (Steinmetz de Compaan), Mr T. Dike, Mrs. M. van der Zalm.

1A. Opening

Chairman Wybe Taekema opened the meeting at 20.00 h.; he welcomed all present and asked them to sign the attendance list.

1B. Announcements

Chairman introduced Mr Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux Mrs Siem Boom, both from the Tong Tong Foundation. (See point 3 in these minutes)

An e-mail received from Peer Westerink about a Sinterklaas event. (See point 5 in these minutes)

1C. Agenda

Because the two guests from the Tong Tong Foundation had to return to Amsterdam that evening, the subject of cooperation with the Foundation in 2012 was discussed directly after approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

2.  Approval of the minutes of 10 June 2011 meeting

Point 7G: ‘a number of new advertisers’ should read ‘no new advertisers’.

The rest of the minutes were approved without further changes.

3.  Activities in the Archipelbuurt in cooperation with the Tong Tong Foundation

Two representatives from the Foundation, who are organising the 2012 Tong Tong Fair on the Malieveld from 17 May through 28 May, proposed that related themed activities take place in the neighbourhood during this period. For example batik weaving in Balistraat and dance demonstrations in Sumatrastraat. As with the recent Poet in Residence event, residents would also be asked to allow some of the events to take place in their homes. Those present were favourably disposed to the idea.

The Foundation will contact the secretariat again at the beginning of 2012 to develop the ideas further, when the possible options are clearer and more is known about what means the Tong Tong Foundation will have at its disposal. Dick Nijzink if the City Council voiced his support for such initiatives.


4. Reappointment of board members

The chairman announced that three members of the current board have, according to the statutes, been reappointed for a second term of four years. They are the chairman, Auke Bloembergen (board member) and Ruud Klein (treasurer). None of those present had any objections.

5.  Sinterklaas event

Peer Westerink has sent an e-mail to the A&W secretariat making it known that another Sinterklaas procession through the neighbourhood will take place this year on 23 November. Volunteers are needed to provide music and to take on the role of ‘zwarte piets’. Please register at secretariaat@archipelwillemspark.nl

6.  Community Fair in 2012

Bert Bos:
For reasons why this was cancelled in 2011 see point 4 of the minutes of the 10 June 2011 meeting.
Five new volunteers have joined the 2012 wijkfeestcomité (organising committee) making a total of nine members.
The event for 2012 has been christened: BANKAPLEINFESTIJN and will take place during the first half of September 2012 around Bankaplein from 5 pm till midnight. There will be a welcoming drink for local residents from the Archipelbuurt and Willemspark, music will be provided by fellow residents, and during the feast itself a professional band will do the honours. In principle the festive meal is intended for adults but a simple children’s programme will be organised for the beginning of the evening.
The wijkfeestcomité will submit a subsidy application to the City Council. Dick Nijzink (City Council) announces that a well-motivated application stands a good chance of being accepted.
Because Bert is the only male wijkfeestcomité member he would welcome another male volunteer.

7.   Building work Albert Heijn – Sumatrastraat

Sasja de Ruijter (Manager AH Sumatrastraat) explained the current situation concerning the renovation and extension work:

  • The premises have been extended by 200 m2.
  • The store will close for 13 days on 27 October 2011 at 17.00.
  • During the period leading up to the temporary closure less fresh produce will be available in the supermarket to limit waste.
  • The modernised store will be ceremonially reopened on 9 November at 12 o’clock midday.
  • Information in a number of languages will be distributed to all households in the coming period.
  • During the actual closure customers can make use of the Albert.nl delivery service free of charge.
  • For further information visit the A&W website.
  • On 13 October board member Auke Bloembergen will be having talks with AH to discuss the arrangements for bike racks, location of shopping trolleys, containers, empty packaging and deliveries, which all have an impact on the public space outside the supermarket

Betty Aardewerk, together with Else Ponsen, will make arrangements for shopping to be done for the more elderly residents living in the Borneoflat.

8.   Working groups

8A  Working group Traffic
Willem van Gijn made it known that he no longer has enough time to devote to this working group. He has found a willing successor, Mr Christiaan Storm de Grave, whom he introduces to those present. For the time being Willem will continue to pursue the renovation of Bankastraat. The City Council had in fact promised to present a detailed plan by the end of September, which is awaited with much anticipation.
The chairman thanks Willem in particular for his participation in the Tram Route Brainstorming Group, which was instrumental in preventing the construction of a tram tunnel along Koninginnegracht and for his involvement in the Bankastraat burgerinitiatief (citizens’ initiative). 

8B   Working Group Public Space
Derk Hazekamp:

8B1 Renovation Nassauplein
The council has produced a detailed design:

    • Symmetrical planting of trees along both sides of the central garden area. Existing trees will be transplanted as necessary. The remaining chestnut trees will be removed as they are reaching the end of their life cycle.
    • A promenade of clay stone will run through the middle of the garden area.
    • The rest of the planting will be adjusted as necessary.
    • The modern lampposts will be replaced with others in the same style as in the rest of the neighbourhood. This will be done gradually in line with available budgeting.

Gerard Spierenburg (The Hague City Council) commented that the design still has to be approved by the ACOR (Official Commission for Public Space).

8B2 Bench route
Betty Aardewerk and Nenne van der Meer (Steinmetz de Compaan) have made an inventory of the neighbourhood regarding the possible location of ‘resting’ benches for the elderly.
In Betty’s opinion there is in fact no need for extra benches because there are plenty of low walls and privately owned benches that can be utilised as resting points.

8B3 Trees in Atjehstraat
The City Council has also made a detailed plan for this project. The trees will be planted in clusters once the species has been selected.

8C Working group Care & Well-being
The social meeting point for local seniors Het Schakelpunt will be officially reopened on 6 October 2011 at 10.00 am.
Betty Aardewerk asked whether the A&W Residents Association could provide some modest funding for the decoration of the entrance for the opening. In principle the chairman agrees.

8D Working Group Urban Planning
No member was present and there were no announcements.

8E Working Group Sustainability

Marjan Teesing:
A working breakfast took place with other similar working groups active in The Hague.
During the recent Hague Heritage Day residents were able to receive tailor-made advice about making their (historical) homes more energy efficient.
The Hague Energy Fair took place in the City Hall on 2 October 2011.
All the useful information and tips provided by the working party appear on the A&W website. The September issue of the community newspaper also contained a centre spread full of interesting articles.

8F Working Group Through Traffic

The chairman informs those present that last week the City Council passed the Mobility Bill without any amendments. Unfortunately, comments (the so-calledzienswijzen) submitted on behalf of the A&W district have been completely ignored.

8G Community Newspaper
Betty Aardewerk has canvassed a number of shopkeepers in Frederikstraat about placing advertisements in the paper.
Else Ponsen has done the same in Javastraat.

8J  Website
The new website is almost ready and it is anticipated that it will be launched before the end of the year. 

9.  Community Police and City Council

9A Police

Marianne Hoogerbrugge (community police officer):
In response to the complaints of nuisance around Archipelschool (see point 7B3 of the 10 June 2011 Community Council minutes), the police carried out surveillance during the evening and night of Saturday and Sunday evening and noticed nothing unusual.
She brought the start-up of the “Burgernet” in A&W to everyone’s attention and distributed information about how citizen’s can help the authorities track down criminals, stolen cars or a missing child.
Register at www.denhaag.nl/veilig or www.burgernet.nl or by telephoning 070 424 33 94.
She also mentioned the annual police corps run to be held in Scheveningen woods on 5 October.

9B City Council

Instructions for expats about the use of GFT afvalcontainers/bio-bins will be posted on the Council’s website.

9. Other business and conclusion of meeting

Dick Nijzink (The Hague City Council) indicates that there is a fixed budget for subsidies: it is a matter of first come first served. So be prompt with applications to avoid disappointment, i.e. the Bankapleinfestijn, which is scheduled for September 2012.

The Chairman closes the meeting at approximately 22.00 h.

Next meeting in the Klokhuis Community Centre
Thursday 1 December at 20:00 h

Translation: Webteam

terug naar boven

16 June 2011
A&W Community Council meeting
K L O K H U I S   C O M M U N I T Y   C E N T R E

Mr W. Taekema, Mrs A. Beekman, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mrs E. Drijver, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mr W.F. Hooft Graafland, Mr G. Spierenburg (City Council), Mrs B. Aardewerk, Mr J.E. Thedinga, Mr B. Huisman, Mr P. Munnikes (minutes secretary), Mrs M. van der Zalm-Waterreus, Mr R. Klein, Mr M.C. van der Hoog, Mr H. Kentgens (Haaglanden Community Police), Mr T. Dike, Mr A. Landheer, Mrs N. Mulder, Mr H.O. Lakens, Mrs A. Vaartjes, Mrs A. Polderman, Mr G. Nieuwenhuys, Mrs E. Verhulst, Mrs L. Gelling, Mrs I. Hylkema, Mrs L Westenberg, (Residents’ Committee Alexanderflat), Mr F. Verbeek (Residents’ Committee Alexanderflat), Mr M. Kaptein.

Absent with notice:
Mrs E. Blitz, Mrs E. v.d Ven (Stichting BOOG: a charitable organization for community structure), Mrs B. Bos, Mr. W. J. Abels, Mrs C.C. Dedel-Walbeek, Mr H. van Bemmelen, Mrs H. Hoogenraad (Duinzicht Church/Vredeskapel)

1A. Opening

Chairman Wybe Taekema opened the meeting at 20.00 h.; he welcomed all present and asked them to sign the attendance list.

1B. Announcements

Re point 3 of the agenda for this meeting: Mr M.P.F. van den Berge of the Plein 1813 Foundation is unable to attend; he will, however, be present at the next meeting to tell us about the plans to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Dutch victory over Napoleonic occupation that heralded the foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1813 and its subsequent independence.

1C. Agenda

As point Stichting Plein 1813 had been cancelled, it was replaced by the possible placing of telecom masts on the roof of the Alexanderflat complex.

2. Approval of minutes 31 March 2011 meeting

Bench route – Additional point 8
Add: Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) informed us that residents will have to agree with the placing of a bench in front of their houses. The Public Space working group is to submit a proposal. Apart from these corrections, the minutes were accepted.

3. Telecom masts on the Alexanderflat

Lia Westenberg:
The owner of the Alexanderflat, the Staedion housing corporation, is planning to allow providers of mobile networks to install one or more telecom masts on the building. This will only be allowed if the majority (50% +1) of the residents give their approval. Staedion has commissioned KPMG (member of an international network of firms offering audit, tax and advisory services) to carry out a survey.

It seems that this survey is worded in such a way that the chance of the proposal being refused is minimal. Members of the Alexanderflat Residents Committee present at the meeting made it clear they are not happy about the text used in the survey; they feel it to be manipulative. They believe that no mast should be placed at all because of (alleged) health risks.

Chairman Wybe Taekema pointed out that the board of the A&W Residents Association had decided not undertake any action in this matter and remarked that the presence of the masts is also in the interest of mobile phone users. This is understood, but people would still prefer not to see them on residential buildings. According to the Chairman it is the task of the Alexanderflat Residents Committee to make sure that the outcome of the survey correctly reflects the opinions of those who are for and against the masts. It is remarked that people not living in the building in question are not allowed to lodge a complaint.

Betty Aardewerk suggested drawing attention to the subject in the A/W community newspaper.

4. Cancellation of the A&W Community Fair (was planned for 18 June 2011)

Isabelle Hylkema, Luce Gelling, Annette Polderman and Erika Verhulst of the Community Fair working party are present. Luce Gelling explained the reasons for the cancellation:

• Planned date was only three months after the traditional Queen’s Day celebrations
• The plans for the Fair were too elaborate
• Shopkeepers were not very eager to participate again so soon and to spend more money on contributions to the Fair; the news that Bankastraat would be closed off was not well received either
• Residents, too, were less than enthusiastic and a number of them went back on their initial promise to organize activities.

The Community Fair working party felt it would make more sense to organize a more modest annual party around the Bankaplein fountain in September – starting in 2012 – consisting of a community meal, and musical and dramatic performances.

The present Community Fair working party will take care of all the preparations; volunteers are still most welcome. Although the Fair will not take place this year after all, there is much appreciation for the working party and applause is felt to be in order.

5. Spending cuts announced by the City Council

Ruud Klein (treasurer of the A&W Residents Association):
In the long term, the City Council intends to reduce the present basic subsidy to the A&W Residents Association to between 10 to 15% of the present amount (€11,000 per year excl. administrative support). However as an interim stage, in the year 2012 the A&W will receive 30 to 40% of the current subsidy, but in 2013 the full reduction will be come into effect.

There will still be the possibility to qualify for a larger subsidy, but to achieve this specific plans and projects will have to be submitted to the City Council.

Note: In the meantime, following numerous objections from the various community organizations, alderman Engelshoven has amended the measures to be taken somewhat. Therefore, next year (2012) 15 % of the full subsidy will be made available and the subsidy for administrative support will also remain the same, however, the latter will be reduced gradually over the next few years. On balance, the total subsidy for our neighbourhood for the year 2012 will be reduced by €4,000 to €23,616.

6. Wall poetry project

Derk Hazekamp:
The launch of the first poetry wall in Surinamestraat has again been delayed because problems with the surface of the wall have not yet been resolved. End of September 2011 seems to be a more realistic date. The poem chosen is by Rutger Kopland.

In the meantime the Archipel Poetry Foundation has been set up and ANBI status (charitable status for institutions serving the Common Good) applied for.

7. Working parties

7A Traffic working party
No member of this working group was present. Auke Bloembergen (board member of the A&W Residents Association) is in contact with Mrs Rutgers, Mallemolen resident, regarding the additional cycle path (in the opposite direction to the flow of automotive traffic) in Javastraat to be realized before the end of the year. It is not yet known exactly when work will begin.

7B Public Spaceworking party
Derk Hazekamp:

7B1. Renovation of Nassauplein
A Nassauplein working group has been set up consisting of local residents, the City Council, the Dutch-German Chamber of Commerce and the A&W working party Public Space to supervise the renovation of the central garden.
Because of spending cuts, the City Council engineers office will bring the plans drawn up in 2008 up to date so that they can be executed in phases. The plan will be presented after the summer break. A special loading and unloading zone for the recycling containers will be an integral part of the design.

7B2. Trees in the neighbourhood
Derk Hazekamp has yet to do the rounds with council representative Gerrit van der Hut (responsible for public parks and gardens) to decide where new trees will be planted.

7B3. Nuisance caused by youths in the Archipelschool playground
Mark Kaptein, Sumatrastraat resident, reported that there is still a lot of trouble, particularly after 10 pm, caused by teenagers consuming alcohol and/or using drugs. He has made an inventory among residents in the immediate vicinity and a number people are affected by this behaviour.

He said while he appreciates what the police are doing at the moment, they are not always in a position to react quickly enough. Another solution needed to be found, e.g. a fence to close off the playground after 10 pm.

Gerard Spierenburg (City Council), together with the police, is also looking for an alternative spot where young people can gather without causing a nuisance. It is recommended that residents keep a detailed record of the nuisance incidents.

Mark Kaptein will send a letter to the City Council to explain the situation more fully.

7B4. “Bench route”
Betty Aardewerk has made an inventory of possible locations for benches.

The Public Space working party will approach the City Council with a definite plan. Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) again stresses that local residents will have to give their permission if a bench is to be located in front of their homes.

7C Care and Well-being working party
Schakelpunt, the local meeting point for senior residents, will reopen soon. See the extensive article in the June issue of the A/W community newspaper.

7D Urban Planning working party
Objections have been lodged against the development plan for the former LTO building (Prinsenvinkenpark). It is not yet clear whether this will hold up the proceedings.

In the garden of the LTO is an abandoned statue belonging to the Foundation for the Metal Industry. Betty Aardewerk feels this should be preserved for the neighbourhood after completion of the new building. Enno Thedinga will look into the matter.

The building plans for the new primary school on Frederikstraat have been finalized. The school expects construction work to begin before the end of the year. The whole Frederikstraat entrance facade to the school in the courtyard behind will be removed and then replaced once the new building is completed.

The working party, together with board member Auke Bloembergen, has been to see the manager of Albert Heijn in Sumatrastraat for an update on the planned refurbishment and extension. Plans for the interior of the supermarket are now complete and will be carried out accordingly. A so-called “green” roof will be installed and, working together with the Council engineers office, the parking facilities for bicycles and the system for the removal of packing material will be improved. The working party will follow developments closely. The A&W Digital Billboard will be relocated.

7E Sustainability working group
No member of this working party was present, but Ank Beekman (contact person for the Website working party) tells us that this working party had complained that it is impossible to find on the A&W website. [This has in the meantime been addressed on the Dutch section of the site.] The situation will be resolved after the planned restyling of the website.

7F van Repelaer Wood working party
Marianne van der Zalm reported that measures previously taken are no longer effective and that the nuisance (youths leaving trash behind) has recurred. Henk Kentgens (Community Police Officer) said that he had not yet been informed about this. Police and City Council stressed that each separate incident should be reported to enable the authorities to compose a file of complaints. If this is not done, it is impossible to act.

7G A&W Community Newspaper
Eva Drijver reported that she had found a number of new advertisers, but the extra income is not yet sufficient to cover the deficit.
Betty Aardewerk offered to approach shopkeepers in Frederikstraat.

7H A&W Website
De website is now being restyled. This is being done by volunteers and will (still) take some time.

7J Couperusduin Tenants Association
Noor Mulder reported that the shrubs to hide the glass recycling containers on Burgemeester Patijnlaan have been planted and that the difference they make is remarkable. Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) reported that the requested cycle hitching posts have been ordered and will be installed as soon as they have been delivered.

8. Police and City Council

8A Police
No remarks.

8B City Council
Betty Aardewerk asked that attention be given to the seedlings growing in the Bonistraat bridge. These should be removed before they damage the brickwork.

9. Other business and conclusion of meeting

A public meeting entitled “Think green, act green” will be held on 21 June in Nieuwe Kerk, Spui.

In a previous A&W Community Council meeting the subject of the incorrect usage of bins for organic waste (the green GFT bins/bio-bins) among local expats was mentioned and the City Council was asked if it could inform expats who appear to be ignorant of which bin to use. Auke Bloembergen is now in discussion with the City Council to finalize this matter.

The Chairman closes the meeting at approximately 22.00 h.

Next meeting in the Klokhuis Community Centre Thursday 29 September at 20:00 h  in ‘t Klokhuis

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas
terug naar boven

31 March 2011
A&W Community Council meeting
K L O K H U I S   C O M M U N I T Y   C E N T R E

Mrs A. Beekman, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mrs E. Drijver, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mr W.F. Hooft Graafland, Mrs C.C. Dedel-Walbeek, Mr G. Spierenburg (The Hague City Council), Mrs B. Aardewerk, Mr J.E. Thedinga, Mr B. Huisman, Mr P. Munnikes (minutes secretary), Mr A. van Kammen, Mrs M. Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden police), Mrs E. Ponsen, Mr T. Dike, Ms E. Blitz, Mrs E. van der Ven (Stichting BOOG), Mr A. Landheer, Mr W.J. Abels, Mrs G.A. Hollander, Mrs N. Mulder,  Mrs E. Verhulst, Mrs L. Gelling, Mrs I.Hylkema, Mrs M. Teesing, Mr N van der Meer (Senior Citizens’ Centre Soendastraat)

Absent with notice:
Mr W. Taekema, Mrs M. van der Zalm, Mr R. Klein, Mr. M.C. van der Hoog, Mrs R. Campbell

1A. Opening

Wybe Taekema cannot be present; consequently Tieke Diedel will chair the meeting, opening the meeting at 20.00 h.; she welcomes all present and asks them to sign the attendance list.

1B. Announcements, minutes accepted without changes

The chairwoman informs us that Henk van der Leeden, architect and most recent member of the Urban Planning working group, has unexpectedly passed away. He will be remembered as someone with expert knowledge of the neighbourhood and who greatly contributed to the initiative to restore the Bankaplein fountain.  He will be sadly missed.

 1C Agenda

Point 8, Bench routes, will be discussed straight after point 2

2. Approval of the 27 January 2011 meeting minutes

Point 6E, uses a group of local correspondents > should read > also uses a group of local correspondents

Added to Other business: Else Ponsen informs us that Rupert van Heijningen is willing to give a lecture on the painter Han van Meegeren, if enough people are interested.

Apart from these corrections, the minutes are accepted.

Bench route, addtional point 8

Nenne van der Meer, who works for the senior citizens’ centre in Soendastraat, suggests the idea of a local ‘bench route”. Elderly people sometimes find a trip out to the shops for example, a bit too far to walk in one go.  A bench would provide a welcome resting place and the trip could be negotiated in easy stages. Stichting Boog (a charitable organization for community structure) in The Hague, represented by Elsbeth van der Ven, confirms that the City Council is positive about this plan and is willing to contribute to such a good cause. Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) confirms this. Of course, the owners of the houses in front of which the benches will be placed will have to first give their permission. As a first step, the Public Space working group will make an inventory of the possible locations and the number of benches. To be continued …

3. Spending cuts announced by the City Council

The City Council is planning to cut back the present subsidy currently received by the A&W Residents Association (€11,000 a year) to 10 %. The usual contribution for administrative support will also be scrapped; although financial support will be available for administrative matters related to special activities. The committee of the Residents Association is now trying to influence the City Council and in mid-April will speak at a meeting of the City Council. But it is obvious that the subsidy will be reduced. Eveline Blitz feels that the Council is trying to diminish or even completely block the “nuisance power” of the community organisations. Betty Aardewerk has a different opinion. Current alderman Engelshoven believes that not all community organisations are really representing their neighbourhoods and thereforec also wishes to subsidise initiatives that do not come directly via the community organisations. It will still to be possible to receive more than the reduced annual subsidy amount, but specific plans and projects will have to be submitted to the City Council.

The A&W committee hopes to be able to turn the tide but will also think about other sponsoring options.

4. Community Fair

The Community Fair will take place on 18 June 2011.

Isabel Hylkema, Luce Gelling and Erika Verhulst of the organizing committee are present. Luce Gelling reports. Council permission and sponsoring have been requested and given. Plana are well underway.  The theme will be: ‘Banka Breeduit’ (Banka Broadens Out?). The programme will contain a number of tried and tested items from previous fairs but will also have new elements. The opening event is not yet decided upon. The broad section of Bankastraat will be the location of circus-like acts; Billitonstraat will be for the children.  A tango group, tug-of-war, antiques road show, open-air dinner for everyone on Bankaplein and a finale accompanied by music. It is made explicity clear that Willemspark residents are especially welcome.

Ank Beekman suggests contacting Cantaloup Clubhouse. They run a successful children’s theatre group and could also be involved in the fair. For details see: www.archipelbuurt.nl/pages/wijkfeest.html

5. Wall poetry project

Derk Hazekamp reports. The launch of the first poem was planned for 13 May, but this may be delayed as the surface of the wall has not yet been treated to make the application of the text of the poem possible. The poem has however been chosen and is by Rutger Kopland.

A foundation with ANBI status (charitable status for institutions serving the Common Good) will be set up to take responsibility for this project. A list has been drawn up with 35 other possible locations for a wall poem.

6. A&W working groups

6A Traffic working group

No members of this working group present and there are no announcements.

6B Public Space working group

Derk Hazekamp reports that at the moment the working party is pursuing the following issues:

6B1 Renovation of Nassauplein
Just the day before this meeting, Councillor Sander Dekker visited Nassauplein and the following has anticipated:

  • There will be no structural changes to this central garden; major refurbishments are impossible because of spending cuts;
  • Lay out of greenery will be improved; the working group will discuss this shortly with Gerrit van der Hut, council administrator for public parks and gardens;
  • Low fences along the flower beds will be repaired;
  • Containers near the WW II monument will be relocated next to the other containers on Nassauplein;
  • Current lamp posts will not be replaced.

Independently of the working group, Nassauplein residents have submitted a petition to the City Council (also signed by various embassies on the square) to prevent the gardens from flling into rack and ruin. Derk Hazekamp will keep in touch with this group in order to join forces and to prevent working at cross purposes with each other.

6B2 Trees in neighbourhood
For budgetary reasons the number of new trees to be planted cannot exceed twenty. This spring Derk Hazekamp will do the rounds with council representative Gerrit van der Hut, (responsible for public parks and gardens) to decide where these trees will be planted.

6B3 Glass recycling containers on Burg. Patijnlaan
The situation has slightly improved, but the glass recycling containers on Burg. Patijnlaan are still a source of nuisance. The City Council is open to alternative locations but with a number of conditions, i.e. a lorry should be able to park close to the containers for emptying. Noor Mulder (Couperusduin apartment complex) has already asked on previous occasions (see Minutes of previous meetings) that the containers should be hidden from view by shrubbery. It is arranged on the spot with Noor  Mulder that a council representative will come along to see whether this is possible.

6C Care & Well-being working group

The working group has made some progress in their efforts to resurrect the meeting point for the elderly: Het Schakelpunt. Another meeting with Florence will take place shortly and it is expected that as from May/June there will be space available five mornings or afternoons per week. Elderly people from all over the neighbourhood will be welcome, not just those living in the Borneoflat.

6D Urban Planning working group

Now that Henk van der Leeden has passed away, this working group is looking for a new member. Tim Dike has been told by the project developer of the former LTO building in Prinsenvinkenpark that building will start in May, in spite of the objections lodged.

Local residents around the new HSV school development at the rear of Frederikstraat have officially been informed about the plans. Some planning permissions are awaited but work will probably start this year.

6E Sustainability working group

Marjan Teesing reports. The first news article from this new working group has appeared in the A/W newspaper and on the A&W website. The working group intends to take a stall at the Community Fair in June to present itself.  The group has been in touch with a similar group with experience in the Vogelwijk district. The City Council is positive about this initiative.

6F van Repelaer Woods working group

Marianne van der Zalm has sent an e-mail prior to the meeting to confirm that the measures taken – metal barriers at both entrances to prevent motorbikes driving through the Bosjes – have had a favourable effect. Members of the council’s surveillance team (in plain clothes) see that rules pertaining to dogs are observed and sometimes fines are issued, which is not really appreciated by the dog owners.

6G Scheveningen Woods working group

Bert Huisman reports. A petition has been drawn up and there are already a number of signatures. The petition is also handed round during the meeting and more people sign it. The petition will be given to the City Council to request attention for the continuing nuisance of homosexuals using the woods as a meeting place. The involvement of the PVV councillor (see Minutes of January meeting) has not yet shown any results. Eddo Thedinga says he regularly walks his dog in the woods during daytime and has never noticed any problems.

6H. A/W newspaper

Eva Drijver is trying to find more advertisers to bring in extra revenue. Betty Aardewerk asks Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) whether the A/W newspaper could be subsidized; the answer is yes.

6I. Website

Ank Beekman informs us that the A/W website is being restyled and there will be more space for advertisements. At the moment, there is a waiting list. The restyling is being done by volunteers and will take some time.

7. Police & City Council

7A. Police

Marianne Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden Police) informs us that Karnebeek Police Station will not (yet) be closed down. Ongoing reorganizations have been halted, awaiting the recently announced formation of a nationwide police organization.  It is as yet unclear what will happen next.

Police Headquarters will probably remain on Patijnlaan, even after new premises will have been built in the vicinity of the ADO football stadium; either as office premises for the police or as a police station.

7B. City Council

Zebra crossing on Laan Copes (see Minutes of March meeting): these missing stripes will be painted shortly.  Litterbins (with lids) have already been installed on Monchyplein. More bins for dog droppings will be placed in the area. Folef Hooft Graafland puts forward the idea to have one parking place next to the Nassauplein containers kept free for unloading. Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) will follow up on this suggestion.

A e-mail message has been received by Rosemary Campbell asking when all the sand and stones lying around in front of Riouwstraat 49 and 53 will be removed. Gerard will look into it.

8. Other business and closure

Folef Hooft Graafland draws attention to the “BROOM” course (driving-skills course specially for the over-50s, see Minutes of January 27 meeting). Date: May 30 in ‘t Klokhuis. See A/W newspaper for further details.

Betty Aardewerk informs us that the Vogelwijk district is interested in having the type of speedometers installed that we have on the higher section of Bankastraat.

The chairman closes the meeting at around 22.15 h.

9.  Action points resulting from this meeting

Point  What Who
6B1  Contact Nassauplein residents Urban Planning working group
6B2  Tree inventory Urban Planning working group
6B3  Glass container problem Burg. Patijnlaan City Council
8  Bench rounds inventory Derk Hazekamp and Nenne Vermeer

Next meeting Thursday June 16 2011 at 20:00 h  in ‘t Klokhuis

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas
terug naar boven




27 January 2011
A&W Community Council meeting
K L O K H U I S   C O M M U N I T Y   C E N T R E

Mrs A. Beekman, Mr A. Bloembergen, Mrs E. Drijver, Mr D. Hazekamp, Mr G. Hooft Graafland, Mr W.F. Hooft Graafland, Mrs C.C. Dedel-Walbeek, Mr M.C. van der Hoog, Mr R. Klein, Mrs A. ter Kuile, Mr G. Spierenburg (The Hague City council), Mrs B. Aardewerk, Mr J.E. Thedinga, Mr G. Nieuwenhuys, Mr B. Huisman, Mr W. Taekema, Mr P. Munnikes (minutes secretary), Mrs H. Hoogenraad, Mr A. van Kammen, Mrs M. Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden police), Mrs E. Ponsen, Mr H. van der Leeden, Mrs P. van Till, Mr B. Bentinck, Mr W. Boer, Mr R. de Jong, Mr T. Dike.

Absent with notice:
Mrs M. van der Zalm

1. Opening, announcements, minutes accepted without changes
Welcome by the chairman who opens the meeting at 20.00 h and asks those present to sign the attendance list.

2. Approval of the 25 November 2010 meeting minutes
Point 5, page 1 at the bottom: month > should read > 5 days.
Point 10B, page 3: Hendrik Spierenburg > should read > Gerard Spierenburg
Apart from these corrections, the minutes were accepted.

3. New committee members
Wybe Taekema introduces Tieke Dedel and Folef Hooft Graafland.
Tieke Dedel will replace Gilles Hooft Graafland as the committee’s vice chairperson.
Folef Hooft Graafland will replace Ank Beekman as the committee’s secretary.
Both give a brief account of their history and their ties with the area, and expressed their wish to make a useful contribution to local affairs.

4. Community Fair
The Community Fair will take place on 18 June 2011.
No member of the organizing committee present. On behalf of this committee, Auke Bloembergen informs us that preparations are already in full swing. At the next Community Council meeting a member of the organizing committee will indeed be present. Volunteers are still welcome.
For details see: www.archipelbuurt.nl/pages/wijkfeest.html

5. Wall poetry project
The first poem will appear in the Surinamestraat on a wall owned by the Koninklijke Haagse Woningvereniging (housing association) established in 1854.
Pauline van Till asks whether it would not be a more obvious spot for a poem by Louis Couperus, as the bust of the author, his former home and the Couperus museum are so close by.
Gilles Hooft Graafland replies that Couperus poems have been turned down because of a lack of poetic quality. No other poem has been chosen yet.
For the moment 13 May 2011 has been set as the date for the official unveiling of the poem.
A second poem will probably not be in Dutch, in view of the international character of the neighbourhood.

6. A&W working groups

6A Traffic working group
After it was initially agreed that 25 old chestnut trees along Koninginnegracht would be spared during the renovation of the tram rails, it would now seem that the City Council is not after all agreeable because of spending cuts. On Thursday 10 February 2011 a decision will be taken on the Tramtracé Koninginnegracht.
For details see http://www.archipelbuurt.nl/www_engels/pages/verkeer.html

At the moment two possibilities for the new Tramtracé are being investigated. Members of the working group are following developments closely.

The Council Executive has refused to foot the costs associated with the appeals against the VCP as part of community mediation expenses. The committee has now decided to suspend activities in this area.
Guus Nieuwenhuys and Tim Dike have presented their views on the concept for the Mobility Bill to the City Council.
For details see: www.archipelbuurt.nl/pages/documents/101224ZienswijzeHNMenPlanMERHNM.doc
and www.archipelbuurt.nl/pages/documents/101223FinaleZienswijzeenSamenvatting.doc

6BPublic space working group
Derk Hazekamp reports that at the moment the working party is pursuing the following issues:

  • Trees/greenery in Atjehstraat.
  • Renovation of Nassauplein (new glass and paper recycling containers)

Graffiti removal arrangement. So far there does not seem to be a great deal of interest.
Derk will have a meeting with the City Council to discuss points 1 & 2 in week 5.
He will also contact Willem van Gijn to ascertain the state of play on the refurbishment of the wide section of Bankastraat.

Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) informs us:
From 21 March to 21 April on Nassauplein some excavation work will be carried out for cabling repairs.

The recent frost has caused defects in many lamp posts on Koninginnegracht ; repairs are already underway.
Ank Beekman remarks that there is still all sorts of rubbish and broken around the glass recycling containers on Burg. Patijnlaan. Marianne Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden Police) confirms this. Could these containers not be transferred to the opposite side of the street, close to the police station? For several reasons, this is not possible. A solution will be sought in consultation with the City Council.

As opposed to what was previously said, the wall of the Jewish cemetery along Timorstraat (see point 5, Community Council minutes 25-11-2010) will indeed be allowed to participate in the council’s graffiti removal arrangement (to be carried out once a month).

Folef Hooft Graafland asks whether more rubbish bins – with lid – for the disposal of dog droppings can be located in the neighbourhood. The City Council will look into this.

6C Care & Well-being working group
The working group has been expanded to three people: Betty Aardewerk, Ruud Klein and Else Ponsen. The working group will continue their efforts to resurrect the meeting point for the elderly: Het Schakelpunt. The coffee meetings in Borneoflat no.5 still are a considerable success.

6D Urban Planning working group
Tim Dike and Henk van der Leeden report:
Prinsevinkenpark development (former LTO building) is going along nicely. A fair number of people are interested in the apartments. However, an objection to the plans has been lodged and could lead to delays in completion of the project.
Sumatrahof completed and houses are on sale. No further details.
Planning permission has been requested for the new HSV school development at the rear of Frederikstraat. There are plans for a new underground gym (approx. 3 metres below ground level).
The situation is more complicated in the case of the planned apartments at the rear of Frederikstraat 14, which would replace the old van Leeuwen antiques business. Planning permission has been granted. The City Council had already changed the purpose of the premises from industrial to housing as part of the Structure Vision 2020 Plan, aimed at high-density building. Changes to the zoning scheme are no longer possible. Mr. van Kammen, whose garden is adjacent to the development, wonders whether all technical aspects were properly considered when permission was granted. Currently, excavation five metres beyond the construction-site perimeter is anticipated. Where will the sheet pile or retaining wall be located? In the gardens of the adjacent properties? Furthermore he wonders whether enough consideration has been given to drainage methods and the risk of subsidence of the adjacent houses. Auke Bloembergen seems to remember that in the past a relevant covenant on drainage requirements was agreed with the City Council and advises Mr. van Kammen to contact lawyer Rupert van Heijningen who was involved in the drawing up of this covenant.

6E Archipel/Willemspark community newspaper
Next edition due in mid-February. The paper currently uses a group of local correspondents instead of a permanent editorial team.

6F Website
Ank Beekman; A/W website needs updating to meet the latest technical requirements and she is eagerly looking for volunteers who are skilled in webdesign to help with the revamp of the site.

6G Scheveningen woods working group
A PVV councillor received Bert Huisman at City Hall for an update on the subject of the nuisance in the Scheveningse Bosjes: the woods are used as a meeting place for homosexuals. The councillor will try to do something about it, as in his opinion not a lot of progress seems to have been made over the past 20 years.

7. Police
Marianne Hoogerbrugge (Haaglanden Police) informs us that Karnebeek Police Station may possibly be closed because of spending cuts. Our neighbourhood will then fall under the jurisdiction of another station, e.g. Jan Hendrikstraat or Scheveningen. She will argue that Archipel and Willemspark should remain together as one unit. A number of people would prefer the option to report incidents or criminal activities at Police Headquarters on Patijnlaan. Marianne will contact Folef Hooft Graafland in the case of detrimental developments on this matter. The Community Council will send a letter supporting her argument.
An important point is that the total number of community police officers will not change.

8. City Council
Pauline van Till suggests the painting of a white cross on the road surface of Patijnlaan at the intersection with Burg. Kolfschotenlaan in order to prevent blocking traffic wishing to exit or enter Burg. Kolfschotenlaan when there is a queue at the Nassauplein traffic lights. The City Council will look into the matter.
Tim Dike has noticed something remarkable on the zebra crossing on Laan Copes at Hotel Mozaic. On one side of the road there are indeed zebra stripes across the bicycle lane, but not on the other side. The City Council will look into the matter.
In the recent past, Pauline van Till has asked whether litterbins (with lids) could be located on Monchyplein. Gerard Spierenburg (City Council) confirms that this will happen shortly.

9. Other business and closure
Gilles Hooft Graafland informs those present that the Klokhuis Community Centre is organizing a bus trip to the bulb fields on 21 April. Also see A/W newspaper.
Enno Thedinga would like to compliment the City Council for the quick and efficient clean up of firework debris after the New year’s Eve festivities.
Folef Hooft Graafland draws attention to the “broem” course to be given this autumn.
This is a driving-skills course specially for the over-50s. It will cost €15 for one day. The A/W newspaper will also report on the subject. In the meantime the possibility of a course (to brush up theoretical knowledge) prior to the one in the autumn will be investigated.

The chairman closes the meeting at around 22.00 h.

10. Action points resulting from this meeting





Trees/greenery in Atjehstraat

Derk Hazekamp & City Council


Renovation of Nassauplein

Derk Hazekamp & City Council


Glass container problem Burg. Patijnlaan

Derk Hazekamp & City Council


Extra litter bins with lids for dog droppings

City Council


Cross to be put on road surface Burg. Patijnlaan

City Council


Adjust to pedestrian crossing markings

City Council


Litterbins with lids on Monchyplein

City Council


Organization of driving skills course

Folef Hooft Graafland

Next meeting Thursday 31 March 2011 at 20:00 in ‘t Klokhuis

Translation: Antoinette van der Maas
terug naar boven